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When all else fails, find a “death threat”

I’M not worried about the so-called “death threats” which Queensland’s governing class – the chummy, COVID-hysterical, them-against-us Karenclatura of police, medical “officials,” journalists and Annastacia Palaszczuk – has suddenly invented to silence criticism of unctuous virus czar Jeanette Young. We’ve … Continue reading

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The Only Honourable Course

YES, be more like this guy. The now former Victorian Treasury economist Sanjeev Sabhlok certainly is. His apologia in today’s AFR is sufficiently important to warrant being posted here in full in the public interest. To those who would argue … Continue reading

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Lawyers Working To Balance The Justice System

WHEN all other excuses fail, Democrat street terrorists brandish their brownness. It is impossible to respect an alleged renegade whose violence only proceeds on the understanding that he or she will be treated like a naive piccaninny when caught. They … Continue reading

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“Police threaten Melbourne residents”… news at 11

THE ABC’s abridged main page teaser version of this report raised both of my eyebrows: “Victoria Police say a new offence will be created…” Since when do police “create” new “offences”? Well, since Cuomo-on-the-Yarra Daniel Andrews began using the nation’s … Continue reading

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“Monty makes a very intelligent point” — KilldozerSZN (@KilldozerSZN) August 4, 2020

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Everyone Just Needs To Have A Cold Shower

THE utter contempt for the public from the governing class – and not since colonial times have they constituted such a distinct, lavishly enriched class – is something only electoral destruction can possibly correct. The more likely outcome in Queensland, … Continue reading

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The moment a man realises his wife needs institutional care

 Yes, dear                                                                                                                                              It’s actually funnier watching with the sound off… — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) September 5, 2020

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World Notices The Culture of Death Dan (via Gab)

Assisted suicide and euthanasia more than 10 times higher than predicted in Australian state.

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Should Aborigines be banned from writing violin concertos?

It’s no more ridiculous than a Federal government ban on non-Aborigines working in Aboriginal styles.

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No Mo

CHARLIE Hebdo has republished the Mohammed cartoons to mark the beginning of a trial of 14 accomplices to the 2015 attack that left 12 of the French satirical magazine’s staff dead. In its report on the move, the ABC relies … Continue reading

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