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Don Aitkin on the election and what comes next

A balanced view but too kind to Bill Shorten. He conceded late in the evening, congratulated the Prime Minister, and announced that he was retiring as leader. There was not a skerrick of disagreement, no call to the barricades. This … Continue reading

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New Liberty Quote

Don’t tell us how to live. Don’t tell us our lives are inferior to yours. Don’t take away our livelihoods. Don’t patronise and belittle us, then expect us to vote for you. Greg Sheridan

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Some may call the election an upset but most of us weren’t upset at all

Only now, well after the event, has run an article on the election, but oddly for such a website, which is designed for people like ourselves, they put in an article from Slate. And as you would expect from … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Our Bureaucrats Don’t Believe in Costed Policies

Politicians and bureaucrats love to espouse “evidenced based” policy making as though politics and economics were an actual science. It amounts to plausible deniability. Our policies were disastrous but the evidence and experts suggested otherwise. Evidenced based policy is largely … Continue reading

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Interesting opinions on the election

First up one of the most sensible things you’ll read about the 2019 election from Waleed Aly. The coalition contrived to run without a significant policy agenda beyond offering tax cuts. Overwhelmingly, its campaign was a negative one, attacking Labor’s … Continue reading

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Justinian the Great: Will the Liberal Party Capitalise on its Last Second Chance?

The Coalition has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. After six years of disunity and dysfunction this was the election they should have lost and justifiably so. Scott Morrison rightly deserves much praise for having steadied the ship and … Continue reading

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Press reports on how climate policy killed the ALP

Somewhat over-optimistic reporting from the Global Warming Policy Forum. Reporting on the coverage in the Daily Mail, New York Times, Reuters and Canberra Times. Jo Nova on the same theme. I would like to think that the ALP is crashing … Continue reading

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Rite-ON election report

What the Rite-ON activists did with limited resources in Queensland. The main objective was to save Dutton in Dickson. Ground campaigns – Pre-polling Volunteers manned booths handing out HTV cards at pre-polling in the electorates of: Petrie Fisher Dickson Macnamara … Continue reading

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Help wanted: Baby Boomer Quiet Australian who voted Liberal

A prominent journalist on The Australian is looking for a “Baby Boomer Quiet Australian who voted Liberal” to interview today. That is a person who voted Liberal but kept quiet about their intentions until getting into the booth when no … Continue reading

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Alan Jones on Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott

Catching a few minutes of Alan Jones this morning while doing some stretching before getting to the keyboard, he responded to a caller who slagged Julie Bishop as a traitor and backstabber. Alan wanted to be fair to Bishop although … Continue reading

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