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How affirmative action played out for Michelle Obama

h/t Herodotus on the open thread. A piece about the substandard work that Michelle Obama presented to get a higher degree at Princeton where she was clearly out of her depth. As she admitted “I sometimes feel like a visitor … Continue reading

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Peter Baldwin on the menace of identity politics

For the benefit of people who don’t regularly see The Weekend Australian this a fine contribution that appeared last weekend. The good news is that it attracted almost 700 comments, overwhelmingly in support. Peter Baldwin Racing to tear down the … Continue reading

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Andrew Norton on the Tehan reforms

Andrew Norton is the sole classical liberal living in exile behind the goats cheese curtain in Melbourne. He is also a go-to man for matters of higher education. Check this out.

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The “dead fish” of affirmative action come to the surface

When you put toxic pollutants into a stream you don’t see the dead fish at the spot, you see them downstream. That is the way all toxic social policies work. You may not realise the mistake until it is very … Continue reading

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Peak stupid carbon mitigation. Are we there yet?

We must be close to it in New South Wales and this is how things were going overseas recently. Some of the performance figures  are remarkable and the situation in France is absurd with a move from nuclear power towards … Continue reading

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Cry for Argentina

Dan Mitchell on the tragic decline of Argentina. Nobody alive can recall when they were not in decline, but a century ago they were right up there. Buenos Aires is one of the great cities of the world and its … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm guest post. The problem with the police

Virtually all political persuasions agree on the need for police. For libertarians, maintaining a criminal justice system, of which the police are a major component, is viewed as one of the few legitimate roles of government. The first modern and … Continue reading

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Rules vs Orders. The wisdom of Hayek and Popper

Popper was probably  following ideas picked up in his correspondence with Hayek when he wrote about the distinction between rules and orders in Chapter 17 of The Open Society and its Enemies . He considered that the institutional method of … Continue reading

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BOM rorts and badly planned irrigation schemes

Is it a federal offence to trash, hide or falsify vital public records? Another Rort Report on the BOM from Jo Nova, courtesy of Craig Kelly and other investigators. Is there a paper trail to identify the so-called professional officers … Continue reading

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A rejoinder to Schumpeter

Liberty Quote – One of the most important features of the later stages of capitalist civilization is the vigorous expansion of the educational apparatus and particularly of the facilities for higher education — Joseph Schumpeter I was planning to post on that … Continue reading

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