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Shut.It.Down – this time, the United Nations

This is the most recent drivel from that socialist heading up the United Nations, Antonio Guetteres. The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating what we all know: millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture which damages … Continue reading

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NHS fantastic apart from keeping people alive

Don’t you just love it.  (Thanks Jim Rose)

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Beware the ‘experts’

Some Cats will have come across this piece by William Anderson. It’s well worth reading. While initially there was a case for seeking expert opinion at the earliest stage of the emergence of COVID-19 cases, because it was an instance … Continue reading

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Who is the real zombie?

I’m sure most Cats think that Paul Krugman lost all credibility some years ago – recall his prediction that the stock market would tank and the US economy would go into a never-ending recession under President Trump? But this piece … Continue reading

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Dope of the Week

When it comes to public health matters, it would seem that very few members of the federal or state governments have a clue.  The same could be said of the bureaucrats, including the weird Chief Medical Officers who really have … Continue reading

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Shut it down … this time, the CSIRO

Just how bad has the CSIRO become?  Once upon a time, it was involved in producing high quality applied research.  Those days are truly gone.  Just check out the Australian National Outlook 2019 document if you are in doubt. But … Continue reading

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Dear old Dick

Here’s the thing, Dick: if you want to make a point, it’s worth doing some homework. Now good luck to Dick for his $500,000 tax refund.  He no doubt has one of the few very large legacy superannuation funds, with … Continue reading

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Jimbo gets off to a flying start

Labor’s new Treasury spokesman – what happened to Shadow Treasurer, I say – gets off to a flying start with this proposition in today’s The Australian: Ours will be a positive vision, as we go about reclaiming Labor’s rightful place … Continue reading

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Do as I say, not as I do

I guess lots of Cats are enjoying the revelations about rich people using bribes, fraud, etc. to get their children into top US colleges. But here’s one of the parts of the story that I particularly love: some of these … Continue reading

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Just in case you are in any doubt

By rights, the Coalition should have abolished the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, a sinister, cost-imposing busy-body agency established by the Gillard government. But, no, it was way too gutless.  Now the Coalition is throwing even more resources at the WGEA.  … Continue reading

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