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Moving and not moving

Hello Cats. 2021 has started out as a rather poor year for TAFKAS.  Several crappy issues in the first 8 days were topped off by a ladder fall yesterday resulting in a broken foot. Anyhoo.  TAFKAS is moving to SubStack.  … Continue reading

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Message vs The Messenger

There are 2 writers that TAFKAS tries to almost always read – Troy Bramston in the Oz and Aaron Patrick in the AFR.  This does not mean TAFKAS always agrees, but in his opinion they usually offer quality insights. Separately, … Continue reading

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Here here.

Writing this morning in the Spectator Australia, the IPA’s Andrew Bushnell advocates for an increased number of members of parliament: It reeks of blasphemy, but might more MP give us better service TAFKAS is not sure that it will “give … Continue reading

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How many is enough

TAFKAS knows that the Cat attracts a discerning reader.  And occasional influential reader.  They may not comment, but they know who they are.  TAFKAS is also a citizen of NSW so the following is from a NSW citizen’s perspective.  There … Continue reading

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As an aside. Just sharing.

This is not the normal type of content on the Cat, but having just stumbled upon, TAFKAS thought he would share – International Table Tennis Match Fixing Scandal Exposed. TAFKAS’ familiarity with table tennis is limited to playing at a … Continue reading

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Now that’s leadership!

This from the SMH: Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is hopeful border restrictions between Victoria and NSW can be eased soon, with both states appearing to be well on top of their COVID-19 outbreaks. The Prime Minister said he … Continue reading

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Coming to a city near you ….

TAFKAS stumbled upon this little information nugget this morning – Top Surveillance Cities. Good to see Australia makes the table.  And as a Sydney sider, TAFKAS is impressed at how we beat Melbourne in another measure.  Not sure that this … Continue reading

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Health or Revenue – coalition of the self interested

From the AFR: The NSW government made masks compulsory over the weekend following pressure from medical experts and the state opposition. Yes.  That’s quality policy making.  “Experts” and the NSW opposition.  And who are the experts?  Norman Swan?  Tim Flannery?  … Continue reading

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For whom the people work

One thing that Covid has made abundantly clear, for TAFKAS at least, and especially in Victoria, is the people work for the Government and not the other way. This was clearly demonstrated by the creeping decision that conveniently absolved the … Continue reading

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Is it worth it? Is it working?

TAFKAS just received a new year’s wishes call from one if his oldest friends who lives in New York.  Having been in essential near lock down for 9 months, she and her family got it.  This is TAFKAS’ first first … Continue reading

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