In the Spectator, Judith Sloan takes aim at Victoria’s CHO. She doesn’t miss. (Via Mak Siccar).

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  1. Daily llama says:

    Stuck this on another topic so apologies to those I’m boring by reposting it, but I think it raises questions about the whole lockdown madness.
    But this is the insanity of it all- they say we’ll all be rooned, but when I tried to get tested in a Victorian public hospital, they said they ain’t funded and I could just bugger off. But of bad luck if I do have the plague.
    By the way, the medico who questioned me didn’t ask where I’d been, who I’d seen…nothing!
    I admit this is a bit off topic, but since people are discussing truth and farce, I’ll post it here.
    I’ve been in Victoria for 4 weeks today. The first 2 weeks, in the Melbourne CBD. This was just prior to the latest kerfuffle. So the plague may have been in the air while I lurked around Chinatown.
    Then the last 2 weeks I’ve been in NE Victoria. Pretty much on my own, but one does shop, eat out etc.,
    Responding to the endless panic stricken squeals that our entire civilisation may disintegrate due to Covid, I gamely ventured into the nearest regional centre where the hospital does drive through testing.
    As my car was in an angle in the driveway behind several other cars, the staff saw my interstate number plate.
    A nice guy came over, asked me how I was going, and pointed out that if I didn’t think I had the plague and was from interstate, they weren’t funded to test me. Unbelievable! This is at a public hospital!
    So, I could a first class Typhoid Mary (thereby actually destroying our civilisation), but it doesn’t matter.
    If you all die, I guess you can blame me. It’ll give you something to post about on your way to oblivion. I’ll miss you.
    The medical guy and I then proceeded to discuss the dangerous medical effects of one of my rust removing pork vindaloos mixed with several gallons of full strength beer, and I drove away.

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