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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

ANU’s Perth office (aka Chancellor Professor the Hon Julie Bishop’s office)

ANU is sending alumni the following letter: Dear Lucius, ANU is again holding our annual fundraising appeal in 2021 to raise much needed funds for the University. I write to inform you about the Kambri Scholars Program, which was established … Continue reading

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Kevin Rudd “I’m still prime minister”

UPDATE: Now Kevin Rudd has issues a ‘statement attributable to a spokesperson for Kevin Rudd’. How egotistical. Why not just issue your own statement? The man is nuts     So Kevin Rudd wants to big note himself as a … Continue reading

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Jeannette Young should be disqualified from public office

Anti vaxxer comments by the Queensland Chief Medical Officer, Jeannette Young, are an absolute disgrace and shows that she has been politically compromised so desperate has she been to be the next Governor of Queensland. She is unsuitable to be … Continue reading

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Andrew Laming MP versus Louise Milligan

In testimony before Senate Estimates in early May, ABC managing director David Anderson said We are editorially responsible for what we do on our own ­official platforms; we are not editorially responsible for what our staff do on their personal … Continue reading

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White privilege

According to critical race theory white privilege is the root of all evil, an original sin which cannot be erased nor forgiven. Those who are white can only offer penance by loudly proclaiming their guilt and accepting their privilege. Yet … Continue reading

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Engineers Australia and Al Gore

Here is a full page ad that appeared in the AFR last Thursday Gore ad AFR 170621 It is announcing the Engineers Australia “Climate Smart Engineering Conference 2021” on 16 – 17 November 2021 with Al Gore as the ‘keynote … Continue reading

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RBA governor’s advice to business

The Governor of the Reserve Bank, Philip Lowe, has been at the RBA since 1980. That’s 40 years of employment at one institution – a commendable achievement of loyalty. Yet he is now straying to advising business to increase wages. … Continue reading

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ABC and social media

The ABC is clearly out of control, with the CEO having limited ability to control’s his staff’s activities on social media. In Senate Estimates David Anderson When somebody has a personal social media account the ABC is not responsible for … Continue reading

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Men are more caring than women

There is a fallacy out there that women tend to be more caring and empathetic. For example Cristina Talacko of the NSW Women’s Council wrote in wrote in the Australian (arguing for gender quotas) that Women are usually more empathetic and … Continue reading

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How dare the Prime Minister not devote all his attention to me – Brittany Higgins

Ms Ego is outraged that a date hasn’t been finalised for her meeting with the Prime Minister after she accepted his offer for a meeting last week.  Ms Ego likes to publicly and privately accept initiations despite being concerned about … Continue reading

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