Woke Makes You Free

The ruins left after the coronavirus won’t be in the form of anything three-dimensional. Nobody will be able to point at any bomb craters or smashed buildings. But they will be able to identify the destruction of logic brought about by a society gone woke.”

Read the whole superb essay. The perversion of logic by malicious delinquents and the toll it takes should be remembered. If the war isn’t won, however, there will be no looking back from a logical timeline. It will be a Biff Tannen hellscape with Joe Biden in the penthouse. Makes you appreciate the wisdom of the Allies in leaving Auschwitz stand.

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9 Responses to Woke Makes You Free

  1. Herodotus says:

    The left doesn’t care any more about logic. It is exerting itself to widen cracks in society, and to create new ones. Their “logic” is a series of fragmentation grenades and bombs.
    Get used to it.
    It can’t be countered by reasoned argument.
    It will, if allowed, infiltrate the few areas that it hasn’t already infiltrated.

  2. Biota says:

    I like the Balkanisation metaphor, fragmentation into tribes. Perhaps this is the feet of iron and clay of Daniel 2.

  3. miltonf says:

    I particularly liked this bit. It certainly sums up my feelings-

    More than ever, Australians take jobs seriously. They also take seriously the idea of regaining our economic independence and our industrial power.

    Good on you Tim. Nice change from the belly aching of some on this blog.

  4. Judge Dredd says:

    The war will always be won, perhaps not the battles, but certainly the war. Every day is closer to victory, but it may get worse until then.

  5. miltonf says:

    Great article by Latho in the Speccie too. Is Keneally really as stupid as she is nasty? Probably.

  6. Bruce says:

    Tim should stop holding back and really cut loose.

    There is definitely an agenda and a timetable to all this madness.

    More “research” is required.

    The “end game” is blatantly obvious to some of us.

  7. mareeS says:

    It was a fine piece, Tim. Up with your best.

  8. Herodotus says:

    More evidence emerges that the spirit of arbeit macht frei lives on:
    1. A BBC reporter with a name like Michelle Fleury said during News Hour that Biden’s 6 trillion bill was aimed at “helping the middle class and the workers”.
    2. Schumer on seeing his Commission of Inquiry bill fail in the Senate said to Republicans “What have you got to hide?”

  9. Kneel says:

    “Biden’s 6 trillion bill was aimed at “helping the middle class and the workers”.”

    Well, duh!
    Obviously, the best way to help the middle class and workers is to tax the crap out of them, pay the lower classes more to not work than they could ever get working normal hours, and use inflation to reduce the debt burden of the mega-rich, who are leveraging what they already have to buy up assets like land, gold and bitcoin, while dumping US dollars.

    The only real question is: can the left do enough damage to create the “Great Reset” before they get smashed in 2022 and beyond? Had not Trump made America great again, they might have. Even now, it’s touch and go…

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