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Wind power was the major failure in Texas

Plus failure to winterize the gas infrastructure in the way that is standard in places where extreme cold occurs regularly. Cascend_ Data Shows Wind-Power Was Chief Culprit Of Texas Grid Collapse _ ZeroHedge Coal and nuclear both underperformed, but not … Continue reading

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Reminders of a once-great civilization in Australia. And in England…

“Abandoned cricket pitches” is what it says on the lid: an Instagram archive of more than 200 cricket pitches, mainly in Western Australia, where stumps has been called permanently. A handful are surprisingly spruce, as though the players have just … Continue reading

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Destroying the rivers of Europe + Texas and the failure of due diligence in planning

A fascinating piece on the way small hydro schemes are killing the rivers in the Balkans. In Europe, 91 percent of the planned 8,000 hydropower plants are “small”, meaning they have an installed capacity of less than 10 megawatt. “Small … Continue reading

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The success of wind power in South Australia? Plus Tasmania, battery of the nation?

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!  The familiar call-signal of Professor Farnsworth of Futurama. In your face Texas, see what the South Australians have achieved! The Australian Energy Market Operator, in its latest Quarterly Energy Dynamics report, confirms that South Autralia served all … Continue reading

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Cold snap in Texas is not a joke

Texas’ grid failure could quickly morph into a public health crisis as millions freeze with temperatures near zero.  The story. Mocking laughter is the first response to pictures of ice-covered windmills in Texas but it has gone beyond a joke. … Continue reading

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Do Austrian Lives Matter? One for Sinc

Richard Ebeling posted on the New Austrian School of Economics Facebook group suggesting that there should be an Austrian Economics Pride Month demanding  “social equity” in employment and income in the economics profession on the basis of a quota for … Continue reading

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Meet emolliant and avuncular Joe

Greg Sheridan in The Weekend Australian. The new US President, Joe Biden, as emolliant and avuncular a leader as you could imagine, had his first presidential conversation with Xi, an old friend from when they were vice-presidents together. Not quite … Continue reading

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Thames Freezes

Thames Frost Fair, 1683–84, by Thomas Wyke Skating time for Londoners! Thames freezes for the first time in 60 years. For the first time since 1963, parts of the River Thames were frozen over as witnesses spotted seagulls perching on the … Continue reading

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Lets break the will of the people

Nice idea.  He can’t even say it publicly but it got out.  “60% of emissions come from domestic heating and passenger vehicles…we have to break your will to stop you from emitting.” Cute-looking guy as well:)

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R G Collingwood on the corruption of public opinion

An early warning in An Autobiography (1939). An extract from a recent commentary on Collingwood. He did not see democracy in the traditional way, as one form of government amongst others. As far as he was concerned, “the democratic system … Continue reading

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