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Camus’ The Plague

Not a single person I once was friends with back in Canada has changed their political position in all the years since I’ve known them, not a single one, and I’ve known them all for more than fifty years. It … Continue reading

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Jeannette Airlines

I have four planes on the ground, two in Townsville and two in Brisbane that we can use to go and get anyone who’s a confirmed case and move them to Rockhampton or Brisbane.” – CHO Jeannette Young doesn’t own … Continue reading

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Modern Europe: grotesque cowardice cloaked as sacrifice

Dutch PM Mark Rutte didn’t visit dying mother due to lockdown restrictions.   Meanwhile, Britain has become arguably the world’s most corona-hysterical nation. Even the so-called bishops of the Church of England – including Vivienne, Helen-Ann, Olivia and Emma – … Continue reading

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When the facts change …

This morning an op-ed in the AFR caught my eye. It is by Steven Hamilton and Chris Edmond. They make the argument that the $130 billion $70 billion JobKeeper program can be finetuned. By deleting just two words in the … Continue reading

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Zoom scoop reveals why Democrats love the lockdown

Politico: The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading.   IT’S the big political story of the day in the US: Harvard professor Jason Furman, former top economic adviser to Barack Obama, says the US economy will roar back to … Continue reading

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“What makes the boat go faster?”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave an address to the National Press Club today – the transcript is here. As always with these things there seems to a lot to like and things to dislike. To like: This health and economic … Continue reading

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When schadenfreude backfires

PVO has been having far too much fun recently mocking the federal government over its handling of COVID-19. He has been a huge advocate of destroying children’s educational prospects the schools lockout. Just last week it looked like his warnings … Continue reading

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Reaping the whirlwind

The video is on the simplistic side but is accurate enough. The point is that spending of itself doesn’t make your economy grow and more especially, able to repay a loan. Only value adding investment does that, investments where every … Continue reading

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Norman Swan apparently bored with talk of a “second wave”

How complacency could trigger a third wave and force us back indoors.

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The new epidemiology: save every Labor metropolitan seat

ALLYSON Horn has an opinion piece this morning at ABC Online in which she argues Annastacia Palaszczuk will reap political dividends by keeping Queensland closed – largely because of the Sunshine State’s traditional hostility to bossy southerners. Death, disease and … Continue reading

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