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PDT latest press conference

Perhaps the most interesting part is that the President’s hair has gone completely white. Most of what he says you can find out in the media, but only through the distortions and outright lies that are an integral part of … Continue reading

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Jeff Kennett and the mess in Victoria

Both are from Andrew Bolt. Kennett does it so naturally you have to wonder why Michael O’Brien can’t do it. But Kennett understands what’s wrong with Daniel Andrews and beyond that can explain it. Even if CV-84 really is the … Continue reading

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Cancel Karl

On further reflection, there may be some upsides to this cancel culture business, specially within economics. How bout this fellow Karl Marx. There’s a dead white European male if ever there was one. Why isn’t he now being cancelled? How … Continue reading

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From the comments here. And let me pair the above with this, from Instapundit. WHY I SIGNED THE HARPER’S LETTER: In 1996, the late great Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami was on stage taking questions at the Lincoln Center in New York City … Continue reading

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Racism as an active agency has virtually disappeared within the civilisation of the West

I’m not going to name names here but this follows upon the issues raised by Stephen Meardon that I discussed in this post: What bravery looks like in the modern age. The following note was sent to me offline – … Continue reading

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We need a statue for George Floyd, model citizen of the left

“His legacy is the rich promise of social reform.” And this is what we should put on the monument, all taken from Wikipedia. Between 1997 and 2005, he was convicted of eight crimes; in 2009, he accepted a plea bargain for a … Continue reading

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What bravery looks like in the modern age

It seems but only for a moment that Catallaxy has gone over to the History of Economics. And while I was contemplating all this in that little discussion on Schumpeter here and here, which had followed my own postings on … Continue reading

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Kristi Noem for president (in 2024)

And Tom Cotton for VP. Watch it through. If you start, you will get to the end, and it is half an hour long. She gets it in a way almost no one else does, other than Donald Trump. And … Continue reading

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Mostly empty (MMT)

There are a lot of cranks in economics, and it only gets worse all the time. I have been sent a copy of this editorial in The Oz yesterday which is a reminder of just how off the rails economists … Continue reading

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Even if you already understood Daniel Andrews is an incompetent fool wait till you read this

I do have to say I am pleased to learn there is still an Opposition party in Victoria. The following is from Tim Smith, the Liberal member for Kew. There is an awful lot there that you normally never hear … Continue reading

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