Poison the well and then act surprised….

No amount of talking about statistics saying the blood clots are extremely rare is going to change some people’s mind because they fear they will be the one.


From a piece in The Australian this morning.

Well Karen, who started the game of scaring the bejezzes out of people with the most unlikely threats,  refusing to take seriously and explain the well-known stats on the incidence of Covid?

“I am 75 and healthy with no complications, but OMG I might be the one.”

So now people are terrified by extremely remote possibilities of danger.

Thanks a million!

We now have a reign of terror, aided and abetted by the media of all kinds that bought into the “covid porn” racket.

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  1. Figures says:

    This makes it sound like the two are equivalent.

    They are not. Not even remotely.

    Nobody has ever witnessed someone contract the virus and then immediately come down with symptoms.

    OTOH, lots of people have witnessed someone getting an injection and then immediately getting sick.

    In short, we know for a fact that vaccine injury is real and is likely to be orders of magnitude higher than the government would ever let on (astonishingly, their vaccine injury database is acknowledged to be completely useless by the government itself but they never bother to spend a cent to improve it (I wonder why)).

    Indeed, vaccines have challenge, rechallenge events associated with injury so the probability that they cause lots of injury is 100 per cent.

    We have no idea if this virus has caused *any* injuries whatsoever.

    Well actually I know for a fact that it hasn’t (for reasons I have explained elsewhere) – but the point is that we have no observational evidence for it in the first place.

    And on top of this, even under the zero per cent chance that the virus was dangerous, there is zero valid evidence that the vaccine is capable of preventing it anyway.

    Still, 99.9 per cent of people getting the vaccines are evil anyway so I won’t shed a tear if and when they get injured.

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