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My review of Jordan Peterson’s latest book

I have written a review of Jordan Peterson’s latest book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, which you can now read at Quadrant Online under the title that represents my take on what he wrote: Abandon Ideology. I will … Continue reading

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Muddy – Beer Wench

I hope that former U.S. President Donald Trump does not choose to stand for election again. I hope this because I believe that conservatism possesses an unhealthy dependence upon messiah-like figures. This dependence allows an abrogation of personal and subcultural … Continue reading

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Toxic liars

The question asked in this post from Powerline is WHO WILL BE THE NEXT NEOCONSERVATIVES?, that is, who will be among those who moved from left to right when they finally found out how vile and repulsive the left really … Continue reading

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In academia who would self-report anything else?

I have just received a note from a journal that my article will not be included in a forthcoming overview of one of the world’s great economists (now sadly deceased). I am sorry to inform you that your proposal has … Continue reading

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Vikky Campion on the dysfunctional Coalition partnership

See Cardinoma on the open thread at 6.16. Just this week, the Liberals stole a seat from the Nats forever. Port Macquarie has become the only Liberal seat in the nation where not a single soul voted Liberal – not … Continue reading

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Liberal Wet compares Daniel Andrews to Teddy Roosevelt

Daniel Andrews ‘working his absolute guts out’, says NSW ex-premier Mike Baird. This just in from San Juan Hill: Victoria reaches grim new high of 19 deaths.

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David Budstrup guest post. Light blue touch paper and stand clear.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on the post “Some thoughts on an Australia Republic”. I expected a robust response and was not disappointed. Just for the record, I am 72 this year. I worked for 40+ years as … Continue reading

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Paul Kelly on Patrick J. Deneen

Paul Kelly has an oped in The Australian today revisiting one of his recent themes – the centre cannot hold. I want to focus on one aspect of his argument: The ultimate statement reflecting this rage is the 2018 book, … Continue reading

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Paul Collits provides a bit of background on the state of NSW

Why did the State of New South Wales have such a mediocrity inflicted upon it as premier after Mike Baird’s exit from politics in January 2017?  Why did Australia get such an ersatz conservative as prime minister in 2018 after … Continue reading

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Who knows what will come next?

I would like to discuss a previous thread by one of our anonymous posters who wrote “about the only thing of note that I haven’t mentioned is the hysterical meltdown of those on the libertarian side of things to just … Continue reading

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