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While you are in an isocube …

I was recently asked what I would take to read if isolated for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. Well I suppose there is Human Action, but I decided on the (so-far) 34 volume Dredd Files. Anyway 2000AD are giving … Continue reading

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Dredd on sale

2000AD have a sale on Dredd Case Files and selected stories.

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Latest on the Fermi paradox

“Where are they?” famously asked Italian physicist Enrico Fermi in the 1950s. By “they,” he meant space aliens. Fermi figured that if the galaxy contained space-faring civilizations it would only take them a few tens of millions of years to populate it. … Continue reading

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Question for comic lovers

While we spend a lot of time discussing things such as geo-politics, economic policy, the uselessness of the centre-right and so on, from time to time I like to discuss important issues. As comic loving Cats know I’m a long-time … Continue reading

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Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog Fan Film

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Introduction to Judge Dredd

Longer clip

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2000AD is 40 years old.

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Russia and Europe

As some of you have realised I’m off conferencing in Russia and Belgium. I have long wanted to visit Russia – St. Petersburg particularly, but Moscow is good too. On the other hand, I’ve never particularly wanted to visit Brussels … Continue reading

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Dredd in the Seattle Review of Books

Judge Dredd would knock Dan Dare from his preeminent sci-fi icon pedestal, establish ‘Dredd’ as a buzzword for authoritarian policing, and herald a future for 2000 AD that would extend far beyond the year of its title. The original conception … Continue reading

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A tribute to Charley Bourne

Today 100 years ago – 2 June 1916 – the fictional character Charley Bourne wrote his first letter home from the western front. It wasn’t as bad as they say he told his father. He was created by Pat Mills … Continue reading

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