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Officialdom and the media to Australians …

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Led by credulous morons

Coronavirus crisis projected to add $620bn to Australia’s net debt, PBO says. Australia’s legacy of the COVID-19 crisis will be additional net debt of up to $620bn by the end of this decade, while the budget deficit will peak at … Continue reading

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So why can’t we go to the football?

Or to Church, or funerals, or weddings, or work?

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Green light from Eileen

I’ve spoken to my friend Eileen who is a doctor (she has a PhD in Gender Studies) and apparently the coronavirus has agreed to take a few days off to support our cause. ✊ — Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) June … Continue reading

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The Lancet retracts anti-hydroxychloroquine paper

WAS a deliberately fraudulent “peer-reviewed” “study” rushed into print to score a political win against Donald Trump? It seems that’s part of the story in what has become the latest academic fraud perpetrated on, or by, the Lancet, a once … Continue reading

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Boris G: Were lockdowns justified? What’s the reference?

Initially, when people witnessed exponential rise in death toll, public opposition to lockdowns was extremely limited. But as the threat appears to have passed in most western countries, the patience runs out, and economic impact becomes apparent, views questioning and … Continue reading

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Earth to media: nobody cares any more. It’s over.

Coronavirus Australia update: Australia surpasses 1.5 million test milestone.

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Sweden has “got quite a long way to the same effect”

Epidemiologist Who Triggered Worldwide Lockdowns Admits: Without Instituting Full Lockdown, Sweden Essentially Getting Same Effect On Tuesday, Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London, whose bleak projections of future deaths from COVID-19 influenced governments around the world to institute massive lockdowns, admitted of … Continue reading

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Victorian government decides that Black Lives Don’t Matter

Last week is a foreign country; they did things differently there. The Financial Review, 29 May: “For all of June, at least June, and it could go beyond that, if you have been working from home, you must continue working … Continue reading

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The Nathan Turner Scandal

 Hysteria-cum-fanaticism has ended in disgraceful farce                                                                     NO, Nathan Turner, 30 – the Blackwater local touted giddily by the Queensland Premier and the state’s Chief Health Officer, Jeannette Young, as “Australia’s youngest victim of coronavirus” – did not die of coronavirus. … Continue reading

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