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                 Afghanistan exit: ‘This is a terrible decision — it will be a disaster’. Afghan Association of Australia chairman Abdul Khaliq Fazal said the decision would lead to civil war, meaning the sacrifice of Australian troops could be wasted… Why would … Continue reading

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Victoria Police: not only corrupt but lazy and incompetent

Just ask Dr Prasannan Ponganamparambile.

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Tele subs depth-charged over she-cheeks to the wind

Murdoch’s dinosaur editors importing the worst of British tabloid sexism in the Telegraph. No matter what you think of the Navy’s decision to book a hip-hop troupe, it’s not their fault. These women don’t deserve to be made the object of … Continue reading

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Andrew Peacock, 1939-2021

How strange that I should have mentioned him in a post yesterday. I always liked him.

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The Staggering Return of Mickey Finn

LAST month – without any evidence – the ABC presented the misadventures of Katie and Kylie as proof-positive of a drink-spiking epidemic. The revival of this zombie urban myth isn’t surprising given the misandrist hysteria being theatrically stoked on a … Continue reading

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Daunte’s Inferno

The BBC: Daunte Wright: ‘One of those kids everybody looked up to’. Women also looked up to good old Daunte – especially this woman: ‘Victim was able to get loose from defendant Wright and started to kneel down and scream.’ … Continue reading

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Tanks But No Tanks

In the right, Christine Holgate pulls the wrong rein WERE the posh gifts for hugely well-paid Australia Post staff more trivial than Andrew Peacock’s Sheridan sheets or Mick Young’s Paddington Bear or Barry O’Farrell’s bottle of plonk? Bullied for being … Continue reading

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It was the Christians

An ABC investigation relating to Victoria’s COVID catastrophe has put the blame where it belongs.

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Science versus emotion

Seven Peer-Reviewed Studies That Agree: Lockdowns Do Not Suppress the Coronavirus. The idea that locking down and keeping people apart will stop a virus spreading may be seductively intuitive. But intuitive ideas can be wrong. The job of science is … Continue reading

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Bring a ute: “And they are really going to come for me now”

CHANNEL Nine has tried to pull off one of those in-house builder’s bog PR patch-ups for Weakest Link host Magda Szubanski following her lightly criticised attack on Jenny Morrison. Instead, she went even more berserk. She now claims Mrs Morrison … Continue reading

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