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Private property rights

Perhaps Australian private property rights are more secure than in the United States? Take this Queensland case, where owner David Conley – the ‘last man standing’ – is asking $1.8 million to sell his apartment to a local developer, Allan Larkin. In … Continue reading

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In which I recant

In a rather rushed moment, I wrote that the Coalition should bring back Malcolm Turnbull as Leader because that change maximises the probability of a Rudd loss. I was wrong. The Coalition’s best bet is to stick with Tony Abbott as … Continue reading

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ASIO Headquarters

Kevin Rudd has officially opened the new ASIO headquarters, named the Ben Chifley Building (who was Prime Minister when ASIO was established). No doubt a plaque had been prepared with Julia Gillard’s name for this event. Now Rudd’s name will be immortalised … Continue reading

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Newsflash from the Hon Kevin Rudd MP

Bad joke alert – read at own risk

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Failed policies – failed implementation

Chris Kenny is right Rudd has conceded that Abbott is right on both those policies [carbon tax and border protection]. He couldn’t really object to moves to curb union power either. The core message of the Rudd sequel so far … Continue reading

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Election date – election campaign

Kevin Rudd is in a highly unusual situation. He is acting as an Opposition Leader while being Prime Minister. This greatly affects the calculus of election dates and, in particular, the duration of the official election campaign. The minimum official … Continue reading

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Labor’s asylum seeker policy in a nutshell

Prior to the 2007 election pillory and execrate the Howard Government for being ‘harsh’, ‘uncaring’ and ‘cruel’. Have the friendly media and leftist commentators describe the policy as intolerable and extreme. Once elected, dismantle the scheme leading to an anticipated increase … Continue reading

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Catallaxy survey 22 – closed

Questions related to Holden, Labor “reforms”, expected election date and Liberal leadership CLICK FOR SURVEY CLICK FOR RESPONSES

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Time to bring back Malcolm Turnbull

Fisky wrote on 10 July 2013 that it was ‘time to think the unthinkable’ and restore Malcolm Turnbull as Opposition Leader prior to the 2013 election. Regrettably I have reached the same conclusion. Tony Abbott has been an extremely effective and … Continue reading

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The NBN Board

Siobhan McKenna is getting worried. She is the part-time Chairman of the Government-owned NBN Co. receiving $209,630 per annum (plus superannuation and other benefits) of taxpayers’ money and is now using our money to employ a lobbying firm (Bespoke) and … Continue reading

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