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Bill Muehlenberg – Vaccine Passports, Big Brother, and Second-Class Citizens

Why is it that Hollywood can sometimes get things right while our political class does not? Specifically, it seems that some movie makers may be far more prescient and perceptive when it comes to possible dangers that lie ahead than … Continue reading

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Muddy – Primal

The original human intra-species violence was between females competing for resources. The prime resource was a strong male who could not only provide food, but also physical protection. For a female without such a resource, one means of gaining the … Continue reading

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Speedbox: Covid roulette – Australia lost

In the world of covid roulette, there are three broad choices in dealing with the disease. The first choice is the ‘do nothing’ and let the disease roll through your population.  Kind of like the Swedish model which is a … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter: Convince me it’s different here

John ‘Grumpy Economist’ Cochrane – ex Chicago, now at Hoover (see the link in the sidebar) – has had a series of good posts on the policies of the new administration the US, which are seeing the rapid roll-out of … Continue reading

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PBW: The urgent need for quotas

I was always opposed to the idea of quotas for women in Parliament. I operated under the delusion, not so much that selection on merit was a better idea, but that selection on merit could actually occur. Given the selection … Continue reading

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Re-defeat Communism: The ATA is hiring

With the exponential growth of the The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and how critical it is that Australia gets its policy settings right in the post-pandemic era, we are now looking for a talented, driven, detail oriented and experienced individual to … Continue reading

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Reopen Mt Warning

Some locals around Mt Warning in northern NSW have put together this E-petition to NSW Parliament to try and save the wonderful summit walk from being banned by the state National Parks Bureaucracy. Any support from free thinking bushwalking or couch … Continue reading

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Muddy: Para-Predator

That’s it. I’ve held off completing the writing of this post because there have been enough people commenting, but it needs to be done. The clichéd ‘something inside me has snapped’ is applicable. What follows is incomplete and possibly vague, … Continue reading

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Muddy: Disturbing the Daisies – the Catictionary Rises.

Is it time to exhume the Catictionary? It depresses me to perform the role of pessimist, however I feel we are losing the language conflict of attrition. In the U.S, the words riot and insurrection have been redefined. Illegal immigrants … Continue reading

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The Beer Whisperer: The Fundamental Difference Between Left and Right …

… and Why It’s Largely Irrelevant Apologies if this comes across as explaining the obvious, however for every person that already understands this, there are perhaps many who don’t. I feel as though I’m sounding like I’m explaining this to … Continue reading

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