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Belt and Road branch office criticises foreign overlordship

Labor calls the sacking of Whitlam a ‘blight’ on Australia’s national character.

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Cops swarm to “patrol social distancing” at doughnut giveaway

Uh-huh. Coronavirus fears as Krispy Kreme offer attracts large number of people across NSW.. The Krispy Kreme chain ran a giveaway offering a dozen doughnuts free to anyone who had a birthday between mid-March and mid-July, to celebrate the company’s … Continue reading

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Escape From Flu Talk

Working on a screenplay where Scott Morrison’s private jet crashlands somewhere in Victoria and I am sent in to land a glider on the top of Federation Square and extract him by any means necessary. With the help of a … Continue reading

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Republican’s missus issues queenly decree

With the COVID situation worsening, it seems too many of us just can’t be trusted when it comes to social distancing. Surely it’s time for the government to just call it: we are all advised to wear masks in public…if … Continue reading

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Jessica Whitaker

Don’t expect Four Corners to tell her story. For the left, this killing was – more or less – justifiable homicide: Young mother, 24, shot dead after saying “all lives matter” during argument with BLM supporters. Why saying “all lives … Continue reading

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Well may we say ‘God save the Queen …’

 …because Hocking will save the Governor-General                                                                           BACK in May, Whitlam biographer Professor Jenny Hocking was thrilled by the High Court’s decision to allow the National Archives to release the so-called “Palace Letters” between Governor-General Sir John Kerr and the Queen. … Continue reading

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Hadley’s heroes

VIRUS-spooked booth bore Ray Hadley was this morning cock-a-hoop on a vindication high as he announced the death of American Richard Rose, 37, of COVID-19. The Port Clinton, Ohio, man had been documenting on social media both his disdain for … Continue reading

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Colonel Graham Goodwin is the man in charge of Yowie Patrol on the South Australia-Victoria border: This is probably a little bit different to what they thought they’d be joining up for, but it is just as important right here, … Continue reading

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Red dots of doom

We’re living through the greatest mass hysteria in modern history and there are no men of reason to end it. "What is remarkable about coronavirus is that if we are infected our chances of dying seems to mirror our chance … Continue reading

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Just like old times for Democrat torchbearers

• Mission founded by St. Junípero Serra burns in overnight fire. • Florida man lights Catholic Church on fire with parishioners inside.   THE fire at the 250 year-old mission in San Gabriel – founded by Serra – comes after … Continue reading

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