The Lady With The Lance

FOR a long time, morally sane critics have warned of the mission creep that will extend “voluntary assisted dying” (murder-suicide) to other than terminal and aged people. Predictably, then, having adjudged the coast clear after a bothersome year of faked mercy, the Queensland Premier returns to her favourite policy: death.

Draft right-to-die legislation in Queensland has widened the scope of euthanasia law, making “mental suffering” a ground for ­eligibility and providing earlier access to voluntary assisted dying for the terminally ill.

Doctors will be allowed to raise with a dying patient the option of ending their life, while those with a disability or mental illness can apply for VAD under a draft bill framed by the Queensland Law Reform Commission…

Queensland has no upper house of state parliament and the ­nation’s fourth VAD law is certain to be enacted after the bill is introduced by Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government next week. “For many, this will be the most important work this parliament will do,” the Premier said on Tuesday, releasing draft legislation…

Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge said the draft legislation was unsurprising but “deeply disappointing” when the focus on palliative care had been lost “amid haste to introduce euthanasia”.

There is a juncture in the last stanzas of our lives where most us us will be “dying” in a broad sense. This legislation (and the more explicitly Nazi iterations to follow) enables doctors and uninterested families to passively-aggressively badger the frail and suffering to take a pill and make it easier on everybody. The Royal Commission into aged ‘care’ – and the ‘institutional’ failures that led to it – proved that, as a nation, we see the elderly as an economic and personal nuisance. Death-obsessed Palaszczuk banished the young from beaches last year for political reasons only, the pretext being to save the life of “even one” vulnerable person. Now she wants doctors to kill as many of them as possible. Fully vaccinated, mind you; fully vaccinated and murdered.

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41 Responses to The Lady With The Lance

  1. Natwally says:

    Next stop will be suicide booths like they have on Futurama.

  2. Roger says:

    We await the LNP’s response with ‘bated breath.

  3. Shane says:

    This is the same State government that banns the prescription of Ivermectin & HCQ for human beings, is the term ”bigpharma whore” in common usage yet?
    sounds like India might be waking up to what has been going been done to them as it led the charge with vaxs back late last year

  4. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Roger says:
    May 20, 2021 at 9:50 am
    We await the LNP’s response with ‘bated breath.”

    LOL. Wait for their silence…..and then they wonder why they lose elections.

  5. Roger W says:

    This will lead to poorer palliative care as well, given the now much cheaper alternative. How else to encourage a desire for euthanasia than by making the alternative ever more painful…

  6. Terry says:

    Mental trauma now grounds for euthanasia…’

    Mainly the mental trauma caused by totalitarian lockdown causing the destruction of rights, freedoms, wealth, health, and happiness under the jackboots of self-appointed “protectors of humanity”.

    Our bestest stat: how many euthanasia candidates were saved by our noble actions? (forgetting the immense cost, but of course).

    I wonder if ScoMo might help? Is it more than 30,000 Scotty?

    Genuine question: Which Australian town should we rename Nuremberg?

  7. Mark M says:

    As it is a proven fact that people who suffer from believing in failed UN doomsday global warming also suffer from mental depression and trauma, an assisted suicide note is the most humanitarian way to help them.

    And there is so much winning for the rest of us, as the planet is saved from overpopulation, a sin if there was one from these human haters and doomsday cult believers and we are free from their incessant whining and hypocrisy, and the gene pool of the incredibly gullible and stupid cancels itself.

    So much winning … one can dream.

  8. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    Ah good ol’ collectivists – returning to their age old obsession with ridding the planet of useless eaters/existers.

    Just can’t help themselves, the disgusting evil morbid ghouls.

  9. Shy Ted says:

    I’d be surprised if the “mental suffering” category gets more than a handful of deaths. They’ll give up when the bureaucracy overwhelms them and clinicians are loathe to pursue that avenue. Personally I hope the option is available to me for some future time. Me and mine know how I don’t want to live – when I’m merely existing rather than living.

  10. Craig says:

    yea, its true, our older population do cost more to keep alive and do suck up other economic resources along the way.

    No doubt, alot of catallaxian commentators fall into the same category………..

  11. Lee says:

    Leftists have a long history of mocking and scoffing at the “slippery slope” argument against legislation such as this, but then when you do give them an inch they always take a mile.

  12. Jock says:

    I have always been perturbed that the people who support abortion, even up to birth of a baby, are the same ones who are vociferously against capital punishment.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    If she leads by example I might consider listening to what she has to say.
    But if she leads by example I won’t be able to listen to her any more.
    It’s a quandry.

  14. candy says:

    “Mental trauma”
    So much easier for the greedy relatives to push the old person prematurely to the end.
    I doubt some relatives would bother if there was nothing in the will, just let the old person stay unvisited in the nursing home.

