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Washington Post cancels one of its own

Jon Stewart’s rant is a reminder: Don’t rely on celebrities for covid-19 theories.

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Patronising leftists roll out the watermelons

London university to allow students suffering racial trauma to apply for extensions. George Floyd statue unveiled outside City Hall in Newark — Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) June 17, 2021 New Jersey landlords prohibited from asking potential tenants about criminal … Continue reading

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Pulp Non-Fiction

Watching the last Resident Evil film. It’s basically a documentary at this point.” – Friday night at Arky’s

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Theory firming: Washington Post calls it “wild, baseless”

Tucker Carlson’s wild, baseless theory blaming the FBI for organizing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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“Come With Us On a Journey”

THE Australian is very angry with Australians. Crisis-infatuated from the get-go, the newspaper’s pandemic obsession is now becoming shrill, if not sinister. Its chief national reporter Tom Dusevic today targets the vaccine “hesitant” in a lengthy piece outlining ‘expert’ opinions … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson beclowns Twitter

It looks increasingly likely that the 6 January Capitol protest was organised by the FBI.

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Night of the Steak Knives

Call now! New Medicare bulk-billed item announced for over 50s to discuss vaccine with GP.

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New Cake

Undies emporium Victoria’s Secret is dropping the babes for trans-‘women’ (men) and fatties.

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Sir Desmond Swayne blasts PM over police state, fake crisis

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The Australian – bless. The scaremongers being health officials

Don’t believe the scaremongers: you’re better off with a second AstraZeneca jab. Why is every government and bureaucratic shill in the Western world complicit in coercion – in direct contradiction to the Nuremberg Code (and all requisite treaties and subsequent … Continue reading

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