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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.

Our new national brand – plagiarism?

The wise people at the Australian National Brand Advisory Council have spent (according to reports) $10 million to change the kangaroo logo to a new design.   And here is the old logo But do you notice something about the … Continue reading

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Human rights, slavery and the West

Iconoclasm has been a feature throughout history as revolutionary fervour – religious, secular, ethnic and cultural – grows to a climax and a frenzy of destruction occurs, harming those most disadvantaged. In the present case – driven by Antifa and … Continue reading

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Operation Atlas Shrugged

It’s increasingly clear that millennials are like the Eloi in The Time Machine by HG Wells. Ignorant, pampered, incompetent, lazy, short attention span and incapable of productive work. They long for the continuance of the protective arm of government originally … Continue reading

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Stay home, save lives

Press release from the Victorian Government, 15 June 2020 The Victorian Government is pleased to announce the permanent extension of the Stay Home and Save Lives campaign. This campaign has been extremely effective at saving lives. Over Easter, Victoria had … Continue reading

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Maybe not – Covid-19 and New York city

Here is a screen shot from the Netflix documentary Pandemic. I’m not sure NYC municipal hospitals have been well prepared for Covid-19.

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How things change

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, 10 September 2018: Climate change is the defining issue of our time – and we are at a defining moment. We face a direct existential threat. Climate change is moving faster than we are – and its … Continue reading

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Norman Swan: shut up

During a genuine national crisis or war there is only one strategy and that’s the Government’s. It may not be perfect, but then no other strategy will be perfect either. It is critical that our public institutions act with consistency … Continue reading

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A COVID-19 positive – No bigger picture

Oh dear. Malcolm Turnbull’s book launch has been wiped out. It is no more. It has ceased to be. It is bereft of life, and rests in peace. This is an ex book launch (apologies to Monty Python and the … Continue reading

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Give me liberty, or give me death

Attributed to Patrick Henry in 1775, liberty – including the right of free assembly – has always been a treasured and is critical to a free society. Benjamin Franklin rightly said  that They who can give up essential liberty to … Continue reading

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Morton’s Fork

The turmoil engulfing the world from the COVID-19 pandemic shows just how profoundly unsuitable Donald Trump is to being President of the United States. He has no idea whatsoever, and rather than rallying the people (as Winston Churchill did), he … Continue reading

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