PBW – Breaking News: Stairs sue Dan Andrews for defamation

A set of stairs today filed a defamation suit against Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, lawyers representing the as-yet unnamed stairs announced today.

“Dan Andrews called our client ‘slippery’,” a spokes-entity for the stairs’ lawyers said. “‘Slippery’ is an entity slur that stairs take very seriously, as the Premier is about to discover. Our client is not the slippery entity in this incident.”

No further details of the suit are available.

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22 Responses to PBW – Breaking News: Stairs sue Dan Andrews for defamation

  1. Primer says:

    I’m waiting to see how close this gets to the allegations around Andrews and this incident.
    Rumour has it the alleged Stairs are allegedly innocent

  2. Leo G says:

    This crime has clearly had a serious impact on its victim.

  3. Suburban Boy says:

    I nominate the stairs for the Order of Australia.

  4. Up The Workers! says:

    I nominate the stairs for a Wankley Award for Outrageously Fictitious Leftard Gillarding.

    It wouldn’t be the first such Award they have made in recent years.

    This Award will be presented by Bull Shitten of the Australian LIARS Party.

  5. Fair Shake says:

    The bannister who was part of a prior nutcase was deemed to have a conflict of interest and cannot support the stairs in the defamation suit.

  6. FelixKruell says:

    I’ve heard a rumour these were the same stairs that Mister Pell allegedly stood on at the entrance to the cathedral…witnesses swear it was the case!

  7. Rex Anger says:

    Go away Grigory.

  8. Leo G says:

    The bannister … was deemed to have a conflict of interest and cannot support the stairs

    In any case, the bannister may lack standing.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    At least he didn’t incur the wrath of a piece of gym equipment like Harry Reid.
    The excuses from Lefties are always entertaining.

  10. incoherent rambler says:

    Does anyone here self identify as a stair?

  11. incoherent rambler says:
    June 10, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    Does anyone here self identify as a stair?


  12. Slim Cognito says:

    Believe all stairs. You know it makes sense.

  13. calli says:

    The stairs suit is just a flight of fancy that will descend to a heavy landing. We really mustn’t be stringered along by mere furniture trying to get a riser out of our legal system. In fact, we should tread very carefully.

    Before we know it, the case will spiral into insignificance, even with every type of winder and kite flying attempt. Unless there’s newell evidence. But I suspect it will be spindly.

  14. incoherent rambler says:

    the stairs had nothing to do with it.
    Tony Abbott on the other hand …

  15. calli says:
    June 10, 2021 at 4:22 pm

  16. jo says:

    No crime …. Karma.

  17. GD says:

    It was climate change that dunnit. It caught Daniel unawares and he fell down them stairs.

  18. Fang says:

    Its a step in the downward direction!

  19. Robber Baron says:

    Were these stairs at Max Beck’s in Sorrento or at Lindsay Fox’s in Portsea?

  20. Delta A says:

    Nelson_Kidd-Players says:
    June 10, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    My pick as today’s winner, from a very worthy field.

  21. Kneel says:

    Stairs are oppressed by the white, cisgender patriarchy!
    “Don’t tread on me” saith the step.
    “Why am I so often left out” saith the riser.
    “Get you hands off me” saith the balistrade.
    All ignored.
    Inanimate object rights NOW!

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