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COVID 19: Views from across the Asia Pacific region

The Institute of Economic Affairs will be hosting a webinar: COVID 19: Views from Across the Asia Pacific region When: Tuesday 23rd June at 12:30 BST. This is 9:30 pm in Australia. Leading think tank heads and academics from the … Continue reading

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Peter O’Brien: Cancel Culture

It seems ‘their’ ABC is going to audit its catalogue of titles to remove any of those that are ‘problematical’ in terms of perpetuating or glorifying offensive history. Yesterday I was listening to a concert on ABC Classic FM celebrating … Continue reading

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Bill Muehlenberg: The Riots That Finished Off Covid

I guess this is my last piece on the coronavirus. Why is that? Because our enlightened leaders think it is over. Have they said that? Well not quite, but actions speak far louder than words, and with one leader after … Continue reading

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Boris G: Were lockdowns justified? What’s the reference?

Initially, when people witnessed exponential rise in death toll, public opposition to lockdowns was extremely limited. But as the threat appears to have passed in most western countries, the patience runs out, and economic impact becomes apparent, views questioning and … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup: Excuse me while I vomit.

I have been trying to turn off from the drivel that our “leaders” spout about “the virus” and how smart they have been in “beating it”. The smoke is clearing a bit now to reveal the magnitude of the economic … Continue reading

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Pyrmonter on the media

Rarely does a journalist’s writing so neatly capture the unqualified yet breathtaking self-regard of the Canberra press gallery as does this Thinkpiece from Andrew Probyn, himself far from the worst of the courtiers in Versailles-on-the-Molonglo.  How these gossip-mongers became first … Continue reading

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William York: The Man for Snowy Hydro

The Man for Snowy Hydro A celebration of a now legendary Prime Minister William York 2017  With thanks to A B Paterson There was movement in the stations for the word had got around That Turn-bull from ACT was on … Continue reading

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Tom Switzer: From Pandemic to Prosperity

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JC: Synonyms for hypocrisy.

bigot,  charlatan,  crook,  impostor,  phony,  trickster,  bluffer,  cheat,  deceiver,  dissembler.  fake,  faker,  fraud, malingerer,  masquerader,  mountebank,  pharisee, playactor,  poser, pretender, swindler, con artist , and now … Norway. The Australian reported that Norway’s sovereign wealth fund was divesting of Australian companies that either produced coal or used coal to produce energy. The world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund has ousted AGL Energy from … Continue reading

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William York: The eve of extinction Take 3

Words and music by P F Sloan recorded by Barry McGuire in 1965  Additional lyrics for an anthem for the Extinction Rebellion by William York   The atmosphere is not for turnin’ Temperatures rise and people are burnin’ too much … Continue reading

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