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Open letter to the Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria

The word document, here. The HTML below: ==LETTER== Dated 18 October 2020 Dear Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance I address you not by name but as the head of a major Victorian institution, the Treasury. Please do … Continue reading

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A quick update on my fight against illegal lockdowns and other bad policies in Victoria

Sharing a short update on my ongoing fight. Please join if you wish by signing up to a small google group called Liberate Victoria that I operate (express interest here). I’ve started and manage a website Liberate Victoria. Please bookmark … Continue reading

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Australia needs an urgent reset of its pandemic policy

This was the first article I had drafted after my resignation on 9 September 2020. I sent it to The Australian and thereafter (after receiving no response even to a reminder) to another paper. There has been no response from … Continue reading

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Extract from my 13 September email to Tim Pallas after my resignation

Thanks to Sinclair for having me on this wonderful forum on a regular basis (some of you might recall a few posts I’ve made here over the years). I’m starting my free citizen innings with an extract from my 13 … Continue reading

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