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Guest post: Problems on the Brereton Inquiry front

Post-script Preamble I wrote the opinion piece below a month before the release of the Brereton Report.  The language is harsh and unforgiving, but offers the best expression of my values I could muster.  In the aftermath of last week’s … Continue reading

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Shutting the Gategate

AS I predicted two weeks ago, Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission announced yesterday it will not take any action over sensational claims that about two million misappropriated dollars found their way from a Vatican fund controlled by disgraced cardinal, Giovanni … Continue reading

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Single-word edit a very sound idea. Now, about being “free”…

NSW Premier wants national anthem changed to acknowledge Indigenous Australians.

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Bless. They really believe they’re globally important figures

• Australian politicians rebuke Trump, stating US voters ‘deserve to have their voices heard’. • Australian politicians express dismay over how the US election has unfolded. • Australian MPs call on Trump to respect the verdict of the voters.

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Young adult material on your ABC. Our taxes at work

Thanks to Tony Thomas for having the intestinal fortitude to watch. I suppose someone has to. Enjoy! With approval at highest levels, the ABC is encouraging schoolchildren 15 years and upwards to view salacious ABC materials. This week the ABC … Continue reading

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Sign for your children, sign for a better world

That Rudd, with that stupid beard, looks like a rat peering through a toilet brush…” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ – The central proposition for a petition being drafted by Daily Llama.

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The People’s Mitigation Army

When they’re not shooting combat warriors in the back, ADF top brass are fretting about the weather: Australian Army reservists to be compulsorily called out to respond to more bushfires, natural disasters and coronavirus-style crises. We’ve never been so busy … Continue reading

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He picked the wrong week to name-drop a celebrity pants man

Thank you Hugh Grant for joining us in support of our petition for a #MurdochRoyalCommission to ensure media diversity in Australia. Murdoch has been a damaging influence in the US and UK as he is here. Australians sign today: … Continue reading

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Cardimona claims his Constitutional rights

And Cardimona is the winner! Manager agrees fee is not applicable because of the Australian Constitution. Permit granted. We’re about to get a thunderstorm so I’ll start tomorrow. I want to be there between 1000 and 1300, precisely because of … Continue reading

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Were it any other city, I’d ridicule the coppers for being so toey

Halloween decorations including hanging body bag draw comparisons with lynching. What’s the idea here?”      – An Adelaide police officer demands an explanation of symbolic intent   Why two adults would decorate their yard at all for America’s stupidest cultural festival … Continue reading

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