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Government tumescency expands another notch

Welcome to the world where facts count for little. Two plastered staffers enter Parliament House, have sex – one says non-consensually – in the Minister of Defence’s office; the security staff freeze, and instead of them both being summarily sacked, … Continue reading

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Let us give thanks to politicians for correcting our failings

Discovering and exterminating the hidden code in words is yet another reason why we lesser people need the wisdom and perspicuity of those we elect to Parliament.  Politicians’ extraordinary intellects see the Big Picture and are able to garnish our … Continue reading

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Australia facing US senescence and a buoyant, aggressive China

While the US is spending $4 trillion in subsidies and measures that are intended to cripple low cost non wind/solar energy, China, the western democracies’ adversary is doing nothing of the sort. (A piece in the Oz distorted by the … Continue reading

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Saving the Portland smelter: one problem solved, others created

With its rescue package of a low-cost electricity supply for Victoria’s Portland aluminium smelter, the Commonwealth and Victorian governments have reprieved the smelter from a hangman’s scaffold that they themselves built. The Portland aluminium smelter, along with Tomago (NSW), Boyne … Continue reading

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Diplomatic bullying of Australia by EU/US climate crisis devotees

I have a piece in the Spectator about the EU Ambassador in Canberra, Michael Pulch, threatening Australian exporters’ market access unless we increase our penalties on coal. Rather than raging against this truly outrageous threat, the newly minted head of … Continue reading

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The Cormann factor

The OECD in times gone by was the spearhead of economic reform promoting smaller government, free trade, dismantling of industry support (with agriculture always an exception given the protectionism of Europe and Japan). In more recent times it has focussed … Continue reading

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Further progress in Australia’s suicidal energy policies!

The announced closure seven years from now of EnergyAustralia’s Victoria’s Yallourn power station is an inevitable outcome of the subsidies that governments provide to wind and solar. Yallourn supplies one fifth of Victoria’s electricity and about 8 per cent of … Continue reading

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More subsidies to green energy bringing more economic distress

I have a piece in the Spectator addressing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), just one government institution in the energy space that is poisoning the market with selective support to otherwise non-viable investments. The CEFC last week loaned $160 … Continue reading

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More on the Texas chainsaw energy massacre

Rolling blackouts are being seen in Texas where wind/solar normally account for 23 per cent of electricity.  I have a piece in The Spectator addressing this. Texas saw 98 per cent of its wind/solar capacity closed down by the freezing conditions.  Texas, … Continue reading

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Attacks on low cost, reliable energy intensify but Jennie George speaks out

In the Australian Commentary Section today, I form part of a unity ticket with ex ACTU chieftain and ALP MP Jennie George! I have a piece that seeks to explain why most of gthe ALP and the Liberal wets, fronted … Continue reading

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