“Under Labor, Victoria has two speeds: locked down or about to be locked down”

Bless my soul, the Victorian Leader of the Opposition has finally made an appearance in the press, with this below from today’s Herald Sun. Picture and all but not quite all of the text. It can only be because it has finally dawned upon the media types who live here that Victoria is about to head into a catastrophic downturn and they are hoping that it will be a Liberal Government that has to take the blame. Went past the billion dollar station at the shrine again this week with not a worker in sight. Meanwhile there are parts of the state where you cannot drink the water and other parts where the power is expected to be out for three weeks. What an insane mess Labor makes of everything they do. The rest is from the all but unknown Michael O’Brien.

WAKING up this morning, Victorians aren’t free. Labor’s slight easing of restrictions hasn’t freed us; we’re just on a slightly longer leash. We have all sacrificed to defeat this latest outbreak. But now it’s time for Labor’s lockdown to end.

In fact, statewide lockdowns should never be used again.

A statewide lockdown should always be a last resort. Sadly, the Andrews government sees it as a first response. Victoria is the only state to endure four lockdowns. Every Victorian has paid a price….

Labor has shown it is willing to throw us back into lockdown at the first opportunity. And we all know Labor will do it again.

And the people making the decisions – Labor ministers and their advisers – have not missed a single pay cheque even while they’ve stopped millions of Victorians from just going to work.

As a proud Victorian I hate to say it but, when it comes to Covid, the NSW [LIBERAL] government has got it right. NSW has been proportionate, not panicked. Sensible steps to localise lockdowns have shown that a whole state doesn’t need to be closed for just a few cases.

The NSW approach has not only helped people stay in work, kept businesses open and kids in school but it’s had a remarkable effect on their confidence….

When NSW had an outbreak on its northern beaches, what did NSW lock down? The northern beaches. When Victoria had an outbreak in a few postcodes, what did the Labor government lock down? All of Victoria.

Under Labor, Victoria has two speeds: locked down or about to be locked down.

Why he didn’t emphasise that NSW is a Liberal State you will have to ask him yourself.

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19 Responses to “Under Labor, Victoria has two speeds: locked down or about to be locked down”

  1. Fair Shake says:

    Better late than never …I guess.

    Go hard. Victoria has endured 162+ days of lockdown. Other states ave 14. Our Vic Labor Gov is hopeless and corrupt. Our opposition ….well room for improvement to say the least. Finally the left media here give him some coverage.

  2. MatrixTransform says:

    I think they’d like us never to run free in off-leash parks again.
    Just sayin’

    I explained (ranted) to the missus again today how that for every obvious retail failure there is more gone than meets the eye.

    there’s a vapourised 5-10 years of paying off that business loan
    there’s the goodwill gone
    no future sale
    no payday

    what about the suppliers, the insurers, the landlord?
    all of them are going without now
    and every next card to fall, makes it worse

    The missus told me how she watched a retail shop tenancy being cleared out the other day.

    so, my rant ended with pointing out that the truck company, the labour hire and even the company that supplies the labourers gloves are in the process of doing-their-balls right now.

    this shit has only really just started.

    can’t see the bottom yet

    Labor Party are utterly disconnected from how things really work.

  3. min says:

    The Guilty Ads are starting to appear again . Libs cannot afford the advertising like Labor so I wrote last year to O’Brien and suggested there resurrect the very successful messages Kennet used . There were a few trucks carrying billboards around after the lockdowns last year . Tim Smith uses Facebook however I am not sure how they can get the message out economically across a wide audience up until the election next year. Billboards on traffic blocked roads which can’t be turned off like tv and are unavoidable. However many are so despondent and are reminded by all the unfinished infrastructure around plus all the inconveniences that Victorians will have to suffer a be enough . But how in the hell can anyone get us out of the mess ? Andrews government checks have also started to bounce . What we need is Andrews and co in court to face charges for negligence of duty of care .

  4. mundi says:

    Each week over a thousand families are leaving Victoristan. Needless to say, none of them are labor voters.

    Andrew’s knows what he is doing. King of the ashes will suit him just fine thank you very much.

  5. Ceres says:

    Yep Michael O’Brien totally ineffectual. He doesn’t cut through with his overly polite manner and words when dealing with Labor mongrels, that is if you ever see him.
    Tim Smith, Richard Reardon have more attack in them, maybe there are others but time to change O’Brien as leader.
    Pity Jeff Kennett can’t be brought back. People listen to him because he’s not boring.

  6. Old Lefty says:

    One award which Andrews has definitely earned is for services to the NSW and Queensland real estate industries.

