Death by indoor air pollution. The ugly face of fossil fuel poverty

This is not something that the climate alarmists and RE zealots want to know about. Up to four million people per annum die for want to clean energy – the kind of energy that they can have in abundance when the Greens of the world allow them to develop their conventional power resources, including coal and gas.

Read all about it.

The lack of access to modern energy sources subjects people to a life of poverty. No electricity means no refrigeration of food, no washing machine, and no light at night.

Energy poverty is so common that you can see it from space. In Sub-Saharan Africa 43% of the population do not have access to electricity. The poorest regions in the world are dark at night, as the satellite image shows. 

The poorest households burn wood and other biomass, like crop waste and dried dung. Those who can afford it cook and heat with charcoal or coal. Burning these solid fuels on open fires or simple stoves fills the room with smoke and toxic chemicals. These traditional energy sources expose those in the household – often women and children – to pollution levels that are far higher than in even the most polluted cities in the world.

Chronic exposure to pollution in the household leads to pneumonia, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and lung cancer.5 It is the leading risk factor of burns,6 it increases the risk of cataracts,7 and it impacts the health of babies before they are born and leads to a higher rate of stillbirths.8

The WHO estimates the death toll to be substantially higher: 3.8 million annual deaths.9 

To put this in perspective, the annual death count from HIV/AIDS is about 1 million and homicides sum up to about 400,000 globally

From the same stable,  roundup of progress on other aspects of public health in the developing world.

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17 Responses to Death by indoor air pollution. The ugly face of fossil fuel poverty

  1. bemused says:

    You have to understand that to the Greens, Democrats and their supporters, these are just ‘brown’ people dying, they don’t matter. They don’t care about the welfare of the Black and Hispanic community either. They don’t care about anything but their distorted reality. Once the party of the slavers, always the party of the slavers.

  2. Chris M says:

    In Sub-Saharan Africa 43% of the population do not have access to electricity.

    Hahaha how they print this absolute rubbish with a straight face. They don’t have mobile phone either right?

    Meanwhile I’m sure my kero heater is also chucking out some hydrocarbons, but it feels real nice.

  3. Natural Instinct says:

    As I remember, there is a 20 year old report from the UN (or some such body) that says electricity above 20US cents per kWhr will hinder economic development – and that getting cheap electricity to the most people in the poorest countries will save millions of lives, and increase life expectancy greatly.
    Of course, the Europeans thought that giving every village a windmill, and a solar panel, and an inverter, and a battery, and an instruction manual was the way to go.

  4. OldOzzie says:

    World’s poor suffer as rich work from home

    Adam Creighton

    As anyone on social media knows, lockdowns are a boon for work from home selfies, where white-collar workers take pictures with their laptops at the beach, with pets or having a glass of wine on the balcony, pinned with “You’ve got this (insert city in lockdown)! #stayhome #savelives”.

    It’s a more niche genre in Africa, South Asia and parts of South America, where the lives of hundreds of millions of people have been thrown into chaos by selfishly hysterical responses of Western countries to Covid-19.

    “The wholesale abandonment of the global poor by policymakers, opinion formers in the liberal press and the global rich in general is one of the most repugnant features of the international response to the pandemic,” says Toby Green, a prize-winning author and professor of African history at King’s College London.

    His new book, The Covid Consensus, is a meticulously referenced, shocking catalogue of Western hypocrisy and the destruction wrought by global lockdowns on the poorest nations – “worse than the threat of Covid-19 by several orders of magnitude”.

    In February last year the World Health Organisation, in a regrettable volte-face from its 2019 advice against lockdowns “under any circumstances”, insisted all nations implement them regardless of their political or socio-economic state.

    “The collateral damage has been so appalling that the lockdowns trialled in 2020 should never again be implemented,” Green says, taking aim at the “ultra nationalist” outlooks of nations such as Australia and New Zealand, which locked down “without caring what the global consequences might be”.

