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In defence of Bob Carr

I did not expect to enjoy Bob Carr’s Diary of a Foreign Minister. I do not know him personally and my impressions of him from a distance were not very posititive. I was wrong. And I finished the book with … Continue reading

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NBN foolishness (again)

We haven’t had a whack at the NBN in, gee, it must be a couple of weeks. Gillard’s latest contribution in the OZ today  is a good excuse to get back to it. “A government-commissioned report by Greenhill Caliburn, released … Continue reading

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Blogs and disgusting comments and advertising

Club Troppo and Lavartus Prodeo have withdrawn from the Domain group of blogs because of Graham Young’s comment moderation policy at  Online Opinion. All this came about because of comments to (and supporting) a post by Bill Muhlenberg under the … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let their friends use Apple

There is a fascinating battle going on between Apple and Google. They were once very close – until a year or so ago Google had a couple of people on the Apple board. Now they are arm-wrestling for control of … Continue reading

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Mouldy Old Books (1)

I am doing a book cull – liberating books that I am not likely to read again. I won’t call it a library, just several archive boxes of stuff that narrowly survived the last cull. Trouble is, I spend time … Continue reading

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Techie toys

I am an early adopter or, as my family puts it, a sucker for new techie toys. I am currently using an iPod (well, several), an iPad and a Kindle. I don’t have an iPhone, mostly because I don’t like … Continue reading

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The Wakefield vaccination/autism scandal

The British Medical Journal isn’t on my usual list of things to read. I came across this story about the washup of the Wakefield/autism scare. It is a dreadful story of medical fraud which resulted in real harm. I suggest … Continue reading

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Akemashite omedeto

New Year is very important in Japan. Businessmen are expected to visit their customers as soon as possible in the New Year to wish them akemashite omedeto. So far as I could work out, this means “congratulations on your opening” … Continue reading

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Some year-end musings

This post puts in writing something I have been thinking about for much of the year. People on the right – in particular those who believe in classical liberalism – are simply nicer people than those on the left. I … Continue reading

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“Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame.”

Alexander Pope said that. Dick Smith disagrees. Take away their passports,” he half jokes, “if I was dictator, I’d say, if you’re going to be wealthy, there’s an absolute obligation that you’re a philanthropist, you don’t do it secretly and … Continue reading

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