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So obvious the experts can’t and won’t see it

Never let a crisis go to waste.  Never waste the opportunity to hike taxes. These are the yin and yang of modern public policy. In a misleading article in the AFR, John Kehoe writes that: NSW blows whistle on tax … Continue reading

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Sooper Dooper

The knives are out.  The battle for the people’s money has flared again. Should the compulsory superannuation contribution increase from the current 9.5% to 12.0%?  And if yes, who pays for it. The self interest brigade, the coalition of Industry … Continue reading

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But is it?

Adrian Blundell-Wignall is a fairly bright man.  He is a former RBA and OECD official.  He also spent some time in funds management.  But today, writing in the AFR, Dr Blundell-Wignall wrote this: Let’s start with the obvious: what lies … Continue reading

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Statue Games

Let’s just follow this logic. Oxford University has agreed to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes. The University was cautious about removing the statue because of the possible impact on donations. The demand to remove Rhodes’ statue … slavery, white, … Continue reading

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Whose money is it?

This comes from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg: “Superannuation is a massive pool in savings that should be harnessed more for domestic investment,” … “And I don’t care if they are industry funds or retail funds, I would like to see them … Continue reading

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Draw your own conclusions

1 business day after ASIO and the Federal Police raided the home of a NSW Parliamentarian comes this.  Draw your own conclusions.

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What she said

Further to TAFKAS’ earlier post on the ASIC wagyu and shiraz case, comes this beautiful piece of rhetoric from Karen Maley in the AFR: It’s abundantly clear to everyone in the commercial world – although unfortunately not to ASIC – … Continue reading

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A tax on a tax

This morning, TAFKAS had the misfortune of crashing his 2 wheeled chariot on his regular excursion.  This necessitated an Uber ride home for TAFKAS and his damaged steed. Just looking at his receipt, TAFKAS noticed 2 interesting charges: NSW Government … Continue reading

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Land of the frail and home of the brittle.

How much cheaper could mortgages be in Australia? Well consider this. Banking at its core is a simple business. You borrow money from one person (deposits) and you lend it to another (loans). If you plan to stay in business, … Continue reading

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Self Pit Party

Has there ever been a more self indulgent, solipsistic and narcissistic collective than the staff of the ABC. Yesterday, ABC administrators announced a tiny budget adjustment flowing from a tax payer funding freeze, rather than what the ABC seems to … Continue reading

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