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Muddy: Disturbing the Daisies – the Catictionary Rises.

Is it time to exhume the Catictionary? It depresses me to perform the role of pessimist, however I feel we are losing the language conflict of attrition. In the U.S, the words riot and insurrection have been redefined. Illegal immigrants … Continue reading

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The Beer Whisperer: The Fundamental Difference Between Left and Right …

… and Why It’s Largely Irrelevant Apologies if this comes across as explaining the obvious, however for every person that already understands this, there are perhaps many who don’t. I feel as though I’m sounding like I’m explaining this to … Continue reading

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Arky: The twelve things that comprise the Shit Vortex

1. Education as indoctrination. A large chunk of the population, given an alternative would take their children out of a system where an indoctrination in Marxist ideology has replaced useful content. Unfortunately the state has an iron grip on education, … Continue reading

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PBW on being young and free

In 1942, the Special Services Division, Services of Supply, United States Army, published a booklet called Instructions for American Servicemen in Australia. The first section includes this: The Australians have much in common with us – they’re a pioneer people; … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on the stresses of COVID

I am often asked, “what can the government do to solve x problem?” My stock answer is, get out of the way. It’s not always right, but it’s often a good start. So John ‘Grump Economist’ Cochrane concludes in a … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on Vaccine Distribution

Cats who think about how Covid is being, and should be, controlled should consider the essay by John Cochrane and blog-post by Arnold Kling.  No vaccine has yet been approved here and the costs of non-pharmaceutical control, however high, are … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on Tradition

When the world has undergone radical change, the like of which few of us could have imagined even 9 months ago, many will turn to tradition to remind them of enduring values.  For some, the church and the liturgical seasons … Continue reading

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WX: Deep Freeze

Conservatism is stuck in an amygdalic freeze. We have not run, but – with only a few exceptions – neither have we fought. We have struck a pose and the wind has changed. Part of why I believe Conservatism is … Continue reading

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pbw on Deadlock

Edsgar Dijkstra became a programmer in 1951. He is one of the early giants in a field that saw an unprecedented explosion of intellectual activity. When multi-processing came to computing, the phenomenon of deadlock began to make a pest of … Continue reading

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Anonymous Cat: Problems on the Brereton Inquiry front

Post-script Preamble I wrote the opinion piece below a month before the release of the Brereton Report.  The language is harsh and unforgiving, but offers the best expression of my values I could muster.  In the aftermath of last week’s … Continue reading

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