In the Spectator, Judith Sloan takes aim at Victoria’s CHO. She doesn’t miss. (Via Mak Siccar).

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21 Responses to Bretty

  1. Daily llama says:

    Stuck this on another topic so apologies to those I’m boring by reposting it, but I think it raises questions about the whole lockdown madness.
    But this is the insanity of it all- they say we’ll all be rooned, but when I tried to get tested in a Victorian public hospital, they said they ain’t funded and I could just bugger off. But of bad luck if I do have the plague.
    By the way, the medico who questioned me didn’t ask where I’d been, who I’d seen…nothing!
    I admit this is a bit off topic, but since people are discussing truth and farce, I’ll post it here.
    I’ve been in Victoria for 4 weeks today. The first 2 weeks, in the Melbourne CBD. This was just prior to the latest kerfuffle. So the plague may have been in the air while I lurked around Chinatown.
    Then the last 2 weeks I’ve been in NE Victoria. Pretty much on my own, but one does shop, eat out etc.,
    Responding to the endless panic stricken squeals that our entire civilisation may disintegrate due to Covid, I gamely ventured into the nearest regional centre where the hospital does drive through testing.
    As my car was in an angle in the driveway behind several other cars, the staff saw my interstate number plate.
    A nice guy came over, asked me how I was going, and pointed out that if I didn’t think I had the plague and was from interstate, they weren’t funded to test me. Unbelievable! This is at a public hospital!
    So, I could a first class Typhoid Mary (thereby actually destroying our civilisation), but it doesn’t matter.
    If you all die, I guess you can blame me. It’ll give you something to post about on your way to oblivion. I’ll miss you.
    The medical guy and I then proceeded to discuss the dangerous medical effects of one of my rust removing pork vindaloos mixed with several gallons of full strength beer, and I drove away.

  2. Mark M says:

    Scary Mary Louise McLaws, member of W.H.O.

    So sick of scary Mary … every time she is on tv … you must mask up or you’ll die!

    Just go away, scare mongerer.

  3. Dunnybrush says:

    At one point, the age was publishing propaganda that Bretty’s sage ship steering was due to his religion. No, not evil and antiquated Christianity. He’s a Buddhist, naturally. He should have been removed for that beast comment alone.

  4. Rosie says:

    Great piece Judith.

    The curfew cave-in is clear evidence that there is little health behind the restrictions.

    Three times we’ve been told super contagious strain, until it’s clearly not.

    I hope some of these class actions win bigly.

    Royal Commission will be too little too late.

  5. Matt says:

    But who is Bretty? Why should we believe him, particularly as his understanding of economics is clearly zilch and he is making decisions that have significant economic effects?

    Equally, why should we believe Judith (or any other economist) given their understanding of medicine and public health is clearly zilch and the decisions have significant health effects?

  6. Mark M says:

    “Equally, why should we believe Judith …”

    You don’t have to ‘believe’ to Judith, because, unequally, Judith is in no position to make unaccountable life destroying decisions.

  7. rickw says:

    Victoria’s CHO

    The fucker looks like he lives in a dumpster.

  8. Mark M says:

    Hydroxychloroquine study further erodes credibility of health ‘experts’

    The expert’s negligence may have cost lives.
    This irresponsibility has further undermined the credibility of people we once might have trusted.

  9. old bloke says:

    A nice guy came over, asked me how I was going, and pointed out that if I didn’t think I had the plague and was from interstate, they weren’t funded to test me. Unbelievable! This is at a public hospital!

    Victorian hospitals are for Victorians only?

    Where have I heard that before.

  10. Chris M says:

    Judith is normally a great read, this one was a bit rambly like a gripy blog post.

    Masks when walking alone in a park? Then you like in a nutcase state and should either leave or at least refuse to comply with nutcasery.

  11. Perfidious Albino says:

    That’s nothing Chris M, it wasn’t that long ago we weren’t even allowed to walk in the park alone full stop… and then we could for an hour a day, but pity help you if sat down or stopped briefly within eyesight of a posse of VikPol… it’s really been far from satisfactory.

  12. WolfmanOz says:

    Superb article (albeit depressing) in Quadrant as well:

  13. min says:

    Reposting the diagnosis I made of Bretty after he announced gyms were off limits because of physical exertion in close proximity to others but brothels were Ok . Doesn’t that tell you he is a wanker ? Well ?

  14. Alex Davidson says:

    Bretty was on TV at lunchtime telling us to be good citizens and rock up to anyone you see with sniffles and ask if they have been tested!

    This is where socialism leads, in this case a socialised health system. Instead of individuals making their own decisions about their own health care as it should be, we have the Bretty’s and Matt’s of this world on our case, believing to their core they have the duty to dictate how the rest of us should live, backed up with the full force of the law. The very antithesis of a free society.

  15. Chris M says:

    he announced gyms were off limits because of physical exertion in close proximity to others but brothels were Ok. Doesn’t that tell you he is a wanker?

    Maybe he likes the view in the brothel mirror more than the gym mirror and prefers others to do the hard work for him.

    But yeah, laughable ‘science’ so 2020’s…

  16. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    sutton is an insane homosexual imbecile with totalitarian tendencies.

    Bring the f*ckwit’s pointless existence to a long overdue end and free yourselves from the tyranny, you hopeless passive disasterstanian dunderheads …

    Enough. 😠

  17. Howard Hill says:

    Royal Commission will be too little too late.

    Royal Commissions are just another way to suck money from the public to the parasites, they achieve nothing, just piss off!
    We’ve had how many now into bush fires, with what result????

  18. Rosie says:

    Oh give it a rest MV.

    Was I calling for a royal commission?

    Why no, no I wasn’t.

  19. H B Bear says:


  20. min says:

    Chris M how can one perform fellatio with a mask on ? Asking for a working girl .

  21. candy says:

    I don’t think Sutton sounds positive or has a plan. He looks dishevelled and stressed.

    Waiting for his boss to come back form sick leave (or whatever leave they call it) and tell him what to do.

    They seem a hapless lot down there in the Victorian government.

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