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David Hart on the 19th century French battle against socialism

If you’re in Sydney early next week, mark this event in your calendar for Tuesday evening 8 July at the CIS office in St. Leonards: The 1840s Battle against Socialism by les Économistes TUESDAY 8 JULY 6:00PM – 7:30PM The … Continue reading

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Liberalism unrelinquished, an Australian perspective

  Today (16 June) marks the first observance of ‘Liberalism Day,’ an occasion in which people are encouraged to discuss the true meaning of the age?old word ‘liberalism.’ So, happy Liberalism Day, everyone! For those on Twitter, the hashtag to … Continue reading

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Me against the world… or the revenue lobby, at least

Due to popular demand, I post a transcript of my recent ABC Drum piece about the fiscal constitutionality underpinning the GST design framework. To my mind, one of the more astounding aspects of the effective prohibition against free-wheeling GST rate and base … Continue reading

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Joseph Benedict Hockey, meet Edward William Foxall

Undertaking an analysis of the history of Australian monetary systems, I have been dutifully combing through original nineteenth-century literature examining the nuances of the free banking regime which once existed here. (For the record, I am a supporter of free-banking … Continue reading

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Do markets commodify children?

Attempting to shield children from the profit?seeking entities within the marketplace is both a futile and counterproductive cause. Of the many evils attributed to human action within markets is that the interest of suppliers to reap profits from their ventures … Continue reading

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Changing the regulatory culture

A pro?regulation culture explains why almost everyone agrees red tape is a problem, but so little is practically done to reduce these burdens. Can you guess who made the following statement? Individual enterprise must drive us forward. That does not … Continue reading

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Taxing our way to impoverishment

In yesterday’s edition of The Australian newspaper the chairman of business consultancy IBISWorld, Phil Ruthven, argued that governments should raise the tax burden imposed on Australians. Key messages from the piece are as follows: It may come as a surprise … Continue reading

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The Road to Serfdom, 70 years on

On 10 March 1944 Friedrich Hayek?s famed book, The Road to Serfdom, was published in England by Routledge Press, with an initial print run of 2,000 copies in a period of wartime paper rationing. In July of that year, Dymock?s … Continue reading

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DSP reform: right move, right time

It is reasonable, in fact imperative, for a prudent and responsible government to reform the disability pension, given Australia?s growing and ageing population. In the institutionalised arena of conflict that is modern politics, calls for reform of existing fiscal arrangements are invariably … Continue reading

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Gittins wants to get off…

… and forcibly take the rest of us with him. An opinion piece which caught my eye this week was written by long?serving economics correspondent at The Sydney Morning Herald, and equally long?serving proponent of socialistic ideas, Ross Gittins. The piece, … Continue reading

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