Traitor Joe: A pipeline for Vladimir, a pandemic for Xi

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13 Responses to Traitor Joe: A pipeline for Vladimir, a pandemic for Xi

  1. Herodotus says:

    They’ll remodel it to suit their own purposes.

  2. Old School Conservative says:

    Now he is covering his tracks:

    President Biden ordered a US intelligence inquiry into the origins of Covid-19, following renewed scrutiny on the possibility that the outbreak of the virus might have started with a laboratory leak in China. (The Oz)

  3. Roger says:

    At the Paywallian today:

    ‘Senior US personnel have been involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, even visiting coronavirus research labs, an investigation by The Australian has revealed.’

  4. Tom says:

    The Chinese Communist Party expects value for money following its purchase of Joe Biden and his family. The current White House cabal certainly isn’t going to investigate its paymaster.

  5. Kneel says:

    Standard leftist practice.
    When DJT suggested it, it was a conspiracy theory. All the MSM said so, so it must be true.
    When stuff finally leaks that there really is evidence suggesting it is possible, and Sleepy Joe is Prez, suddenly it’s deserving of scrutiny.
    The stuff that leaked? A US intelligence report from a source that has always before proved accurate, and was shown in confidence to DJT when he was Prez. That he said he “wasn’t allowed” to disclose, when they asked him about it.
    But Orange Man BAD!
    Creepy puppet GOOD!

  6. Andre Lewis says:

    No matter how compelling the evidence the CCP will not admit to any blame for this pandemic. However, if an investigation convincingly finds they covered up for their lab after an accident and delayed warning other countries about the danger, then many countries will treat China harshly in trade and diplomatic exchanges as the pariah state it is already shaping up to become. Lets see their million plus military, missiles and ‘wolf warrior’ bigmouths do anything about that.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    President Biden ordered a US intelligence inquiry into the origins of Covid-19

    Who knew a 78 year old could do Olympic grade backflips?

    Biden Panics After CNN Reveals He Canceled COVID Origins Investigation, Orders 90-Day Report From US Intel Agencies (26 May)

    Less than 24 hours after CNN threw Biden under the bus for canceling a State Department effort launched under Trump to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID-19, the Biden administration has backpedaled – and has ordered the US intelligence community to conduct a 90-day investigation into how the pandemic began.

    Joe, the CCP rang and asks for their cheque back.

  8. JohnJJJ says:

    Must be preparing the general US population for a stoush with the Chinese. There are no wars so the US military industrial complex is waning.

  9. Leo G says:

    Must be preparing the general US population for a stoush with the Chinese.

    More likely, the POTUS is just acting to conceal US government cooperation with the Chinese government in the development of virus bioweapons over the past 12 years.

  10. Lord Muck says:

    I think that it’s likely that Biden has set a tight timetable for the investigation to report in the hope that, having been embarrassed into having to re-open it, it won’t have enough time to reach a firm conclusion.

    If the report leaves open both the lab leak and natural source possibilities, then the MSM and China-apologists in politics will be able to maintain the ‘no conclusive evidence of lab leak’ angle.

    This is the best that the CCP can hope for – grounds for continuing the aggressive denial of responsibility.

    My view is that Biden, although being forced to act, is doing his best to meet his owner’s wishes.

  11. Lee says:

    Biden in thrall to the CCP.
    Who’da thunk it?

  12. John Brumble says:

    lol. Chance of Biden-ordered investigation doing anything other than intentionally muddying the waters; being used as an excuse not to allow anyone else to investigate; and possibly destroying evidence?


    PS: I give it until Friday afternoon US time. By then, the new media position will be that no one should be speculating or talking about it because US intelligence is on it and to investigate would be to be impeding their investigation. Discussing it will be taboo for all weekend dinner parties, unless such discussion is in line with the Goodthink.

  13. Ian of Brisbane says:

    The Chinese govt is relatively quiet at the moment, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is destroying himself”.

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