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Democrat-spoiling anti-leftist Kanye West declared mentally ill

But the ABC’s concern-trolling ‘psychology lecturer’ hasn’t diagnosed any conditions for this white man:

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Greg Sheridan vs. Donald Trump

ONE of the laptop lockdowners making a pyjama-clad living while cheering the incarceration of the underclass, The Australian’s foreign editor has posted yet another hysterical column about the twin evils of coronavirus and Donald Trump today. He slams the President … Continue reading

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How do Democrats get a single vote?

President of Portland police union, targeted in protests, says community has ‘had enough’ Oregonian, by Tom Hallman, Jr. Original Article Hours before what is expected to be the 53rd straight night of protests in the city, the head of the Portland police … Continue reading

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Meet the “Hi, Alan” guy’s American cousin

 WaPo and Fairfax make the introductions…                                                                                       ‘It’s OK to change your mind’: Trump voters join ‘Never Trump’ ranks.   “Hi, my name is Josh and I live in North Carolina and I voted for Donald Trump — my bad, fam,” … Continue reading

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It’s a horror story so far

But only in November will we know whether it has a happy ending.

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Whiteness defined

The poster is found here: Smithsonian’s Anti-White Propaganda. It supposedly provides the characteristics of “white culture”, which seems like an astonishingly racist term and generalisation. Even “people of colour” have now also adopted many of these character traits. Yet for … Continue reading

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Breaking at the ABC: Ivanka Trump probably Gitmo-bound

“Will she be punished?”

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Virus, China, terrorism, the economy, social chaos, war …

He’s good to go. The picture was taken last week. Biden is deteriorating noticeably on a monthly, if not weekly, basis.

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PDT latest press conference

Perhaps the most interesting part is that the President’s hair has gone completely white. Most of what he says you can find out in the media, but only through the distortions and outright lies that are an integral part of … Continue reading

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Jessica Whitaker

Don’t expect Four Corners to tell her story. For the left, this killing was – more or less – justifiable homicide: Young mother, 24, shot dead after saying “all lives matter” during argument with BLM supporters. Why saying “all lives … Continue reading

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