    There was an internet meme circulating in the latest lockdown listing the five reasons for leaving home in Victoria:

    1 Move to NSW
    2 Move to Queensland
    3 Move to SA
    4 Move to Tasmania
    5 Move to WA

    I expect there is a police strike force trying to find out who circulated it.

  7. Rabbi Putin says:

    Daniel Andrews convicted of high treason and given the severest punishment available, the Labor Party formally banned from competing in future Victorian elections, its members and collaborators permanently placed on an employment and ATO blacklist to extract compensation for the looming Victorian debt default.

    The evils they have committed to be taught in school classrooms forevermore.

  8. Scott Osmond says:

    Will the commonwealth be expected to bail them out? If Scotty had any mongrel in him, yes, yes, stop laughing he’d make it clear that Victoria is on it’s own financially. Labor own what’s happening down there. If state assets like national parks need to be sold off and masses of the public service layed off than that’s the penalty of voting Labor. But you know we’re all in this together or some such marketing nugget of wisdom.

  9. Tom says:

    The Stupid Fucking (state) Liberals will probably be elected for one term next year to clean up the latest ALP disaster because Labor’s public health lunatics have succeeded not only in destroying the state economy, but also pissing off most of the rustadon #IStandWithDan Greens voters in Fitzroy and Northcote – even though most of them work for the public service and have felt no financial pain.

    Like Andrews himself, who has never had a real job, the effects on them from the lockdowns have been mostly just the inconvenience of restricted movement.

    It’s just that even the rustadons now see that the lockdowns are totally political, totally arbitrary and totally irrational and that the incompetent public service clowns are just making it up as they go.

    They might as well be trying to abolish the road toll, which is what is really driving all this Kung Flu abolitionism – an attempt to impose a hyper-idealistic socialist nirvana on an ungrateful proletariat via rules for thee but not for me as Brett Sutton jets off to Canberra for an awards ceremony and a work piss-up that he has banned in Victoria.

    The only new industry Sutton and his clowns have created in the removals boom as Victorians flee to other states that don’t hate them as much.

    By putting a political activist like Sutton in charge of destroying the lives of the Victorian middle class, the ALP has poisoned the well so much that the Stupid Fucking Liberals, as they do periodically, will be required wear the blame and lay the foundations for the next state Labor government’s wealth redistribution.

  10. wazz says:

    Author said – [Why he didn’t emphasise that NSW is a Liberal State…]

    The NSW Gov is so Green in what it does – the Premier and many Ministers are so Green -Liberal in name only – words fail me there.

  11. Figures says:

    Exactly right Rabbi Putin.

    Lockdown politicians should all go to jail, emergency laws should be revoked and health bureaucrats who actually work in the service of the pharmaceutical companies (aka all of them) should be rounded up and shipped to Antarctica.

  12. duncanm says:

    I’m afraid you’d need a really tough leader to win the next election and fix things up.

    He/She’d have to go in balls and all.

    There are so many fronts to fight the ALP/Trades Hall grift and corruption.
    Hospitals, ambulance service, firemen, public transport, public service, construction, anything to do with government money in the arts, etc etc.

    Hospitals and health is probably the hardest, so best to hit it right up front early or you will lose the next election. It can be done wisely – eg: route out the graft and waste in administration and feed some back to the front-line.

    Ambos – sack the whole bloody lot and put the service out to tender.


    Victoria almost has to destroy and rebuild itself if.

  13. duncanm says:

    Rabbi Putin says:
    June 18, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    and some good old Nuremberging of police order squad for their lockdown arrests and harassment.

  14. Thaddeus says:

    A year ago I called vic lib and asuggested they lobby for an end of fed funding of Victorian jobkeeper. “Oh but won’t the public misinterpret that as our fault, not labours problem?” probably just shows how clueless the civic population is and how gutless vic lib is.

  15. Forester says:

    You’re dreamin’

    Sports Bet

    Trade Union – $1.25
    Labor-Lite – $3:75

  16. Perfidious Albino says:

    It’s a trap. If they’re just now publishing common sense from milquetoast O’Brien it’s because Andrew’s wants him cued up to be knocked down as soon as he’s back in front of his adoring media.

    Also, the useless State Liberals should have been making this case a year ago – only they were all on board for lockdowns at the time…

  17. MatrixTransform says:

    Sutton jets off to Canberra

    Sutton needs mandatory Hotel Quarantine on his return.

    at his own expense of course

  18. Lee says:

    Dictator Dan, his whole rotten government, and the heads of the CHO in Victoria should be in permanent lockdown.
    In prison.

  19. mizaris says:

    Why he didn’t emphasise that NSW is a Liberal State you will have to ask him yourself.

    Maybe he doesn’t know????

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