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Breeding ignorance

There are lots of ways to assess a civilisation, but there is no denying that the one we live in here in Australia is the most successful so far as economic prosperity and personal freedom are concerned. We in the … Continue reading

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An infinite supply of idiots

Labor seems to have an infinite supply of idiots: Victoria unveils its own climate change strategy, emissions target. The Victorian government hopes to cut emissions by almost double the level of the Morrison government by 2030 in an ambitious policy … Continue reading

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Romney is a Republican the same way Turnbull is a Liberal

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Brittany demands sweeping changes

I have to say that this really is a surprise. From Former staffer Brittany Higgins demands sweeping changes from Scott Morrison, and the surprise is found in what it turns out Brittany wants: On Friday she met Mr Morrison to … Continue reading

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Scott Morrison political philosopher

I know it’s unfashionable to say anything positive about Scott Morrison but I fear he may be under-appreciated. But where can you find such sentiments expressed anywhere any more by anyone who leads a government: Don’t give in to identity … Continue reading

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Absolute proof they know how repulsive Kerry is

ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC all ignore New York Times report on Kerry allegedly leaking Israeli intel to Iran For more continue here. PLUS THIS: Biden’s first big speech to Congress bombs on all counts. President Biden’s speech Wednesday night failed on all … Continue reading

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Politics of the absolutely lowest common denominator

First this: Americans Waking Up to Fact That Kamala Harris Is an Idiot. The astonishing part is how many still don’t know and will never know. I am also on some mailing list from the Democrats in Florida. This is … Continue reading

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Is there a lesson here for anyone?

Probably not. Idiots are idiots. From Instapundit. THE RENEWABLES FRAUD: After the Texas Blackouts, Follow the Wind and Solar Money – All $66 Billion of It. “What was the result of all that spending? When combined with the shutdown of several gigawatts … Continue reading

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The American left is beyond parody

So beyond parody is the American left that it is astonishing to follow what is going on in the US. I have just had this sent to me: The GOP Is a Grave Threat to American Democracy. It begins: The … Continue reading

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Mainstream media’s panic porn and the modern left

America is now a failed state or near enough. First this from White liberals more likely to have a mental health condition. Of course, they are the only ones to take seriously what they read in the papers or see on … Continue reading

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