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No comment

These are all of the comments I could pick up which were trying to comment on the fact that no comments now appear either on the Open Thread or any of the posts. Hello … Hello … is there anybody … Continue reading

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Craig Kelly leaves the Liberal Party

Via Andrew Bolt: Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal party and will sit out the rest of the term as an independent. Kelly has jumped before he was pushed – his preselection looked threatened – but now represents a danger … Continue reading

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Economic clowns at every turn

Fascinating title from an article in the Financial Times: Why economists keep being wrong on policy. It comes with a bit of interesting content in its description of the nature of economic theory and policy: The abiding sin threaded through it … Continue reading

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Working versus voting for a living

This is from the NYT and is for a change exactly right: Biden Is the Big Spender America Wants with the sub-heading even more exactly right: “His economic plans are overwhelmingly popular”. The issue is whether people should work for … Continue reading

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Risk aversion and the modern socialist

Henry normally puts his articles up by himself, but it’s not here and this one really gets to the heart of one of the critical issues of our time: ‘Official Socialism’ skulking beneath the cover of Covid. I’ll give you … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh 1951-2021

I’ve come back to Rush Limbaugh whose death was discussed yesterday by Currency Lad but I thought I would add something of my own since I bring a North American perspective as well. I also worry there may be insufficient … Continue reading

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People have been dying for a long time for a lot of reasons

The page above is taken from The Perpetual Almanack of Folklore for February 17 which shows, if you can read the print: During the week which ended on this day in 1719, the following diseases and conditions proved fatal to the … Continue reading

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“A perspective on the operation of an economy that has unfortunately entirely disappeared”

Here is a very nice review of my Classical Economic Theory and the Modern Economy in The History of Economics Review, written by Nathan Saunders, linked here. I can only say how grateful I am to find a review of … Continue reading

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“We know our America First agenda is a winner”

Thought I might just add this: Poll: Donald Trump Favorability +75 Among Republicans, Mitch McConnell Underwater at -15. Former President Donald Trump’s popularity is still soaring high among Republicans, according to a poll released Tuesday. Trump was +75 in the YouGov/Economist … Continue reading

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Covid and the political economy of mass hysteria

This is the best single article on the Chinese flu I have seen from anywhere and from anyone, and here it is by Adam Creighton in The Australian: Coronavirus lockdown lunacy is frying our minds. I hope my saying so … Continue reading

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