Critical Race Theory is racist and therefore intrinsic to the political left

First we will look at who goes “blackface”. There was the Democrat Governor of Virginia, not to mention the Prime Minister of Canada.

Nor should we omit to mention that every single member of the KKK in history was a Democrat, with no exception.

But if you want vile and disgusting, there is nowhere better to find it than in the son of the President of the United States: No one will care about the Hunter Biden N-word scandal. And that is just the point. You will NEVER find the story in the American media, probably not even in our media here in Oz. I won’t even put on the page what he said since it really is vile (although you can find some of it at the link), but it’s par for the course, both in regard to the party involved and in the media’s absolute refusal to mention it.

Then there is this just today, and I need hardly mention that psychiatrists are notoriously members of the left although there are a handful of exceptions.

As for Critical Race Theory (CRT) itself, here is a primer in the video below.

Being on the left is a mental disease in and of itself. It wasn’t always, but it certainly is now.

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17 Responses to Critical Race Theory is racist and therefore intrinsic to the political left

  1. pat says:

    add this. theirABC is no doubt all over these emails!

    9 June: EXC: Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Mocking ‘F*Ggots’ And ‘D*Kes’.

  2. Rob MW says:

    Then there is this just today,

    Lol………. 50,000,000,000 shrieking white 20 something middle class females will hold a mass exorcism any day now, followed by a dose of Ivermectim for any resistant wriggly internal parasites.

  3. MACK says:

    That Donald Moss has more terrific publications:
    On Hating in the First Person Plural: Thinking Psychoanalytically About Racism, Homophobia, and Misogyny
    Masculinity as Masquerade
    The Insane Look of the Bewildered Half-Broken Animal

  4. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    The Insane Look of the Bewildered Half-Broken Animal

    AKA Disasterstan Dan.

  5. John Comnenus says:

    The language of this Moss idiot is not too dissimilar to the way Hitler referred to his race target in the 1930s and in Mein Kampf. This self loathing, idiot will help get a lot of people killed. That’s why Hitler used this kind of analogy to a parasite throughout Mein Kampf.

  6. Primer says:

    The Long March Through the Institutions is merely doing a bit of extra fortifying overkill with CRT.
    After you own the kids culturally, then you demoralise them to destroy them utterly as confident sovereign citizens.

  7. Bruce says:

    “Being on the left is a mental disease in and of itself. It wasn’t always, but it certainly is now.”

    NOPE! Always was and always will be profoundly and irredeemably so.

    The entire “left-right” thing is a fabrication of sociopaths, anyway.

    Those deliberately choosing to be on what the call the left (Steal all the stuff and then kill the previous owners) deserve no mercy. What these sickos term the “right” (Anyone NOT them / Steal all their stuff and then kill or enslave them), are merely the other side of the same vile, debased currency.

    The people they utterly hate are REAL people who do not want to play ANY of their silly, murderous games.

    Interesting parallel to that other world-conquering, head-lopping “religion”.


  8. billie says:

    the next generation of Americans is going be confused when they deal with the rest of the world

    what poisonous stuff to be teaching kids

  9. Tod says:

    Some say being on the left is a mental disease.

    Some say it is a common symptom of demonic possession.

  10. Ian of Brisbane says:

    He can only say that because, as a ginger, he’s not white.

  11. egg_ says:

    Praeger’s latest recruit Amala has some great stuff on leftoid virtue signalling, including BLM

    Homecoming King & Queen CANCELED for Gender Neutral Terms; CIA Goes Woke & More

  12. luke73 says:

    Mesires: ‘It’s so annoying when you interject with frivolity.’

    Hunter: ‘True dat nigga. But I’m done my rant.’

    Steve, I don’t want to go into a long explanation about the broad impact of American hip/hop on language not just in the African American community but also on American English more broadly, BUT suffice to say… if, in his text, Hunter had ended “nigg…” with “er” instead of an “a” then this story would be as big in the MSM as you want it to be.

  13. Boambee John says:

    Sure Luke, just like the contents of his laptop.

  14. Gorilla Dance Party says:

    “the left are the REAL racists”

    Yeah, I’m sure this will work. Most of the men in history that conservatives admire were racists by the standards of the left. Stop embracing their standards. There is nothing wrong with preferring your own way of life, your own culture and as a result of these — your own race.

  15. Splatacrobat says:

    Stone barking mad with a nuance of edgy lunacy.

  16. I’m not sure what to say…
    So I’ll just shut up, inventory the baked bean stockpile, check the rainwater tank, service the genset, and clean the bangstix.
    The Western World has gone nuts.
    It needs a great big dose of Ivermectin or Combantrin to clean out the infestation.

  17. Luke73 says:

    Sure Luke, just like the contents of his laptop.

    I just googled “Hunters Laptop” and the first page of results included results from WaPo, CBS, Vox and Reuters all dated from before the 2020 election. (date 15/10/2020)

    I’m guessing you mean it was not reported in the way you (and Steve) felt it should have been.

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