The ongoing suffering of contemporary Western women

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28 Responses to The ongoing suffering of contemporary Western women

  1. Derp says:

    Firstest of first world problems that never happened for 500 please.

  2. Mother Lode says:

    Have you seen that ‘twatter’ thing where a woman says she walked down the street and got half a dozen cat calls, so she is glad she is a lesbian.

    If you see the image of her you will pretty quickly realise that they were taking the piss, and she is too up herself to see it, instead interpreting it as proof of superiority.

    Actually, I am pretty sure the woman was until recently a man.

    As they say – fell out of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down.

  3. ACTOldFart says:

    Its the old injustice whine all over again “Immediate Covid crisis passes – masks no longer needed – women (and minorities) hardest hit”

  4. Bar Beach Swimmer says:

    Missing masks? Emigrate to a place that makes face coverings mandatory.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Quick, someone tell them where the nearest burqa shop is.

  6. Dinky says:

    There’s nothing stopping her from just keeping on wearing it if she wants too. Isn’t she meant to be strong, brave & empowered?

    Plus she should change her profile pic to resting bitch face.

  7. Splatacrobat says:

    The old school measurement for ugliness used to be one bag or in severe cases they were referred to as a “two bagger”.

    This one is definitely a four mask with a scold’s bridle for good measure.

  8. duncanm says:

    I mostly see female lollypop ladies playing with their phones when I walk past construction sites these days.

    The blokes are shovelling in a ditch, or ten stories up ankle-deep in concrete.

  9. duncanm says:

    Probably NSFW.. but ‘removing face mask’ relevant

  10. Rosie says:

    Sure he did.

  11. Mick Gold Coast QLD says:

    The week commences quite predictably – there has been a change to some plan or other and the wymminses offer their routine response, of finding something in it to whinge about. ♫ 🎻 ♪

  12. Pedro the Loafer says:

    Swinish grubby construction workers.
    Keep your comments to yourselves, you pigs.

    Oh, look at that beautifully dressed lawyer type in a $2000 suit and a Rolex coming out of the courthouse.

    * bats eyelashes* “Hi there, not going my way are you”.

  13. Fair Shake says:

    Like the drunk at the drag queen strip club. “Take it off, take it off. … huh? Put it back on! Put it back on!”

  14. Baa Humbug says:

    I call bullshit. She’s just tweeting her fantasy when she gives her dildo a good workout.
    Harsh? Fvck it, I don’t give a rats.

  15. Luke73 says:

    Yeh I don’t believe this was said to her.

    That being said, telling a friend to smile is all good but if someone I didn’t know said that to me out of the blue it would piss me off (except if it was a good looking woman in which case I’d be glad of the attention and then would think of the perfect witty response three hours later when it was too late).

  16. Gorilla Dance Party says:

    I doubt this is true but either way, women’s suffrage was a mistake.

  17. Nob says:

    I don’t understand this woman.
    She works at CNN where smiling inanely is a requirement and she is smiling in every photo.

    Is her problem that construction workers are lower-status than photographers and TV producers?

  18. BrettW says:

    I am glad Nob mentioned she works at CNN because other than that I was wondering why this tweet was worthy of its own thread. Never heard of her.

  19. Maniac says:

    “I doubt this is true but either way, women’s suffrage was a mistake.”

    The 19th Amendment was one of my country’s biggest mistakes.

  20. Deano says:

    Seriously, I’m 61 and I’ve never seen construction workers ever whistle at ‘spunky chicks’ or yell out any comments. They will certainly look (who wouldn’t?) but no more so than any other straight bloke would – unless he was out with his wife.

  21. “Win”!!!!

    They should shout “You have Resting Bitch Face” instead of “smile”.

  22. cuckoo says:

    The way most buildings get built these days, you don’t often get crowds of hardhats interacting with pedestrians, like you did in the 1960s, which is what this unfabulous feminist fabulist is obviously basing her recovered memory on. I work in the Melbourne CBD which is one big construction zone and has been for years, and rarely interact with construction workers. Like Deano, I’ve never witnessed a worker even mildly harassing a woman. The hardhat I most often see is the young woman in high-vis holding the STOP/SLOW lollipop.

  23. calli says:

    Laughter lines trump puppet mouth. The perpetually aggrieved need to know this.

  24. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    I misread this on first reading, thinking that she was happy that an admiring construction worker could want to see her pretty face smile. But then I realised how wrong I was: she thought masks were ‘protection’ against this sort of admiration.

    Stupid woman, is all I could think of then.
    She has a burqa mentality.

    So this is where feminism has led women to??

  25. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    The context of all of this being that masks were off, hooray!!!

    Why wouldn’t any woman be glad to have some bloke, any bloke, happily encourage a ‘smile’ as the mask came off? What a sour faced ideologically wrecked piece of work this CNN graduate has shown herself to be.

  26. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Hey, I’ve got an idea for her. Don’t smile when on CNN.
    You never know, some bloke might be watching.

  27. Lee says:

    She is obviously a self-loather.

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