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Bill Muehlenberg – Health Fascism is Spiralling Out of Control

It is quite evident by now that the daily drip-feed of panic porn dished up by our hysterical Premiers and ‘health officers’ has one vital purpose: to keep the masses in such fear that the State can easily expand its … Continue reading

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Bill Muehlenberg – Say ‘No’ to health fascism

NSW used to be the one Australian state not following along with all the other fiefdoms with their lunatic overreactions to the Rona. Now it seems to be seeking to be top dog in the race, with destructive lockdowns, fear-mongering … Continue reading

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Muddy – Game on?

Wargaming is a practical tool, used – in a professional (military), not hobby, sense – to theorise an opponent’s future behaviour. Knowing ahead of time what range of actions and reactions an opponent is capable of, allows a party more … Continue reading

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Bill Muehlenberg – Dictator for Life

If you know your Latin, and know your history, you would be familiar with the phrase dictator in perpetuum, or dictator perpetuo. It was used by Julius Caesar as he sought permanent powers of control. If you imagined that way … Continue reading

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PBW – Breaking News: Stairs sue Dan Andrews for defamation

A set of stairs today filed a defamation suit against Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, lawyers representing the as-yet unnamed stairs announced today. “Dan Andrews called our client ‘slippery’,” a spokes-entity for the stairs’ lawyers said. “‘Slippery’ is an entity slur … Continue reading

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Pyrmontier – Refreshing

Between the often Keynesian ramblings of senior RBA staff and the apparent unwillingness of Treasury to object (at least publicly) to further growth in government expenditure, it is good to read something that might have been regarded as unremarkable, even … Continue reading

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Muddy – Beer Wench

I hope that former U.S. President Donald Trump does not choose to stand for election again. I hope this because I believe that conservatism possesses an unhealthy dependence upon messiah-like figures. This dependence allows an abrogation of personal and subcultural … Continue reading

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m0nty – AFL must address historical child abuse

Reigning Gold Quill Award winner Russell Jackson has spent much of 2021 researching and reporting on historical child abuse at VFL clubs in the 1970s. He started with a story on Rod Owens which included a passage on his abuse, … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien – Building Back Better

Not back two months from her worldwide fact-finding tour, Pixie Stalin, newly elected leader of the Australian Greens, now found herself jetting to China in the company of Barry Balfour.  Barry was the Project Manager, employed by Ventergen, to implement … Continue reading

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Ultimate Rogue Trooper bundle

Nu-Earth – a poisoned planet ravaged by war. Across the battle-scarred landscape stalks a solitary figure, the last of his kind, the disembodied digital personalities of his dead comrades his only company. He is the Rogue Trooper! The Ultimate Rogue Trooper … Continue reading

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