David Bidstrup guest post. Resolve no longer to be slaves and you are free.

The title comes from Etienne De La Boetie’s “Discourse on voluntary servitude” written in 1546. The book is available, at Abe Books. (ISBN 978-1-60384-839-8), and is not very expensive – from memory I recall my copy cost around $12.00 plus delivery. It does not take long to read and it is time well spent.

I was prompted to write this when I received a letter that contained “important vaccination from the Australian Government. The letter has the signatures of the Prime Minister, The Minister for Health and the Chief Medical Officer and it urges me to get vaccinated so I can “help keep Australia safe, keep our economy open, and enable all Australians to live as normal a life as possible during this pandemic”

It goes no about the “world class regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration” having “approved the vaccines as safe to use and continues to closely monitor their safety”.

Most are aware that the American and European regulators have approved the vaccines for “emergency use only” but we are told the TGA has “approved” them. When I look at the TGA site it states that the approval is “provisional” and made in reference to the data available at the time. In other words they are following the leader.

There is the usual scaremongering as well: “we’ve all seen the devastation this virus can cause, especially in other countries. That’s why we can’t allow ourselves to ease off in the fight against Covid-19”.

The letter finishes with the following: “We want to keep you safe. That is why we encourage everyone to arrange to be vaccinated”.

Frankly, the last people I would want to “keep me safe” are these idiots.

Included in the letter is a small brochure telling me how I can get my “proof of Covid-19 vaccination” which is apparently being organised through Medicare. I wonder why I did not need to get proof of Flu vaccination in previous years, or shingles vax or any of the other vaccinations I have had throughout my life, like Measles etc.etc.

The question needs to be asked why this is so important particularly when the disease has run its course here, with one death in 6 months from “the virus” and two deaths confirmed from the vaccine, (so far).

For those of you who are interested I recommend you watch this  interview with Dr Mike Yeadon.  You need to put aside an hour and a half but it is worth it. I started to note the important points but then decided that sometimes people have to peel their own grapes. If you are interested you will look at it, if not that is not my problem.

500 years ago a Frenchman warned against rule by tyranny, and here we are lining up to be “managed” by f**kwits. Mike Yeadon’s take on vaccine passports is very interesting and also very scary. Anyone who wants to be informed by someone other than the government or their lackeys will benefit from watching. I will not be getting this vaccine under any circumstances. It would be interesting to know whether you will after watching Dr Yeadon.

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26 Responses to David Bidstrup guest post. Resolve no longer to be slaves and you are free.

  1. shane says:

    I was worried there for a moment at least until I read the official denial

    Claims that British Airways is in “crisis talks” with the British government due to the deaths of three pilots who received COVID-19 shots are “unfounded”, a company representative and British medicines regulator spokesperson has told Reuters.
    4:32 PM · Jun 18, 2021·Twitter Web App

  2. Rod W says:

    Agree fully that we are ‘lining up to be managed by f**kwits’.

    From the deliberate suppression of effective repurposed medications (HCQ, IVM et al),
    the irrational, inconsistent rules on masks, distancing,
    and the blind faith reverence of rushed through experimental vaccines that deliberately generate the spike protein viral structure which has been demonstrated to be cytotoxic.

    I won’t be lining up for it either.

  3. Rob MW says:

    500 years ago a Frenchman warned against rule by tyranny, and here we are lining up to be “managed” by f**kwits.

    Yep, spot on.

    It’s starting to look like that the coveted benefits of the vax(s) are at least equal to the risks of the ping-pong virus. I like naturally, with or without assistance from Ivermectin, beating the virus odds better than the mRNA cure.

    I’m gonna, with caution, burn my old cricket bat…………. just in case, it’s the only way to be sure.

  4. Barry says:

    I watched the Yeadon clip.

    The man speaks the truth. He is no crank.

    It’s the madness of crowds, except this time the crowd is the “experts”.

