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The case for calling off the Covid dogs

This is from Chris Uhlmann in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and yet for all that, I find I agree with the whole thing. There is some minor softening of his criticisms but he does seem to get to … Continue reading

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Liar Dan and the fine art of casuistry

This is the front page of the Oz: Andrews letters: PM’s offers met by silence. And then see precisely what Silent Dan says: Revelations of the Prime Minister’s offers of help to Mr And­rews came as the Premier said on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Being stupid is not a barrier to political success

Let me add a bit more on Daniel Andrew’s lack of intelligence. Being stupid does not mean one does not have other attributes that might make for political success. The school bully is seldom the same person who sits on … Continue reading

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It’s that Dan is really really stupid that makes it so much worse

See what they’re saying about us around the world: Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order Several journalists and content creators have noticed that Australia looks like the most totalitarian police state that has existed … Continue reading

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“It is a principle of our law that fundamental freedoms cannot be invaded or overruled unless the law specifically allows it”

Both videos are found on an American post titled ‘I couldn’t breathe’: Aussie woman dragged from car in dramatic altercation with police at lockdown checkpoint (VIDEO). And no matter how you look at it, it is impossible to defend the … Continue reading

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What Daniel Andrews needs to understand about Covid-19

The problem with Daniel Andrews has been from the start that he’s not very bright and has only a limited grasp of the issues. He does however like to tell people what to do and has little time for actual … Continue reading

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The worst president of my lifetime, except for all the others

That Donald Trump won’t get the Nobel Peace Prize is a blot on the judgement of the Nobel Committee, along with virtually the whole of the foreign policy establishment of the United States. You hardly even hear any of it … Continue reading

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Well, maybe, perhaps

It’s a survey in Victoria by the Libs in five swing seats. The election is two years from now by which time the lockdowns will probably be over so it hardly matters. It would have been interesting to have asked … Continue reading

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How do we come out of this alive?

Taken from JobSeeker, JobKeeper ending will reveal massive recession crisis. The core concept of Jobkeeper was all right, to make sure no one was deprived of the ability to buy because they had lost their income. The data in the … Continue reading

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I thought the story must have been about Daniel Andrews

This one, that is: ASIO bans Chinese ‘agents’. Turns out not this time, but we should not forget this: Inside Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative deal with China. Premier Daniel Andrews had signed a memorandum of understanding with Beijing … Continue reading

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