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When all else fails, find a “death threat”

I’M not worried about the so-called “death threats” which Queensland’s governing class – the chummy, COVID-hysterical, them-against-us Karenclatura of police, medical “officials,” journalists and Annastacia Palaszczuk – has suddenly invented to silence criticism of unctuous virus czar Jeanette Young. We’ve … Continue reading

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Victoria now introduces detention without trial

The Victorian government have introduced a COVID omnibus bill into the Parliament. Here is Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy explaining the bill to the parliament. This is the bit of her explanation that I want to highlight (emphasis added): The ability for … Continue reading

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The Only Honourable Course

YES, be more like this guy. The now former Victorian Treasury economist Sanjeev Sabhlok certainly is. His apologia in today’s AFR is sufficiently important to warrant being posted here in full in the public interest. To those who would argue … Continue reading

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Freedom Slipping Away

Well done to the Cats who produced this. Many thanks to the people who have sent this to me.

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Liar Dan and the fine art of casuistry

This is the front page of the Oz: Andrews letters: PM’s offers met by silence. And then see precisely what Silent Dan says: Revelations of the Prime Minister’s offers of help to Mr And­rews came as the Premier said on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Mark Hornshaw & Zac Gorman: Australia’s Violent Enforcement of Lockdowns Sparks Memories of the Eureka Rebellion

2020 is looking eerily similar to 1854 for the people of Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state. This footage reveals a little of the current scene, with Aussies protesting against draconian lockdowns, and police in riot gear arresting them in … Continue reading

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“All of it can be avoided if people don’t protest”

Victorian police stomped on the head of a mentally-ill man in Epping, and he's now in a coma. Andrews: "all this can be avoided if people don't protest." — Melbourne Prisoner 🇦🇺 (@melbprisoner) September 14, 2020

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‘I’ll lose election before backing down on borders,’ says Palaszczuk

Annastasi Palaszczuk: “If it means I have to lose the election, I will risk all that if it means keeping Queenslanders safe,” she said on Monday. The electorate: I don’t know if Palaszczuk will or won’t win the upcoming Queensland … Continue reading

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Can he breathe? III

Update: Even worse images have come to light. #BREAKING New video shows police drive into a man in Epping before an officer stomped on his head during his arrest yesterday. The man, 32, was unarmed and was earlier at Northern … Continue reading

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If you read one op-ed today …

David Penberthy is really good: I am less interested for the purposes of this column in Dan’s totalitarian credentials, impressive as they may be, than in the blind, Kool-Aid skolling fanaticism of his loyal army of followers, who would have … Continue reading

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