The Chinese minerals hegemony and the joy of regulation

No technologically important and widespread industry ever began in a regulated environment. 

While the progressive leftwing forces in the west set out to destroy our cultural heritage and the foundations of  peace, freedom and prosperity, the Chinese set out to control the production of critically important minerals. That was a deliberate decision over a decade ago. At the same time the progressive forces ramped up the regulation of industry, and especially the constraints on nuclear power and derivatives of mining that could be classified as dangerous due to Thorium residues.

This four-minute video is a 2019  heads-up on the vulnerability of the west to the Chinese domination of the rare earths supply chain. At the time the Trump administration was alert to the danger and started to make some moves. Recently the Biden administration has picked up the ball on this.

This current piece paints an expansive  picture of the world of rare earth production and the Chinese domination.

The Chinese began building their now-dominant supply chain decades ago. The U.S. has been 100% net import reliant on rare-earth elements, with 80 percent of those imports sourced from China.

Failure to take bold, ongoing action will doom the USA – and other Western nations – to submission to China’s iron grip on 21st Century technology.

Unchallenged, China could choose to expand its empire southward and eastward, as Western voices are muted by their utter dependence on Chinese “generosity” in supplying materials for smart phones, wind turbines, electric vehicles, defense and aerospace technologies, and more. China could also continue to force U.S. and other Western companies to “share” their most valuable corporate and national security secrets, and even their profits, with their Chinese “benefactors.”

A longer video turned up in the comments on that piece. It is always dangerous to go into the comments because one thing leads to another and planned tasks get put aside. My to do list did not include a post on the Chinese control of rare earths. It is 20 minutes and I bailed out at 15. Some nerdish Cats will be intrigued by the material on the heavier and lighter rare earths and the economics of mining them. At 14 minuts you get to the money quote. No technologically important and widespread industry ever began in a regulated environment. 

One of the themes in addition to the Chinese takeover is the way that extreme risk aversion, like the reaction to the so-called pandemic,  has been used by predatory regulators like the EPA in the United States, to close down indutries wherever Thorium was one of the elements in the process.

This is it, have a look at the start and see how long you last. It dates from 2014 when some Australian firms were going down the drain mining rare earths, I suspect things have changed.

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  1. Chris M says:

    For articles like this although longer it would be helpful to refer to Chinese Communists as distinct from the people of China, the majority of which are poor and likely have no dog in this fight.

    And just a reminder, if not propped up by the west the past few decades we wouldn’t be talking about this problem and covid19 would not have been invented. Commo’s always burn and sink when left alone to float. Just takes a couple of generations.

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