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Melanin supremacy

This is quite a worrying story: Biden Pick For Civil Rights Chief Promoted Racism and Anti-Semitism at Harvard. Kristen Clarke, President-elect Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, advanced pseudoscientific theories of black racial superiority and … Continue reading

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My life matters

Who are these protestors out on the streets of Australia today endangering the lives of the rest of us? Police out in force as anti-lockdown protesters take to streets. Who cares about any of this – Victorians are staring into … Continue reading

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World Notices The Culture of Death Dan (via Gab)

Assisted suicide and euthanasia more than 10 times higher than predicted in Australian state.

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Good choice – Richard Colbeck trained as a carpenter

You know, I sit in the Senate every day with this bloke, and I tell you … I would not trust the care of my parents to him.” – Nasty Penny Wong does her bit for Operation Distract From Dracula … Continue reading

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The Anthony Seibold situation

EVEN those who don’t follow rugby league are aware that Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold is enduring one of the most hellish seasons in NRL history, both personally and professionally. His team has crashed to its worst ever slump and … Continue reading

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Veronica Baker is not trending and won’t be discussed on Q&A

Her life mattered. #VeronicaLeeBaker — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) August 20, 2020

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Fan told

This tweet is lovely in sentiment but would have been better if the word “lady” had been omitted. I am 50. I have been a journalist for 30 years. My talent or otherwise has nothing to do with my gender … Continue reading

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Don’t take anything less than a fiver, love

Sydney bar manager who took man to court for slapping her bottom says she hopes for change.

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Not Up There, Cazaly

Richmond players apologise to Mabior Chol for ‘unacceptable behaviour’. EXACTLY when did the sportsmen in this country become a bunch of buttock-patting, penis-grabbing queers? (And that is not meant as disrespect to straight-up gay men. They don’t deserve such a … Continue reading

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Attention Australian bishops: why not hold Mass at Bunnings?

Video: Barred from attending church, Christians hold worship service at Walmart.

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