Police on the beat blow the whistle on the Covid response

A senior constable from the Coffs Clarance HIghway Patrol in NSW published a letter in the Cairns Post last year,  with a remarkable evidence-based critique of the official response to Covid. 

A few paras from a very long letter.

Many of us believe that we are removing our own rights and freedoms by enforcing these rules upon the community, including our family and friends. And the community is confounded by the intensified police enforcement around peaceful freedom protests and how inconsistent this is compared with the Black Lives Matter protest. This contradiction is further destroying public confidence.’

From the beginning.

‘We are writing to you to raise concerns we have about the use of the police to enforce the ongoing restrictions placed upon our citizens relating to COVID-19, which has seriously eroded community trust in our great police force. Since the Attorney  General Declared  a State of Emergency for the novel coronavi­ rus, our governments have acted upon certain powers to impose restrictions on its citizens, using the police to enforce their rules. Due to the novel nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, most people con­ curred that certain restrictions  should be followed, until more was learnt about the virus.

‘With the initial modelling from the Imperial College in the UK< 1> and the Peter Doherty Institute here in Australia, indicating a catastrophic number of cases that would severely burden our hospital system and could result in up to 150,000 Australian deaths it is easy to comprehend why our governments would respond as they did and why the vast population would comply.

‘We note that the modelling was later found to have serious calculation errors, such that experts who later reviewed it have said “no serious scientist gives (it) any validity”.  And now the RT PCR test has been proven to be unreliable at best, with the inventor stating it should “never be used to diagnose infectious disease” because it cannot tell if what it detected is alive or dead.  This test is still being relied upon to make critical decisions in the interest of public health and safety.

‘In the same way, we cannot use an inac­curate speed detection device to proc­ tor a civilian’s speed, the same must be demanded of a faulty RT PCR test and as such, police should not in any way mandate testing for COVID-19, or rely on any outcome of the results. Now that we have almost 12 months of statistical data that can be relied upon, in place of flawed computer modelling, these statistics show a reality that is far from the modelling projections, which were relied upon by National Cabinet in their response.

NSW Police Blow Whistle on Virus Deception

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  1. Roger says:

    ‘We note that the modelling was later found to have serious calculation errors…’

    By an order of magnitude.

    Funny how that’s been consigned to the forgettery by the incurious media.

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