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It isn’t your money. It belongs to Scott and Josh

Economists slam ‘outrageous’ lockdown secrecy. The government has refused to ­release Treasury documents that spell out the assumed costs and benefits of border closures, lockdowns and other COVID-19 ­restrictions, a decision prominent economists have slammed as ­“outrageous”. The federal government … Continue reading

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Can LDP replace the Liberal Party?

Politically, Australia is facing the complete rout of the liberal concept since March 2020. Leaders from both major parties have brushed off human rights as even being relevant to Australia, such has been the betrayal of liberty. On 10 September … Continue reading

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Read more Oakeshott

This morning I saw this post over at Econlog: Oakeshott is not very popular among libertarians, either. Libertarians may be wary of him for a few, understandable reasons: he was a British idealist (that smells of Hegel!), he was a … Continue reading

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The influence of Karl Popper and Critical Rationalism

A great admirer of Karl Popper has launched the My Popper site to provide a place for people to record the personal impact of his ideas. My on-line contribution started in 2002 when my wife created a website named the … Continue reading

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Walter Williams 1936 – 2020

Walter Williams died Wednesday morning after teaching his final class at George Mason University on Tuesday. He was 84. For 40 years Walter was the heart and soul of George Mason’s unique Department of Economics. Our department unapologetically resists the … Continue reading

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The case for calling off the Covid dogs

This is from Chris Uhlmann in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and yet for all that, I find I agree with the whole thing. There is some minor softening of his criticisms but he does seem to get to … Continue reading

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The vultures are coming home to roost

Jack the Insider has a great rant today about some very silly people. Refusing to wear masks in public, provoking the police, buying crystals to ward off 5G radiation … Jack asks the question: The question that has been gnawing … Continue reading

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Paul Kelly on Patrick J. Deneen

Paul Kelly has an oped in The Australian today revisiting one of his recent themes – the centre cannot hold. I want to focus on one aspect of his argument: The ultimate statement reflecting this rage is the 2018 book, … Continue reading

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Deirdre McCloskey on COVID-19 and Statism

Deirdre McCloskey has a new essay. European intellectuals from Voltaire to Lenin have had only three really big political ideas. One of them, the liberalism conceived in the 18th century by Voltaire and Adam Smith, and carried on by people like Mary … Continue reading

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Is there a Bert Kelly in the House?

Bert Kelly is gone but he must never  be forgotten. John Hyde followed in his footsteps and  he wrote this valuable reminder of the service that Bert rendered to the nation. Australian democracy’s processes are far from perfect but they … Continue reading

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