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Please explain why anyone would vote for Joe Biden

I’m not on Facebook, but everywhere I go I am surrounded by these people and not one of them can tell me why. I always ask and no one ever explains.

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A $30m contract for three months’ work

This is what Daniel Andrews was dealing with. From Peta Credlin: Too much we’re not being told about Victoria’s hotel quarantine fiasco. And while who made the decision is important (here’s the answer, it was Dan), more important to me … Continue reading

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The great coronavirus divide

It is amazing but I suspect these numbers will converge after the election. — Kyle Smith (@rkylesmith) October 11, 2020 These truly are a spectacular set of differences of attitude. This is a difference between hysterics (Democrats) and stoics … Continue reading

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Saving Grace

I will begin with a single statement: if you do not already subscribe to Quadrant, then you should; it is the best political magazine of conservative thought in the world and I read them all. Subscribe here. Here is only … Continue reading

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Australians watching American politics according to The Oz

This really is one of the creepiest stories I have come across in the papers in quite a while: Public safety becomes a casualty to the culture wars. It’s by Katrina Grace Kelly and it’s in The Australian. Confession: it … Continue reading

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Australians watching American politics according to the NYT

If you have had any doubts about the quality of insights found in the New York Times, they can now be put to rest: Australians Watching American Politics: ???!!!!***$%%#. Here’s how it starts: Australians used to talk about American politics … Continue reading

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These socialists are so ignorant

Loved the front page quote in The Oz today from the Leader of the Opposition: “I want a country that makes things, creates wealth – and shares it.” That is, of course, what we already have. That is what the … Continue reading

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“Covid is God’s gift to the Left”

The heading is from Jane Fonda and she is referring to the Chinese flu. You could tell just exactly where the moderator in the VPs debate was starting from when she began with the Democrat’s only issue, the China Virus. The … Continue reading

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VP debate today at noon AEDT

Two contrasting styles and as different politically as it is possible to be. US Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic challenger Kamala Harris will meet Thursday, 12pm AEDT for a debate that comes with added significance as questions remain over the health of … Continue reading

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Don’t let it dominate your life!

You listening, Dan? Don’t let it dominate our lives. What a wuss Andrews is! AND NOW THIS: The Great Barrington Declaration. Signed by Medical & Public Health Scientists      767     Medical Practitioners              … Continue reading

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