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Malcolm Ocasio-Cortez

“re-take the House & Senate in 2022” like you did on 6 January 2021? — Malcolm Turnbull (@TurnbullMalcolm) May 6, 2021

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The Rudd-Turnbull axis strikes again

From Ace of Spades just now, under the heading, “Top Story”. I think they’re laughing at us. Future tense, present tense, what’s the difference? “Today, approximately 3.5 million premises across Australia can access the NBN Home Ultrafast wholesale speed tier … Continue reading

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For good of the nation, Emilia and Tina must return to work

The ABC asks two typical Aussie battler families about their ‘childcare’ needs… Federal budget boost to parental leave, childcare could lift women’s workforce participation. For Alex and Emilia Bachem the idea that childcare isn’t seen as a cost of working, … Continue reading

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What a c … contrast

Charming. Speaking to a crowd of union members and their supporters at a Labour Day rally, Steven Miles — who hasn’t been shy about criticising the federal government on policy issues — seemingly called Scott Morrison a c***, which he quickly … Continue reading

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Breeding ignorance

There are lots of ways to assess a civilisation, but there is no denying that the one we live in here in Australia is the most successful so far as economic prosperity and personal freedom are concerned. We in the … Continue reading

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What is Greg Hunt thinking?

Overnight the government has banned Australian citizens from entering the country from India. There is talk of imposing $60,000 fines and/or 5 year prison terms for anyone who violates the ban. This is literally a crime against humanity. 1. Everyone … Continue reading

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Vikki Campion guest post. Cancel Culture the real rat

RODENTS may be plaguing the east of Australia where frost and cannibalism will eventually mollify their numbers, but it’s the real rats in our media and online doing more damage. They have taken control of the narrative and they have … Continue reading

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Alan Moran’s Climate News and Paddy McGuinness remembered

Alan Moran’s May edition of  Climate News. An alarming survey of human folly around the world, Polls show US voters overwhelmingly favour the proposed deeper reductions in emissions. The US is starting to ban fracking, which has proved to be environmentally safe … Continue reading

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“The jury agreed, and Eckersley walked away from court…”

If 12 Australians see this as “manslaughter only,” do we still regard the elderly as fully human?

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Scott Morrison political philosopher

I know it’s unfashionable to say anything positive about Scott Morrison but I fear he may be under-appreciated. But where can you find such sentiments expressed anywhere any more by anyone who leads a government: Don’t give in to identity … Continue reading

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