The Grace of Goad

EVERY year the ABC comes to town with its Australia Talks carnival and I always enjoy it. Bereft of nutritious worth perhaps, this side-show alley of dagwood dogs and nay-saying clowns still gives us insights into the ‘thinking’ of left-wing extremists. The barker’s spiel invariably emphasises words like we, our and us. Step right up, folks: most of us want coal mines to be transformed into safety reserves for the transgendered indigenous! That sort of thing. Alas – killjoy that I am – I must tell the unknowing that the national claims, the personal and possessive pronouns too, are phony. The respondents in the Australia Talks “survey” – all of them – are registered ABC zealots.

Them. Not us.

Today, arts graduate Grace Tame helpfully explains the latest fake “data” on “our” view of sexual assault allegations. Nowhere in this report – or in Miss Tame’s remarks – is mention made of the ABC’s infamous role in the worst miscarriage of justice (based on ludicrously false accusations) in Australian history. Nor is there an acknowledgement that it just lost a court case after promoting false accusations against the Attorney-General. For the “Australian of the Year,” however, Pell and Porter – to say nothing of their loved ones and families – are collateral damage in a quest to root out the travesty hesitant. She’ll settle for nothing less 100 percent:

Ms Tame described the shift in public opinion as “a huge symbol of progress”…

“What we’ve seen is a stark increase in the value of speaking up, using our voices to call out injustice, and through that, we’ve seen an increase in awareness and an understanding of these issues, which clearly, as the metrics prove, produces change in attitudes.

“To actually have metrics to quantify that change is incredible. It’s powerful.

“We’re still only at 55 per cent, which shows that there’s a lot of work to be done in this space.”

By “work,” she can only mean a continuing campaign to abolish the presumption of innocence or, at least, to make it nothing more than moot for those with enough money and political protection to stand over the besmirched. In a very exclusive “space,” the ABC dominates. Without dedicated legislation to police the national broadcaster’s abuse of an unlimited budget, it will go on defaming its ideological enemies with impunity. The ABC is above the law.

Whether it’s a mere irony – or a flaw so frequently demonstrated as to strengthen what it seeks to adulterate – the more the ABC falsely accuses innocent people, the more entrenched will judicious scepticism about accusations become. The Louise Milligan school of 7-Nil journalism proves why all complainants must prove guilt the hard but righteous way.

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2 Responses to The Grace of Goad

  1. Roger says:

    The publicly funded ABC – i.e. funded out of general revenue – is another blight inflicted on the nation by Gough Whitlam. If this Liberal government lacks the ticker to withdraw its charter & shut it down, the least they could do is reform its funding model so only those who wish to watch it pay for it. Who could possibly argue against that? It goes to the great Australian virtue of fairness!

  2. Roger says:

    I should have mentioned that up until Whitlam the ABC was modestly funded via a TV license.

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