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The energy industry’s virtue signallers and pragmatists

I have a piece in The Spectator addressing the zero emissions by 2050 vogue, which most energy companies, their industry associations and controlling government agencies have climbed aboard.  But two of the 24 members of the Australian Energy Council (AEC) … Continue reading

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Albanese’s phony apostasy on climate change

I have an article in yesterday’s Spectator that addresses the alleged change in policy by the ALP, which claims it is seeking a raprochement with the Coalition over climate change and energy. The screaming warmistas at the Guardian, ABC, Fairfax … Continue reading

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Is western society destroying the values that created it?

The aggressive self-righteousness of white anarchists and black activists has given license to steal and violently attack whites and Asians, the catalyst being the killing by police of a black man in Minneapolis and another in Atlanta, both of whom … Continue reading

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Little growth inducing reform expected from COVID policies

I have a piece in the Australian this morning counselling the government not to inject any more demand side stimuluses to combat the downturn (and to remove those in place asap).  Probably the advice is in vain given the Keynsian/monetarists … Continue reading

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COVID agitprop for renewables does not convince all governments

I have this piece in Quadrant which addresses the misinformation about different energy sources from yet another taxpayer financed international body, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).  IRENA invents data suggesting that renewables are cheaper and the world could save … Continue reading

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Is a COVID based slump causing an energy policy re-think?

I have a piece in the Spectator this morning that builds upon the challenging commentaries by Senator Canavan and Craig Kelly calling for termination of subsidies to renewables and leaving the Paris Agreement under which Australia agreed to reduce its … Continue reading

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Energy policy disaster continues; more intervention, less market

There is a host of material addressing energy policy today. The Commonwealth keeps pressing policy issues that, on the one hand, dilute the spending egregiously allocated to renewables but then divert it to the failed carbon capture and storage (CSS) … Continue reading

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Renewable energy’s destruction of the electricity supply system. Has the penny dropped?

Remarkably, in this clip the Energy Minister joins the market manager in recognising the perverse effect roof-top renewable energy installations have on the electricity supply system.  Those installations impose costs far greater than the value they tap in “free” sunlight.  … Continue reading

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Today’s business leaders only virtue signal with public policy advice

I published this piece in the Spectator on the deterioration of business advice in Australia, partly due to business leaders feeling a need to virtue signal in order to protect their firms’ share values. Today the AFR’s one great journalist, Joe … Continue reading

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The COVID lockdown and spendathon – was it worth it and what is to be done?

I have a piece in Quadrant where I estimate the person-years lives saved in Australia at 80,000. Each person-year is worth, on the government’s data, $219,000, hence saving is quantified at $17 billion. The cost in outlays and lost production … Continue reading

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