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Biden’s handlers track away from lunacy in energy policy

Joe Biden’s new claim to be in favour of law and order is not the only area where the Democrats are tracking away from the radical left.  Among the crazy policies that the Democrats have been promoting (with disastrous consequences … Continue reading

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From the (UK) Daily Telegraph’s Allison Pearson

Changes are afoot at the Last Night of the Proms. Not only is this classical-music institution, founded in 1895, guilty of being hideously historic it has also been accused of encouraging people to celebrate being British. (Like there’s anything to … Continue reading

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Californian electricity collapse shows where Australia is heading

I have an article on The Spectator flat white that addresses the calamitous energy situation we have created in Australia.  The piece was triggered by an article in the AFR by Audrey Zibelman, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), defending … Continue reading

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Stimulating demand won’t assist a V-shape recovery

Total economic ignoramuses, epitomised by Dan Andrews, see the economy as automatically producing no matter what measures the government takes to prevent this. Such views are unmoored from reality but, such outriders aside, within the plurality of views on how … Continue reading

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The Business Council maintains its crusade for higher electricity prices

In The Australian today, we have a puff piece by JENNIFER WESTACOTT (head of the Business Council) and  ALISON WATKINS (head of Coca Cola Amatil).  It is headlined “The window of change is open: now is the time for pro-business economic … Continue reading

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Climate zealots using lawsuits to prevent their fictions being exposed

An interesting legal case on the capabilities of electricity grids to accommodate renewable energy has been underway in the US.  In a 2015 PNAS article, Stanford (Woods Institute) based Jacobson et al claimed that with appropriate care electricity grids could … Continue reading

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NZ’s aluminium smelter closure and the Damocletian Sword over Australian industry

In pieces in The Spectator and Quadrant, I address the imp;lications for Ausralia of the closure, as a result of high electricity costs, of New Zealand’s only aluminium smelter. Australia has loaded over $15 billion a year of costs onto … Continue reading

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The energy industry’s virtue signallers and pragmatists

I have a piece in The Spectator addressing the zero emissions by 2050 vogue, which most energy companies, their industry associations and controlling government agencies have climbed aboard.  But two of the 24 members of the Australian Energy Council (AEC) … Continue reading

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Albanese’s phony apostasy on climate change

I have an article in yesterday’s Spectator that addresses the alleged change in policy by the ALP, which claims it is seeking a raprochement with the Coalition over climate change and energy. The screaming warmistas at the Guardian, ABC, Fairfax … Continue reading

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Is western society destroying the values that created it?

The aggressive self-righteousness of white anarchists and black activists has given license to steal and violently attack whites and Asians, the catalyst being the killing by police of a black man in Minneapolis and another in Atlanta, both of whom … Continue reading

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