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The “dead fish” of affirmative action come to the surface

When you put toxic pollutants into a stream you don’t see the dead fish at the spot, you see them downstream. That is the way all toxic social policies work. You may not realise the mistake until it is very … Continue reading

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Trump treats FBI terrorists with the contempt they deserve

IN its pre-dawn raid on 67 year-old Republican consultant Roger Stone, the FBI deployed dozens of personnel with “automatic weapons and tactical equipment, armored vehicles and an amphibious unit.” He was met at the front door of his home by … Continue reading

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Law & Order

Meanwhile outside Ghislaine Maxwell’s cell… — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 9, 2020

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Kristi Noem for president (in 2024)

And Tom Cotton for VP. Watch it through. If you start, you will get to the end, and it is half an hour long. She gets it in a way almost no one else does, other than Donald Trump. And … Continue reading

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Joe’s Window

CREDIBLY accused of a sexual assault feminists are uninterested in and one of the world’s best known child gropers, Joe Biden is also dangerously gaga. That’s before we discuss his vulnerability to charges of treason for his role in the … Continue reading

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‘Will no-one rid me of this turbulent successor?’

 That’s what so much of the past several months’ chaos has really been about                                  Today is the 800th anniversary of Thomas Becket's Translation, when his relics were moved to a splendid new shrine in Canterbury Cathedral on 7 July 1220. … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker in the crosshairs

The social justice warriors in the Linguistic Society of America have come after Steven Pinker. Not a pretty sight. Not surprising because the LSA was one of the first academic groups to adopt cultural Marxism. As we demonstrate below, Dr. … Continue reading

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Trump fighting back

After the introduction fast forward to 7 or 8 for the action. Radical activists being arrested across the nation.

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PDT speech at Mt Rushmore @ 12:00 noon replay

Plus some context . PLUS THIS: I was going to add that I thought this was the best speech Donald Trump has ever given, but thought I would see what others said first. I am not alone on this. You … Continue reading

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Democrat ignorance knows no bounds

I searched for as many of these as I could find since I refused to believe it the first time I came across the story. Trump ‘glorifying white supremacy’ with July 4 fireworks at Mount Rushmore, Democrats say Democratic Party: … Continue reading

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