    All up, the consequences have been grim. Last year an extra 71 million people were pushed into extreme poverty, living on less than $US1.90 a day, according to the World Bank. The number of people “marching towards starvation” jumped by 135 million, David Beasley, head of the World Food Program, said in December.

    Remittances from workers in the rich countries, which make up around half of private income in poor countries, and tourism, which makes up more than 20 per cent of Gambia’s income, for instance, collapsed.

    African lockdowns wrought particular havoc on their mainly cash economies dependent on physical interaction, where about 80 per cent of jobs are informal.

    About 70 per cent of households lost income and half cut back meals, according to a University of California study of Africa, Asia and Latin America, where money printing isn’t practical to finance wage subsidies. No wonder tens of thousands of West Africans tried to escape to Spain on boats, where hundreds, perhaps thousands, drowned at sea.

    “Women and children first” took on a cruel twist in the global Covid response. An extra nine million children face child labour by the end of next year, according to the International Labour Organisation in a report released last month, thanks to the economic collapse in the developing world.

    An extra 10,000 a month were already dying by July last year, according to the UN, and the cessation of vaccination programs for measles and polio in many developing countries – to meet social distancing rules – will ensure many more die in the future.

    The closure of schools has been bad enough in rich countries, but in Africa, where the internet is slow or absent, it means no schooling at all for up to a year.

    Concerns about lockdown-induced domestic violence were such that some Mexican states banned alcohol. African police forces beat and even killed people who were breaking the “health advice”.

    Green’s book is a depressing tale of hubris, mindless groupthink and cynical power grabs by bureaucrats and governments, taking advantage of a “health crisis”. It’s not even clear lockdowns saved any lives in poor countries.

  5. RobK says:

    The greens are happy to give the brown people a solar panel or wind-up torch so they can see at night.
    Wood fires will be gaining in popularity in Australia too the way things are going.
    I looked over my gas bill the other day. The gas is sold by the cubic metre(m^3) and each unit costs 15c. A quick google of the heat energy in a m^3 of natural gas gave me a figure of 1 m^3 natural gas is about 10.3kWh or 37MJ. In WA we pay around 30c/kWh of electricity (domestic flat rate). If my reckoning is correct the energy content of a dollar spent on gas is around 20 times that of a dollar spent on electricity. So even allowing for electric heat pumps being able to pump around 3x the heat of the expended energy, gas still comes out miles ahead, especially for those under economic stress.( I note my instantaneous gas water heater has a thermal capacity of 34kW)
    Have I made an error here somewhere?

  6. another ian says:

    Some history on the hurricane lamp

    And note that the third world puts about as much kero through them as the US does jet fuel.

    No doubt “fossil fuel free” will be a hit.

    Explains why you can still buy a new Tilley light

  7. Perplexed of Brisbane says:

    Bemused pretty much sums it up.

    The ‘elite’ want to reduce the population. Why would they rectify issues for the 3rd world that would result in more of them surviving?

    I don’t know if AIDS is under control in Africa but why would they want to stop it? It will do the job.

    Having said that, if disease and lack of western utilities doesn’t kill them, then I suspect that Africans that can survive through ‘primitive’ hunter-gather ways would be more likely than us in the west, to survive the same way.

    So, if we were to lose our energy reliability through some scheme like renewables and the ability maintain our food supply……….

    Isn’t the Great Reset all about effectively eliminating white / western people and only leaving enough Asian people who apparently are more used to authoritarian rule to look after the elites (who happen to be white)? I suppose that the Africans will be left to their own devices or be used as cheap labour in mines etc.

  8. Bad Samaritan says:

    C’mon. Another thread telling us that Greens…..leftists in general…..are lying self-obsessed, narcissistic genocidal arsehats? Really? Why?

    A glance at any gathering of Aussie leftists will show very very few non-well-heeled pasty-faced inner-city morons. Check out any “friends of the ABC” protest to see nothing but these f’wits= they have no interest in anyone not like themselves no matter what BS they talk.