    I understand a person wanting to pull the plug on themselves after years of pain and suffering, but how to protect aged infirm from being preyed upon by relatives who can’t wait for their funds. When money enters the story – people become a bit nasty.

  15. Richard says:

    Palaszczuk = 3rd worst premier (behind Andrews and whatever the name of the WA premier is/was???).

    However, make no mistake, this Legislation will be popular in Queensland. It has an older population and people are simply unaware that this practice already occurs, and has been doing so for decades in the shadows (as most in the medical industry will be aware). The fact that the Government is getting involve won’t spook anyone, despite the sinister reality that Government does not always act (directly or indirectly) in the best interests of its’ people.

    I’ve noticed that for some reason, a large proportion of people are unable to envisage consequences that they have not experienced in their lifetime. Look at how easily everyone surrendered their guns in 96, despite just 45 years prior, the worst of human atrocities was committed by a Government against their own innocent population. WRT climate change, it seems that people cannot comprehend that weather cycles may be longer (and significantly so) than their own life span, thus will make decisions ‘cutting off their noses’ upon their experience.

    My fear is that the current state of affairs will be put under a microscope and replaced by an unworkable/unethical, and secular (or even anti-religous) system, with ties to the inevitable corruption that Governments always promote.

  16. m0nty says:

    If they euthanised people by infecting them with COVID-19 and letting them choke on their own blood, you lot would be perfectly fine with it.

  17. notafan says:

    You lot?

    That’s racist.

  18. Bad Samaritan says:

    Not sure about this, as the article seems to say that a person with a terminal illness, who is totally stressed out….in despair etc, finds life no longer worth living…..should be able to end it early, without waiting until the current “time until death” clause is invoked. This looks OK to me as I’ve known a couple of people who ended it themselves long before the “due date” arrived, and who could’ve done with a little gentle help.

    Meanwhile, I reckon that anyone, at any time, who wants to die can so easily botch it they should be able to get assistance in not botching it. One guy I heard about years ago jumped off a cliff in the bush and ended up taking a couple of days to die since the fall was inter-rupted by branches etc; this told to me by a fella when I left my car at a farm near a national park to go hiking for a few weeks; “you aren’t planning to top yourself are ya Sammy?”.

    Nah. Anyone who’s had enough should be able to access the right drugs etc, no tests necessary. That’s all their is to it.

  19. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “If they euthanised people by infecting them with COVID-19 and letting them choke on their own blood, you lot would be perfectly fine with it.”

    You’re a moron.

  20. Richard says:

    m0nty says:
    May 20, 2021 at 11:14 am
    If they euthanised people by infecting them with COVID-19 and letting them choke on their own blood, you lot would be perfectly fine with it.

    This really doesn’t contribute anything to this discussion, other than extra scrolling so as to arrive at interesting or humorous comments people have made.

  21. Up The Workers! says:

    I can see how the Palace Chook would be feeling peeved at her own feeble Socialist inefficiency.

    Her Party colleague, rival and peer, Deadly Dan the Chi-Com Man, despite having the same Socialist Syphilis/Peking Pox/Beijing Botulism/Chi-Com Cough/Bolshevik Bronchitis/Labor Leprosy in Mogadishu-By-The-Yarra, has blown her puny efforts out of the water with his ladder-leading A.L.P. toll of 820 innocent dead people on his C.V. last year – some 10 times more than all other States and Territories combined.

    Maybe this year he will try to beat the astounding record of the A.L.P.’s Chris Buffoon and “The Berk”, when they respectively held the office of Labor’s “Minister for Undocumented International Centrelink-Seekers, Porous Boarders, Timor Sea Swimming Lessons, Leaky Boats and People-Smuggler Franchising”, when they succeeded in racking up the deaths of around 2,000 misguided aspiring Labor voters?

  22. candy says:

    Nah. Anyone who’s had enough should be able to access the right drugs etc, no tests necessary. That’s all their is to it.

    At what age though. A 30 year old giving up hope seems a terrible tragedy compared to say an 80 year old who feels they are done with life.

  23. min says:

    Mental trauma well just having read why a footballer’s wife contemplated suicide after social media got into her after having a facial whilst in Covid football, luxurious lock up in Brisbane . Just as well she wasn’t locked up 23 hours a day with no visitors in Melbourne as my friends and I were and as family were frontline workers such as doctors , not allowed in at all . There she was not even able to forgo a facial but surrounded by her family and friends feeling depressed and not gratitude . Sums up the modern day generation to a T.

  24. Scott Osmond says:

    It’s always about the killing with the left. 100 million or so wasn’t enough for you psychos last century? I guarantee that when these parasites reach end of life they get the very best of care.

  25. Infidel Tiger King says:

    We’ve shut down the whole world to protect a few 90 yo’s from a flu strain and meanwhile we are greenlighting express death panels for anyone who is slightly a burden.