    May they come to their senses one-by-one. But quickly.

    I pray the lies of the elite be hand written on parchment, and used to line their own caskets.

  5. Chris M says:

    it urges me to get vaccinated so I can “help keep Australia safe”

    Those not aborted, euthanised or incarcerated need to be kept safe apparently.

    Give us an update on how your shots go David. Presumably no posts = not so good.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I’ve watched 1984 and Brazil.
    I may be strapped in the chair but I’m free!
    Pass me thorazine pls doctor.

  7. Perfidious Albino says:

    I too watched the whole Dr Yeadon interview. Not encouraging and i can readily reach the same conclusion following his logic ie: it goes beyond just global socialism and the great reset. If so, I wonder if in late 2019 Halton was the messenger for how this was all intended to play out, with the right people told that they and their families would be safe, but they have to go along with it and facilitate. Sounds loony I know, depressing way to round out a Friday night.

  8. Ian M says:

    At the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, it seems to me that there might just be a hint of collusion between govts. worldwide and also the mainstream media. Apparently “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – but what can individuals do in addition to refusing to cooperate/participate? Any suggestions?

  9. Bushkid says:

    I watched this a while ago, or extracts from it, I don’t recall it being an hour and a half long at the time.

    Never mind, the point is the same. “Scary” is too weak a word, though.

    Yes, Perfidious Albino, the worldwide coordination is so obvious, and was from early last year – same language, same responses, in some cases even shared footage of “desperate hospital measures” on TV. Clearly, the same worldwide agenda and script being followed. That only happens when a supra-national body (WHO, UN, Davos mob?) has national leaders, bureaucracies and media by the short and curlies. How? Perhaps by money lending (just how deeply in debt is this country and the individual states, and to whom?), perhaps by the tried and true method of having something embarrassing to hold over them.

    Ian M, it seems that ultimately our mere refusal to let them shove this shit into our arms will not be enough. There has to be much more noise made across the country and the world, we have to not only talk plainly to our elected “representatives”, but get out in the streets and make our voices heard. At some point the media will have to take notice and tell the truth. In the mean time, we have to talk to as many of our friends, family and acquaintances as possible. OK, so some will disbelieve us, even abuse and shun us.

    But even to plant a seed of doubt in someone’s mind is useful.

  10. David says:

    No need to buy a copy. I put multiple versions of it (in French and English) online last November. I edited for the first time the complete 1735 English translation which I think is the best one. See this blog post “The Cover Art of Voluntary Servitude” http://davidmhart.com/wordpress/archives/894 and the collection of texts http://www.davidmhart.com/liberty/FrenchClassicalLiberals/LaBoetie/index.html. His insights into the nature of power and why the majority obey the minority who wield it are as relevant as ever.

  11. Destroyer D69 says:

    Latest TV exhortation from the Gov head med honcho seems to have a script change. NO mention of the “vaccine”being “voluntary” and advice to visit the covid site to see when it is “YOUR TURN” to be stabbed… I smell a very large odorous rodent waiting in the wings.

  12. Karabar says:

    That letter refers to our “world-class TGA”…..Sure it is.
    Pfizer Vaccine Authorised, Data Sight Unseen – Doctors for COVID Ethics (doctors4covidethics.org)

  13. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Thank you Rafe, I resolved at the outset NOT to participate in this tyrannical farce. I won’t get the experimental treatment and only last year had a flu vaccine I thought that after 20 years it might be safe and lo and behold, I was asked for proof of having a flu vaccine when visiting an aged-care facility in May last year about a week after I’d had the flu shot.

  14. Tintarella di Luna says:

    Why the tyrants want to coerce/terrify/cajole/bribe or otherwise force people to be vaccinated is to perpetuate the farce

  15. hzhousewife says:

    Tinta I am curious as to how you provided proof that you had had a flu vax?

  16. Tom Atkinson says:

    There is a great force driving this great deception. What is that force? I think it is cancel culture.

