AstraClotica is for the little people

And the premier and the Chief Medical Officer in Queensland have let Queenslanders down and they need to, I think, go out today, roll their sleeve up and make a very public statement about the fact that they have got the vaccine and encourage other people to do it.”

– The Defence Minister should have better things to do than incite hypochondria

I think the Premier is mindful of not jumping the queue and (wants) to have the flu shot first. I don’t quite understand why we’re piling in on the Queensland Premier.”

– Yes, Wayne Swan is still alive. He’s National President of the ALP

“She is in phase 1b, I think,” Scott Morrison said of the Premier. I don’t know what that means.

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  1. PB says:

    Annastacia’s father is of course heavily invested in gene technology, so maybe she knows to stay away from this. No conflict here, no sir.

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