    Makes sense.

  26. Bad Samaritan says:

    Scott. If I want to kill myself it will happen. If an ageing relative wants to go, and asks for help via the provision of “gentle” drugs, then what’s the big deal in a doctor prescribing them?

    BTW: It wasn’t that long ago that almost anyone could get mail-order Nembutal from the US, or pick it up in Mexico….then put it aside for a rainy day, so I’m not quite sure suicide is a purely leftist phenomenon

  27. Scott Osmond says:

    Bad, there is a difference between something you choose to do and something that the medical profession with the backing of government can push you in to when you are befuddled by old age or while in the depths of depression. Especially when it’s the health system that is picking up the bills for care. I draw your attention to some of what passes for end of life care in the British NHS. What happens out here when money is short and the effects of an ageing population come to an inflexion point? Do you really trust these people?

  28. Anonandon says:

    I have always been perturbed that the people who support abortion, even up to birth of a baby, are the same ones who are vociferously against capital punishment.

    Same Jock. They prefer to kill the innocent.

  29. C.L. says:

    Samaritan, whether people wish to commit suicide is not the issue here.

    This is not legislation about suicide.

    It’s about the state licencing a select group – namely, doctors – to legally kill people.

    There is no such thing as “assisted” suicide.

  30. Hasbeen says:

    I am in my 80s. I live mostly alone, with my dogs & a couple of old horses, 18 kilometers from the nearest supermarket. I am happy with my life.

    I am in increasing pain, with a little restriction of mobility, making things like checking the horses water & feeding the dogs a little increasingly difficult. Next week I am due for my drivers licence medical. I got new glasses last month to make sure I pass that.

    However, WHEN I finally fail my licence test, it would be much nicer for me, & family to have access to a pill, rather than to crash my car, or drive down the paddock with a gun.

  31. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Do these people in favour of euthanasia realise they are folowing in the footsteps of the murdering socialist Hitler ? Many of the staff at the “Mercy” killing centres went on to command the mass murder camps Treblinka ,Sobibor ,Auswitzetc where murder was an industry ,killing millions of innocent people .
    Hitlers socialists said in the beggining it was only being done to the retarded,mentally ill and physically disabled for humane reasons ,that soon changed .
    Government sponsored killing is criminal and evil ,and its proponets should be punished .

  32. Amused says:

    I’m in Queensland and can’t wait for this legislation.

    Our government has been suffering a terminal illness for some time and has been in palliative care. Once this is passed, we will be able to get it humanely euthanised.

    Won’t we?

  33. YT says:

    Why not start the killing at 35, and institute the Carosel…..

  34. Kneel says:

    “…Once this is passed, we will be able to get it humanely euthanised.

    Won’t we?”

    Presumably – although why in this particular case “humanely” is required is debatable.

  35. PB says:

    There was a time when this sort of thing was the business of the Doctor and the Patient, and the State didn’t have to be consulted for definitions etc.

    It largely worked until medicine became a system of legal algorithms.

  36. Lutz says:

    If they are ‘widening’ the scope,maybe we could offer this to violent criminals

  37. C.L. says:

    HasBeen, you’re saying when you lose the driver’s licence, you’ll be isolated and won’t want to go on. I want you to know that your value to everyone (the whole country – and, indeed, the world) continues – regardless of whether or not you can drive.

    The problem with assisted suicide is that it presupposes the state has the authority to authorise homicide and it empowers the people who should do no harm (ever) to do harm to others on request. Think about what sort of world is left in our wake – if and when we endorse such a notion for our own convenience.

    It sounds like you have your hands full with the animals; my hope is there might be help from others available to keep them in the style to which your devoted attentions have accustomed them.

    Good luck with the drivers medical. Don’t write yourself off.

  38. Buccaneer says:

    If you ever find yourself in aged care, don’t eat the cut fruits, especially the rockmelon. Performs the same function

  39. John says:

    It’s about the state licencing a select group – namely, doctors – to legally kill people.

    I don’t think the doctors will kill you for free. They will charge taxpayers through medicare. I don’t think the medical mafia would give “independent” advice that would lose them money.

    Why is it that you don’t see the terminally ill pushing for this? Rather it is the medical mafia, financiers, leftist media and smiling, healthy people.

  40. Albatross says:

    m0nty says:
    May 20, 2021 at 11:14 am
    If they euthanised people

    For you, involuntary euthanasia seems appropriate.

  41. bollux says:

    What should be the main news topic today is that the Chief Health Officer [Jeanette Young] and, the Premier of Queensland, despite both being over 50, have both refused the Astra Zeneca vaccine, after telling the world and Queenslanders for weeks how safe the vaccine is. This should be a mega scandal after being revealed on 4BC this morning.

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