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New US protectionism confirmed

America sinks further into protectionism, imposing costs on taxpayers and foreigners. President Biden is set to sign an order that will revise the definition of American-made products as he seeks to boost government procurement of U.S. goods. Inability to understand … Continue reading

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It’s official “the politics of carbon is ended”!

In an article in the Spectator on Friday last week, I suggested that the Biden Administration was going to take drastic action and work with the EU to impose trade restraints on nations that they deem to be inadequately toeing … Continue reading

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Australia will share the adverse economic fallout from Biden’s energy policies

I have just had a piece published in the Spectator on the disaster that is the Biden energy policy and the contagion it will pass onto Australia where the politicians, if they are not part of the problem, are already … Continue reading

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Trump’s loss: the treason of the intellectuals

The following is a condensed version of a piece in the Spectator, where I explore causes and consequences of the Democrats seizure of power in the US. One of the truly remarkable developments over the past half-century is the reversal and the … Continue reading

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The on-going policy-induced collapse of the formerly efficient Australian electricity

I have a piece in this morning’s Spectator, which comments upon the energy bureaucrats’ lamenting about the disaster of the nation’s energy policy, a disaster that they have done so much to create. Energy bureaucrats have supported politicians in subsidising … Continue reading

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Doug Anthony – my role in his upfall

Doug Anthony, who died this week, was my boss for 6 month three decades ago.  He was among the most amiable of politicians.  I have a short piece in Quadrant about him. Though certainly no supporter of laissez faire, Anthony … Continue reading

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MPs hide while State Governments complete the electricity supply industry’s demolition

I have a piece in the Spectator noting how State governments have now taken control of electricity policy from the Commonwealth. All states currently have similar policies. They are signing purchasing agreements with renewable suppliers and requiring customers to fund … Continue reading

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Adding to our climate change woes, Garnauteconomics is back

Now that they have assured themselves of a Biden victory, the forces profiting from Australian deindustrialisation – the woke and subsidy seekers – are rampant.  The AFR has long benefitted from its renewable energy clients.  Today it featured Garnauteconomics in … Continue reading

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Renewable energy subsidies have poisoned Australia’s electricity supply system

I have an article and in this morning’s Australian which addresses the destruction of the once low-cost reliable electricity supply industry, a distruction that has been caused by subsidies to wind and solar. The article draws from the “Climate and … Continue reading

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Australia’s bitter choices if there is a Biden Presidency

In a piece in the  Spectator Flat White, I address the unpalatable choices Australia faces if Biden is, indeed, President-elect. Biden’s “Climate 21 policies” focus on net zero emissions and, supported by a two trillion-dollar spending program, drive all his … Continue reading

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