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Paul Kelly on Patrick J. Deneen

Paul Kelly has an oped in The Australian today revisiting one of his recent themes – the centre cannot hold. I want to focus on one aspect of his argument: The ultimate statement reflecting this rage is the 2018 book, … Continue reading

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Paul Collits provides a bit of background on the state of NSW

Why did the State of New South Wales have such a mediocrity inflicted upon it as premier after Mike Baird’s exit from politics in January 2017?  Why did Australia get such an ersatz conservative as prime minister in 2018 after … Continue reading

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Who knows what will come next?

I would like to discuss a previous thread by one of our anonymous posters who wrote “about the only thing of note that I haven’t mentioned is the hysterical meltdown of those on the libertarian side of things to just … Continue reading

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Norman Swan v Peter Hitchens

Normal Swan has apparently become the guru of choice in Australia on the Corona Virus: Australia’s Coronavirus Guru Is Taking His New Celebrity Status Seriously. Perfect for the job: “seems calm, consistent, and knowledgeable. His delivery has been appropriately urgent, … Continue reading

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Uniting the Non-Left 1986

This was written in 1986 in response to a piece by Greg Sheridan in The Weekend Australian describing three strands of right-wing thought and floating the idea of a merger. He pondered the prospect of some masterly theorist effecting a … Continue reading

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Remind me: Who won the last election?

Update: From the Hansard: Senator KENEALLY (New South Wales—Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate) (15:55): I move: That the Senate— (a) notes that:    (i) on the same day that Queensland Police Commissioner, Ms Katarina Carroll, said it was inappropriate … Continue reading

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The Greiner landslide of 1988. A warning to Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison

At the March 1988 election, Nick Greiner led the Coalition to a landslide victory in NSW to end a long period of Labor rule under Neville Wran. The Coalition scored a swing of over 8 percent and took 22 seats from … Continue reading

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Who governs Australia?

Here is Morgan Begg in The Australian: Bureaucrats are using Australia’s foreign-influence laws to run a covert political operation out of the Attorney-General’s Department to silence Australians because of their political beliefs, all under the nose of the Coalition government. Here … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott is a treasonous commie

I have been having FAR TOO MUCH fun recently mocking the journalist class for their new found concern over national security laws. While they were playing silly buggers, whack-a-libertarian, and preaching on high to we lessor mortals the parliament passed … Continue reading

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An employment contract is not slavery

Christian Porter in The Australian: Most Australians perhaps think that businesses have gone, large businesses in particular, a little bit too far in telling them how to live their lives and what they can and can’t say in their spare … Continue reading

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