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It’s a Second Wave – Time to Panic!

Ok so there has been a rise in new cases in Victoria over the past week that on pure numbers in any other jurisdiction in the world would be considered a triumph. It is something to watch but hardly anything … Continue reading

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A voice to parliament is tantamount to mob rule

The indigenous campaign for COVID-19 has been anchored around the slogan “keep our mob safe“. Saturday’s national protests in solidarity with anarchist rioters, thugs and criminals in the US demonstrates what black mobs actually are and begs the question who … Continue reading

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Running dangerously low on political oxygen.

The Federal government is proving itself to be a pretty poor manager in a time of crisis. Last month I wrote that the government had a pandemic plan (of mostly platitudes) in search of a strategy. I wrote that its … Continue reading

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Was George Pell a Political Prisoner?

The wrongful imprisonment of George Pell was not an accident or flaw in the system. It was a product of a system tainted by soft political corruption, i.e. Victoria Police and the Victorian criminal justice system, being institutions captured by … Continue reading

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We are all in on it together: Tourism Australia still holidaying at our expense

Some time ago I wrote a post about the risibility of taxpayers funding the services of Tourism Australia given the tourism industry wasn’t willing to fund it themselves. I discussed the absurdity of their high rates of pay and lack … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Pandemic about Climate Change

What does the COVID-19 pandemic tells us about climate change? Below are my deliberately provocative musings on the subject, in no particular order, posted to engage discussion. These musings are headed: 1. Models are not infallible. 2. Experts can get … Continue reading

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Lots of recoveries raises lots of questions

I was hoping to post this observation with some graphs I produced but for some reason I cannot get it to publish. If I can I will update the post accordinly but in the meantime I hope you will work … Continue reading

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Alarmism and political ass covering is about the only thing that has gone viral in this pandemic.

The over the top lockdowns are increasingly ridiculous and difficult to justify and I suspect the only reason for the lethargic lifting of restrictions is because a swift retreat would highlight how disproportionate they were in the first place making … Continue reading

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Pelling the Cat on Regulation

Sinc had an interesting post about regulators looking for trouble and comparing it to Victoria Police pursuing Pell. I would define the problem a little differently to Sinc based on my experience consulting to a few regulatory agencies in the … Continue reading

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The Art of War and the Battle of COVID-19

Apologies in advance for such a long post but this is something I wanted to get off my chest. The government/s (i.e. National Cabinet but mostly Federal) handling of the coronavirus in my opinion has comprehensively failed to provide a … Continue reading

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