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Holgate’s Gender Defence Pathetic and Insulting to Women

Christine Holgate is an opportunist if ever there was one. She is playing the “Canberra Bubble” game to boost her seemingly upcoming unlawful “termination” (aka resignation) lawsuit off the back of the Brittany Higgins scandal. She is hoping to shakedown a feeble … Continue reading

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The Birdsville Statement of the Ovaries

Now that Morrison has embraced identity politics as the solution to life’s problems I personally don’t think his mooted women’s quota goes far enough or is permanent enough to solve the historic and systemic injustice women suffer in Parliament House. … Continue reading

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

Recently I wrote that at the heart of the Morrison Government’s troubles is the fact that it constantly oversells and under-delivers pointing to the slow vaccination programme as the latest example. Unpacking this further the trouble is that the Morrison … Continue reading

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Even that rain that falls won’t quench my thirst for knowledge!

“Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems” [my emphasis] – Tim Flannery, 2007 (reported here). Warragamba dam (above) spilling over yesterday. Clearly nothing happening (above) to river systems. So naturally, Tim’s Climate Council  (he … Continue reading

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Vaccination Roll Out: Triumph or Tragedy?

The Morrison Government’s handling of the pandemic has been pretty average. Having outsourced hotel quarantine and testing and tracing regimes to the states the Federal government’s role has largely been reduced to that of an interested bystander and funder of welfare … Continue reading

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Political Marching Orders

Last week you might have read that Linda Reynolds paid out a “substantial sum” to Brittany Higgins in settlement of a defamation claim. I’m not sure what is worse: the fact that Reynolds managed to get sued in the first … Continue reading

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WADA-CAS Tribunal for Porter

Sinc had a couple of posts (here, here) the last few days referring to the Coalitions poor record of defending basic legal rights in government. Labor, The Greens, and the ABC are demanding a new investigation into Porter on the … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Mental Health Would Improve If Dan Andrews Was Removed From Office

We already knew that Dan Andrew’s grotesque bungling of hotel quarantine led to the deaths of nearly 800 mostly older Victorians. Today we found out the cost to younger people caught up in his hideous police state led second lockdown. This … Continue reading

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Is Morrison Riding All That High?

In last week’s The Australian the key takeaways from the latest Newspoll was that Morrison is riding high, Albanese is more or less terminal and the Coalition are a certainty to win the next election. Leaving aside Newspoll’s predictive shortcomings … Continue reading

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Media makes baseless claims that election fraud complaints are baseless

The mainstream media have uniformly dismissed claims about widespread voter fraud as baseless from the moment they prematurely declared Joe Biden President-elect. The claim that there is no evidence is itself totally baseless requiring that the Trump legal team irrefutably … Continue reading

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