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New emission reduction proposals: you can help!

By applying here, you can help the government further undermine the AUSTRALIAN economy by pointing to additional ways to prejudice low-cost energy. Some $7 billion a year, even without the transmission lines that defer the renewables-inspired system collapse, is bringing … Continue reading

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Riding to ruin on the back of CO2 abatement

The cost of Australia going to net neutral CO2, based on $160 per tonne of CO2, translates into $80 billion or $3000 per year per Australian.  Already we are spending at least $7 billion annually in subsidies to wind and … Continue reading

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Forget the virus: we should be panicked by Productivity Lost

Treasury’s Intergenerational Report published on Monday makes the astonishing claim that with a bit of tender care we can return to the growth rates of yesteryear.   Its central assumptions are that productivity growth, having fallen to 0.5 per cent, … Continue reading

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Renewable energy: high cost and political instability

I have a piece in the Spectator (Why don’t we hear about the $40,000 per household cost of decarbonisation?). Drawing off an IMF study of net zero for Ireland, it points out the massive costs Australia is incurring for inherently … Continue reading

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The western world’s wealth-busting corporatist conspiracy against hydrocarbons

I have a piece in the Spectator this morning addressing how the world elites have conspired together ostensibly to combat a harmless gas (CO2), no conceivable accumulations of which could have more than a negligible affect on climate.  Politicians, national … Continue reading

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Remove the yoke imposed by the woke on energy investment

We have G7 Finance Ministers, regulatory authorities, woke businesses and their industry associations and governments themselves all trying to choke-off funding for hydrocarbons. We also have government institutions like CSIRO fabricating cost data to prove that renewables are cheaper (though … Continue reading

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Transmission lines: the latest subsidy for wind/solar

Here’s the spin given to journalist Perry Williams at the Australian: Transgrid NSW/SA (called EnergyConnect) is a “critical link for NSW when old coal plants in the state retire by allowing cheap renewables to be imported from South Australia, avoiding … Continue reading

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The budget sugar hit will only exacerbate our economic malaise

I have a piece in the Australian this morning (reproduced here) Its main theme is the destruction of economic vitality by government spending and deficits, with the recent budget epitomising this thereby adding to the suspicion of democracy as the … Continue reading

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Is the latest word on the flood of money the last word?

US inflation, having jumped by 4.2 per cent, is causing some consternation (as well as a pushback understating of it from the Biden apologists). But those of us raised on the Fisher identity MV = PT (where M is the quantity of … Continue reading

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The Government’s desperate measures to shore up an electricity system that it says is hunky dory

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has welcomed and claimed credit for wholesale electricity prices halving during the current year.  Unsaid is that the final price has not shifted much – and that’s because all the subsidy-reliant wind and solar create other … Continue reading

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