Cone Artists

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  1. cuckoo says:

    Yeah, but did he take two scoops?

  2. Up The Workers! says:

    Is he following autocue instructions on how to successfully accomplish this highly-technical feat? Will he suffer brain-freeze?

    Has he had any more toddlers run their hands up his trouser-legs lately, feeling his body hairs, as he once proudly boasted?


    It’s the land of the rock-spider,
    and the home of the kiddy-fiddler!

  3. Rafe Champion says:

    Don’t knock chocolate chip ice cream!
    My favourite.

  4. Mother Lode says:

    This is a big deal because he finally gave a coherent response to a question.

    They will be showing this repeatedly for the next few years to prove he is not demented.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Remember when Trump ate a taco?

  6. Joanna Smythe says:

    Both Fauci and Gates have been advocating for a way to decrease the world population. I hope all their writings and interviews are also exposed with regard to this. The walls are closing in on Fauci and Gates. Coincidence that Gates has filed for divorce so his assets can’t be seized!!

  7. Herodotus says:

    Ezra Levant’s book on the virus was banned by Amazon:
    Avi Yemeni said “My boss, Ezra Levant, had his book, called, China Virus, banned by Amazon less than a week after they published it. Amazon’s excuse was that his book contradicted “official sources”.”

  8. Fair Shake says:

    I cannot believe ABC did not interrupt our regular broadcast to bring us this breaking story.

  9. Igor says:

    And here I thought Biden was only able to take his food through a straw.

  10. Damon says:

    The virus was never the problem. It was the government response to the virus that was the problem.

  11. nb says:

    I scream. As my ratings plunge.

  12. Kneel says:

    Does Nancy have Joe’s favourite flavour in her $16,000 freezer?
    Will she share with him?
    Is chocolate chip icecream racist?

    These are the important questions for America today.
    If CNNBCBS runs it, you know it’s important, right?
    “TV wouldn’t lie” – Homer J Simpson.

  13. Kneel says:

    The devil went down to dee-see,
    He was looking for a soul to steal,
    He was in a bind, ’cause he was way behind
    And he was willing to make a deal.
    When devil came across an old prez sawing on a lockdown
    and playing it hot,
    So the devil jumped up on a hickory stump and said
    “Boy, let me tell ya what,
    I guess you didn’t know it but I’m kiddie fiddler too,
    and if you care to take a dare I’ll make a bet with you.
    Now you play a pretty good lockdown boy but give the devil his due,
    I bet a vaccine of gold against your soul that says I’m better than you”
    The Prez said “My name’s Joey and might be a sin,
    but I’ll take your bet you’re gonna regret
    ’cause I got China in my bin”
    Joey well ramp up your taxes and play your lockdown hard,
    ’cause hell’s broke lose in dee-see and the devil deals it hard,
    and if you win you get this shiny vaccine made of gold,
    but if you lose the Chinese get your soul…

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