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Be more dog

Dogs are loyal, honest and don’t suffer from hubris. They are reliable, intelligent and inquisitive. They rarely become bored, and grasp each day as if it were their last. Walk around today, though, and you’ll see so many humans looking … Continue reading

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It’s official: the World Bank is not interested in reducing poverty

Astoundingly, the World Bank has decided it will no longer fund coal-fired power stations in developing countries. The official mission for the Bank is Working for a world free of poverty Yet this decision is sure to increase poverty. The capture … Continue reading

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A fool and his money are soon parted

This is an early English language idiom, with sources such as John Bridges in Defence of the Government of the Church of England 1587 If they pay a penie or two pence more for the reddinesse of them..let them looke … Continue reading

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Still waiting Kevin

Kevin « me amo » Rudd could solve climate change. We’re still waiting though …

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Is Kevin Rudd a closet climate skeptic?

For a man who said climate change was the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time Kevin Rudd has a curious way of demonstrating his Government’s commitment. First he is cutting the fixed carbon tax from around $24 … Continue reading

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Covering up history

The official Prime Minister’s website does not list former prime ministers. Kevin Rudd does not like to acknowledge the existence of Julia Gillard and John Howard. This is in contrast to: John Howard’s official website as Prime Minister; The Pope’s official website; … Continue reading

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The carbon tax

Kevin Rudd is about to unveil a policy to reduce the present fixed carbon tax of $24.15 per tonne of CO2 to a floating carbon tax of between $6 and $10 per tonne. There are several questions that arise from … Continue reading

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Peter Slipper and legal aid

The Government has backflipped and now will cover some of Peter Slipper’s legal bills. Yet again an example of one rule for the insiders and another for every one else. Peter Slipper is in the top 0.5% of the population in … Continue reading

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Lisa Clutterham

Lisa Clutterham is a 29-year old public servant working as a junior official (second secretary or APS5/6) at the Australian High Commission to Papua New Guinea. She has made headlines by nominating for Julia Gillard’s seat of Lalor at the 2013 election. … Continue reading

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Russian trial and conviction of dead lawyer

In 897 AD, Pope Stephen VI (VII) had his predecessor, Pope Formosus, dug up from his grave, clothed in papal vestments and sat before the Synod at St John Lateran. The corpse was found guilty of various offenses including perjury, … Continue reading

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