    So we know it already. As VI Lenin once asked “What is to be done?”. Any suggestions?

  9. RobertS says:

    “In Sub-Saharan Africa 43% of the population do not have access to electricity.” because 90% of the population is stupid.
    Or is one not permitted to say that these days?

  10. Chris M says:

    Or is one not permitted to say that these days?

    You can say that but much of the time it is an easy cop-out for incurious people. Some of them are quite smart but possibly poorly educated and the corruption makes it impossible for them to get ahead much. Anyone who starts to prosper even a little is stripped of it.

  11. Paul says:

    Energy poverty.
    Something that the left, the warmists and globullists are planning for us, as we continue paying subsidies to the wealthy wind farm and solar farm owners.
    Meanwhile communist China continues building hundreds of cheap energy generators based on coal

  12. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    All religions demand sarifices ,not from the preaching class ,butfrom the “lower class” it has been that way forever . Look at the number of sarifices to Hitler ,Stali,Mao ,Pol Pot etc ,etc to thesocialist dogma ,the globalist priveleed groins are no different .
    You must suffer to appease gaia ( or marx or paedo biden )

  13. Jock says:

    The Paris Agreement called on Western nations to contribute $100billion a year to help the 3rd world with renewables. Why have they all paused in giving cash?We have piled hundreds of billions into Africa since 1960. All looted or gone to waste. Most written off. Tribal societies who still believe in stealing and looting other tribes. Nothing gets built, warlords abound, Democracy is a farce. Makes you think, let china have a go at pissing money away.
    Once the money is looted , What happens? Omar thinks Oh its bad here in Sudan or (insert name of any African third world toilet country) so Ill migrate to Europe where I am going to get an education and get a great job,. Ha Ha. The reality? In any African language this actually means: we will go welfare shopping, or we will join a drug courier cartel or we will join a thuggish gang or we will undertake jihad on our kind hosts. Harsh yes, and I dont doubt there are some good people and workers, but i have struggled to see what europe gets out of the bargain?

    Any part of this I have wrong?

  14. RobK says:

    I’ve had a chance to go over my figures in my earlier comment and found the heat pump capacity is probably closer to 5 x the energy input rather than 3 as i assumed. This still means gas is pretty good for heating cost wise, especially if the temperature gradient/difference is high.

    Indeed, the exciting thing about heat pumps is that (in theory) they can deliver up to 10-15 times as much energy as they consume driving the compressor! So a leading edge (at present) residential heat pump can deliver heat at 600% efficiency, compared with a gas heater at 50% to 95% efficiency. When the electricity is produced using renewable electricity, this delivers astounding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
    The overall efficiency with which heat is transferred by a heat pump or chiller is called its Coefficient of Performance (COP) or Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) – these terms really mean the same thing. This is simply the ratio of useful heating or cooling provided divided by the input power. An air conditioner with a COP of 5 delivers five times as much heating or cooling as the amount of electricity it uses.

    For a given heat pump, the bigger the temperature difference between its evaporator and condenser, the less efficient it can be, due to the fundamentals of thermodynamics. Conversely, by minimising the temperature differential, efficiency can be improved. By improving the efficiency of heat transfer across the condenser and evaporator heat exchangers, overall efficiency can also be improved. 

  15. RobK says:

    I suspect the CCP will handle the situation similarly to the way colonial powers tended to their investments.

  16. Muddy says:

    Energy Feudalism is coming.

  17. Bad Samaritan says:

    C’mon man. The average IQ of a sub-Saharan African is about 70, with plenty of it below 65, which = morons and imbeciles in the main.

    What does anyone really expect from this cohort?

    BTW: Western leftists know this, and just like shonky tradesmen, or shonky financial advisors when confronted by imbeciles and morons, leftists will exploit them. It’s what leftists do!

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