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Pushy Galore

I always thought it was the sacred role of our courts to be strictly impartial as they adjudicate the rights and wrongs, claims and counter-claims that are brought before them. Judges of the soon to be merged Federal and Family … Continue reading

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She was a girl – let’s leave it at that

Mother of Makhia Bryant: “She was a very loving, peaceful little girl.”

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Underbite girl won’t take no for an answer

Yes, this is real. The Morrison government on sex, consent, cream and tacos: In A Bizarre New Video, The Government Tries To Teach Us About Consent. This is the government's new video to educate teenagers on consent… and honestly, I … Continue reading

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Noted sex kitten mocks Mrs M

I genuinely thought this was a photoshopped Handmaid’s Tale meme. But no. It’s 21st century Aussie life. — Magda Szubanski AO (@MagdaSzubanski) April 11, 2021

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How immoral is online gambling?

There is an article in The Times today that asks a question about Denise Coates: … on the moral balance sheet can she truly register as good? This is immediately after the article has set out her good deeds. Unlike … Continue reading

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There are solutions to this problem

If quota is the buzzword of the week, then I would argue this. What we need in Parliament is a quota of normal people. Is it too much to ask our politicians to act like reasonable and decent human beings? … Continue reading

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“The world’s biggest pain in the arse”

The fact is that the way evolution has worked its way through the millennia, men do everything they can to accommodate women. “Women and children first” was, and probably still is, the mantra in any emergency where lives are at … Continue reading

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24 Hour Party People

The Guardian, 2014: Iran’s morality police: patrolling the streets by stealth. The Guardian, 2021: Police could patrol nightclubs in drive to protect women. Plainclothes police officers could patrol bars and nightclubs around England and Wales, as part of plans to … Continue reading

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Generation I for narcissism and ignorance

I’ll tell you why I care, though I don’t care much. Harry and Meghan are a metaphor for millions of young people spitting on the tradition they’ve inherited, knowing neither its worth nor what they owe it. They’re a cartoon … Continue reading

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Are we the stupidest people who have ever lived?

This is the title: Climate and COVID: The Erosion of Common Intelligence and Common Sense by David Solway. This is the first para: In a recent article for PJ Media, I discussed the decline in IQ scores across the West over the last … Continue reading

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