  17. Rufus T Firefly says:

    I will also not be subjecting my poor abused body to these untested experimental “vaccines”.
    There are however, some small embers of Freedom, still burning in this Covid farce.
    1. The India Bar Association is suing a WHO rep, (also Indian), that proffered incorrect info about Ivermectin.
    2. The German Dr/Lawyer, that sent VW to the gallows over “emissions” is now organising a Class Action on behalf of the 10, 000 dead, from Vax’s, in Europe.

    That vile piece of sh#t Bloomberg, is quoted as having said:
    “Let’s hope they dont come after us with guillotines.”
    I can hear the carpenters, banging the first nails.

  18. Patrick Kelly says:

    hzhousewife, I also had to provide proof of influenza immunisation to enter an aged care facility. I had to go back to the medical practice and get a statement/certificate.

  19. Cynic of A says:

    approved the vaccines as safe to use and continues to closely monitor their safety”.
    “During monitoring, we found that many people had died from the vaccine. This proves beyond doubt that our monitoring is working, and it will continue to do so.”

  20. Ladyredneck says:

    Patrick Kelly says:
    June 19, 2021 at 9:55 am
    hzhousewife, I also had to provide proof of influenza immunisation to enter an aged care facility. I had to go back to the medical practice and get a statement/certificate.

    And this is how they bluff and bamboozle us into submission. Because we are unaware of our rights. No one has the right to see your private medical information, without your consent. They dont tell you that, they just stealthily erode away our rights this way. “Oh, well you told us about flu vacc, so no biggie about any other private info you have, and by the way, you cant see your mum for as long as it takes. Too bad, so sad”

    Everything we have endured over the last 18 months has been diabolically arranged to trap us into effective slavery. Very little of what we have been told by the media, the govt, the public utilities has been true. Just enough slivers of truth are there, maybe, that discerning eyes and ears can see what is happening. And as my tinfoil hat slips over my eyes its almost as if they are so convinced by their estimation of their intellectual superiority and the scorn of ‘normies’ intelligence that they cannot help mocking us by throwing out the hints.

    And Bushkid has our only fightback options exactly right. We aim to turn minds toward truth one by one in our own local sphere.

  21. Tel says:

    I also had to provide proof of influenza immunisation to enter an aged care facility.

    What these guy have not yet figured out is that from here onwards … no one anywhere will be interested in going into an aged care facility. Who would voluntarily book themselves into solitary confinement?

    The industry is right about to nosedive.

  22. Perfidious Albino says:

    Had the flu vax last year as the old man was in aged care – no vax, no visit – I didn’t object to that as it is really just common sense in an ‘institutional’ setting like that (and this was one of the better ones).

    Had the jab at the local pharmacy and then a few days later a confirmation ‘certificate’ appears in your MyGov online account under Medicare. Now, I don’t have an e health record or anything like that, but because there is a Medicare card, there is a profile.

    Dad is no longer with us, but I don’t think I would have the Covid jab at the moment even if it was a precondition to visit.

  23. old bloke says:

    For those of you who are interested I recommend you watch this interview with Dr Mike Yeadon. You need to put aside an hour and a half but it is worth it.

    Thank you David, that was a worthwhile hour and a half.

    What is behind all these lies? We are lied to by our media, our medical professionals, and our governments.


  24. K2 says:

    1hr23m to 1hr26m of the Yeadon interview is all you need to know really.

  25. hzhousewife says:

    Fascinating about the MyGov thing and Medicare card. My hairdresser this week had Pfizer jab as soon as she could, no reaction, very pleased with herself getting it. I asked if she had to sign any paperwork, no, did she get any kind of certificate or proof of having the vax, no. She did ask about a certificate but was told not to worry about it, she thought they meant she would get some kind of proof after the second jab. I did not enter into any discussion about side effects etc but did express the thought that her teenage son should not need any kind of vax.

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