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Another Champion on the beat

One of the pure pleasures I enjoy from knowing so many authors is that I get to read a lot of great stories. When Leo Champion asked me to read his novel, Warlord of New York City, I was delighted … Continue reading

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The faculty at Princeton University are getting restless

Interesting letter from Faculty to Administration with a list of demands to clean up the joint.  Be warned, the list of demands runs to nine pages. I like this one. 3. Acknowledge, credit, and incentivize anti-racist student activism. Such acknowledgment … Continue reading

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City of Sydney and ACT claims re RE

A scintillating demolition of the ACT claims that they have gone 100%RE. In summary, the ACT renewables: – only generated 31% of required power for the month – failed to cover 59 out of 60 peak consumption periods for the … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker in the crosshairs

The social justice warriors in the Linguistic Society of America have come after Steven Pinker. Not a pretty sight. Not surprising because the LSA was one of the first academic groups to adopt cultural Marxism. As we demonstrate below, Dr. … Continue reading

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You too can be a wind watcher!

Become a member of Windwatchers Anonymous and get up furtively at 5.30 to go on line, fingers trembling with anticipation, to find out what the wind is doing across the country to contribute electricity for your hot breakfast and morning coffee. … Continue reading

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Some liberal principles

From a presentation by Karl Popper to the Mont Pelerin Society in 1954. Public Opinion and Liberal Principles.  This registers Popper’s alarm at the spectacle of a US presidential election that he saw in 1950 when he was in the … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup. Mission creep in the Australian federation.

The chaotic response to the Chinese virus with all the attendant destruction of livelihoods and businesses shows some serious flaws with our federation and the continual arm wrestle between the sovereign states and the federal government. It is clear to … Continue reading

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Trump fighting back

After the introduction fast forward to 7 or 8 for the action. Radical activists being arrested across the nation.

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Paul Collits on the way we are losing the cultural and political wars

He has an impressive cv and his argument is summed up in this short tract. The_Australian_Rights_Big_Mistake (2) The main thing is to appreciate that culture is  upstream of politics and the mainstream of the political culture is no better on … Continue reading

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Major flooding in China

Spare a thought for the people, if you have a god pray for them!  Jo Nova does a roundup of reports on major flooding after prolonged rain, mudslides, and most alarming of all, renewed concerns about the integrity of the … Continue reading

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