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Media makes baseless claims that election fraud complaints are baseless

The mainstream media have uniformly dismissed claims about widespread voter fraud as baseless from the moment they prematurely declared Joe Biden President-elect. The claim that there is no evidence is itself totally baseless requiring that the Trump legal team irrefutably … Continue reading

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Hotel Quarantine Procurement Reeks

In breaking news The Australian reports: “The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission hearing has heard evidence of alleged corruption with V/Line chief executive James Pinder and Metro Trains head of fleet operational support Peter Bollas allegedly receiving bribes from the cleaning … Continue reading

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Curfew Case Opens Can of Worms

Premier Andrews gave testimony to the judicial enquiry into the botched hotel quarantine inquiry to the effect that not only did he not make the decision to outsource hotel security to private contractors, but neither did he (or anyone in … Continue reading

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More Coronavirus Perspective

Each day our Premier Grim Reaper gives a death conference to confirm how many people have sadly succumbed to the coronavirus. Almost all of the deaths relate to Aged Care. According to the Royal Commission into Aged Care nearly 70% … Continue reading

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Some Perspective

Below is a table of monthly deaths registered in Victoria going back to July 2019. Source: Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria Despite the pandemic 541 more Victorians died in July 2019 than they did in July 2020. This is even … Continue reading

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If the Liberal Party is non essential so then should their parliamentary pay-cheque!

I want to pick up on a point that Currency Lad made on an earlier post, namely that we should expect and indeed demand that politicians and political parties hold each other to account over the handling of the COVID … Continue reading

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Andrews Must Face the Consequences!

You can’t make this stuff up. The Andrews Government is actually menacing employers about OHS of all things! “We’ll make sure you face the consequences” the WorkSafe television ad threatens, informing us that workplace manslaughter is now a jailable offence. … Continue reading

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It’s a Second Wave – Time to Panic!

Ok so there has been a rise in new cases in Victoria over the past week that on pure numbers in any other jurisdiction in the world would be considered a triumph. It is something to watch but hardly anything … Continue reading

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A voice to parliament is tantamount to mob rule

The indigenous campaign for COVID-19 has been anchored around the slogan “keep our mob safe“. Saturday’s national protests in solidarity with anarchist rioters, thugs and criminals in the US demonstrates what black mobs actually are and begs the question who … Continue reading

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Running dangerously low on political oxygen.

The Federal government is proving itself to be a pretty poor manager in a time of crisis. Last month I wrote that the government had a pandemic plan (of mostly platitudes) in search of a strategy. I wrote that its … Continue reading

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