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Can LDP replace the Liberal Party?

Politically, Australia is facing the complete rout of the liberal concept since March 2020. Leaders from both major parties have brushed off human rights as even being relevant to Australia, such has been the betrayal of liberty. On 10 September … Continue reading

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Comment from a Melbourne dentist about the disaster caused by the Great Hysteria

FROM AN EMAIL RECEIVED TODAY (I’ve removed all identifiers) Thank you for sharing such wonderful and intelligent points in your “The great Hysteria..” book. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort taken for these actions. I have bought 15 more … Continue reading

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Quarantines are unlawful. Intra-state border closures are unconstitutional.

Thought I’d share two pieces: a) My piece in The Spectator  (image file) – quarantines are unlawful. The fact they were implemented badly is a separate matter. b) My son Sukrit Sabhlok’s piece in Online Opinion: Australia’s unconstitutional border wars … Continue reading

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How the world fell into Xi Jinping’s trap

The evidence for Jinping’s attack on the West in 2020 is hiding in plain sight and yet neither our politicians nor intelligence agencies have been able to connect the dots. I had alluded to the China role in my 30 … Continue reading

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My op-ed in The Australian today – demolishing the covid hysteria and lockdowns

My op-ed in today’s Australian. Key points: 1) Sweden’s 2-yr average death rate will likely be the second lowest in ten years. This has been a “bad flu” but less lethal than the Hong Kong flu. 2) Lockdowns have only … Continue reading

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Request for comment on my draft complaint to the International Criminal Court

Around 3 weeks ago I came to the view that the pandemic actions of the Victorian and  Australian governments are so far out of the envelope of legitimacy that they can only be characterised as crimes against humanity. After writing … Continue reading

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Open letter to the Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria

The word document, here. The HTML below: ==LETTER== Dated 18 October 2020 Dear Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance I address you not by name but as the head of a major Victorian institution, the Treasury. Please do … Continue reading

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A quick update on my fight against illegal lockdowns and other bad policies in Victoria

Sharing a short update on my ongoing fight. Please join if you wish by signing up to a small google group called Liberate Victoria that I operate (express interest here). I’ve started and manage a website Liberate Victoria. Please bookmark … Continue reading

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Australia needs an urgent reset of its pandemic policy

This was the first article I had drafted after my resignation on 9 September 2020. I sent it to The Australian and thereafter (after receiving no response even to a reminder) to another paper. There has been no response from … Continue reading

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Extract from my 13 September email to Tim Pallas after my resignation

Thanks to Sinclair for having me on this wonderful forum on a regular basis (some of you might recall a few posts I’ve made here over the years). I’m starting my free citizen innings with an extract from my 13 … Continue reading

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