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People of Collar

These are the Black Lives Matter terrorists arrested for rioting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota:

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Second Bite

APPLE turned its re-built store in Portland into a George Floyd shrine as much as a telephone and computer outlet. The company hoped genuflecting to the Black Lives Matter pseudo-cause would protect the shop from being destroyed by Democrat terrorists … Continue reading

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Pay up

Men Demand Reparations From Women Due To Eve Eating The Apple — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) April 16, 2021

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Bert Biden

Biden calls Masters champ Hideki Matsuyama ‘Japanese boy’ in odd compliment.

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Thank you, Catherine McGregor

This fusillade is superb. Read it all. Keep your tears to yourself, Mr Morrison. Defend our men.

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Losing control of a carefully crafted panic

Lockdowns were “worth it” if they saved “even one” life. Remember? Does it follow that even one death means junk vaccines are not worth it? Shut up, Professor Kelly explains: Chief Medical Officer urges people not to jump to conclusions … Continue reading

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                 Afghanistan exit: ‘This is a terrible decision — it will be a disaster’. Afghan Association of Australia chairman Abdul Khaliq Fazal said the decision would lead to civil war, meaning the sacrifice of Australian troops could be wasted… Why would … Continue reading

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Victoria Police: not only corrupt but lazy and incompetent

Just ask Dr Prasannan Ponganamparambile.

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Tele subs depth-charged over she-cheeks to the wind

Murdoch’s dinosaur editors importing the worst of British tabloid sexism in the Telegraph. No matter what you think of the Navy’s decision to book a hip-hop troupe, it’s not their fault. These women don’t deserve to be made the object of … Continue reading

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Andrew Peacock, 1939-2021

How strange that I should have mentioned him in a post yesterday. I always liked him.

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