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“…a purpose built facility to move large groups of people to…”

 The final solution                                                                                                                                 A top Australian epidemiologist says it’s time to lock down all of Melbourne. When they do find the ‘positives’, they need to put them somewhere safe, somewhere very ethical where they can be looked after mentally and … Continue reading

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“Time for a class action by the people of Australia against Daniel Andrews”

This may be the longest letter to the editor I have ever seen at the Oz. And it’s right on the money. History may be repeating itself. According to the National Museum of Australia, the 1918-19 flu pandemic started in … Continue reading

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David Bidstrup. Mission creep in the Australian federation.

The chaotic response to the Chinese virus with all the attendant destruction of livelihoods and businesses shows some serious flaws with our federation and the continual arm wrestle between the sovereign states and the federal government. It is clear to … Continue reading

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Paul Collits on the way we are losing the cultural and political wars

He has an impressive cv and his argument is summed up in this short tract. The_Australian_Rights_Big_Mistake (2) The main thing is to appreciate that culture is  upstream of politics and the mainstream of the political culture is no better on … Continue reading

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QE Phooey

Never forget that governments have no money – it is always ours. If there really were a costless way to finance government spending it would have been discovered by now. In the economic menu of life there are lunches of … Continue reading

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A Fairfax exclusive: men are pursuing good sorts, readers told

I’m a young barrister. Let me tell you about the ubiquitous nature of sexual harassment.

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The position this country puts Aboriginal journalists in

 Bienvenue au pays                                                                                                                              Covering black deaths in Australia led me to a breakdown, but that’s the position this country puts Aboriginal journalists in. … it was on my couch in Paris that I opened Facebook and saw the George Floyd … Continue reading

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How bad are things, economically – really? Well, Peter Costello explains that only a non-leftist Liberal government can save us

 That bad                                                                                                                                              Paul Kelly: Coronavirus and its lethal politics chipping away at life as we knew it. Drawing on his experience, former long-­serving treasurer Peter Costello tells Inquirer he anticipates that federal government debt will reach one trillion dollars when … Continue reading

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Bill’s mother-in-law weighs in

Quentin Bryce praises ‘strength and courage’ of Heydon’s alleged victims. October, 2009: Staff desert Australia’s Governor-General Quentin Bryce. She is always perfectly dressed and polite in public. But it seems that Quentin Bryce, the Australian Governor-General, is also almost impossible … Continue reading

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June 24, 2010

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