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The malignant American media

I just had call to bring up the Quadrant article I had written on Sarah Palin in 2010 – Making Them Listen – and was astonished to find what I had been writing about the American media as far back … Continue reading

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The ABC’s Olson and Marsh ‘report’ the US is now “stable”

Trump is mentioned (critically, of course) 22 times. Biden is mentioned twice. Trump won.

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Terrorism: Democrats and the media cheered 5000+ murders

According to the CDC the US had a homicide total of 24,692 in 2020, an increase of 5,551 compared to 2019. That's 29% more homicides, with the majority happening after a spike that coincided with the riots protesting the death … Continue reading

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Michael Avenatti Cries In Court After Judge Sentences Him To 2.5 Years In Prison.  

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This panel discussion of Biden’s health is fair – and worrying

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A Cheney joins search for WMD as Biden death toll grows

She fervently believes there are Weaponised Marauding Donalds – if only we look hard enough. Nancy Pelosi names Republican Liz Cheney as part of US Capitol “insurrection” committee.

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Non-Judgement In Loo

Supreme Court refuses to hear transgender bathroom case, a victory for LGBT rights and student Gavin Grimm. BREAKING: The Supreme Court is not challenging Gavin Grimm’s victory in lower courts, in his lawsuit over the right to use the restroom … Continue reading

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Democrats lose control of their insurrection

THE surge in violent crime is a “growing” concern in the White House, reports CNN – which didn’t notice the surge but does notice the concern. Experts are already predicting a summer bloodbath of historical proportions. Joe Biden’s conservators are … Continue reading

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PDT speech from Ohio today

For a change America has a Leader of the Opposition, although the speed at which Democrats have sped up their destructive assaults on America, there may be little left to salvage by the time the next Presidential election comes round … Continue reading

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A shameless nation must fall

Bizarre: For unknown reasons, Joe Biden starts whispering about $1.9 trillion. By contrast, in the archival recording below, President Kennedy deals with the embarrassing misuse of $5000. That amount wouldn’t even keep Hunter Biden in M&Ms for a week. The … Continue reading

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