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Zeev Vinokurov: Cities can grow without gridlock

Perhaps you’ve heard of the City of Melbourne’s misguided plan to ban non-resident cars from the CBD. It’s understandable: our economy and population are growing, and the resulting congestion is costing us thousands of dollars per year individually, and billions … Continue reading

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Chris Berg: Are Australians ready to embrace libertarianism?

How much influence does libertarianism have on Australian politics? The first thing to know is that the Australian political system has very few libertarians in it. The only federal member of parliament to self-describe as a libertarian is Senator David … Continue reading

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Terry Barnes: Life is short but smokers’ lives are shorter. Legalise vaping now.

The much-anticipated House of Representatives committee report on e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers – in other words, vaping – was tabled on Wednesday. Very predictably, the majority of MPs came down in favour of the status quo: we don’t know the long-term risks of … Continue reading

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“They still don’t understand Trump”

Newt Gingrich: Trump (and his success) continues to baffle our country’s elites. What’s going on? It’s been nearly 14 months since President Trump took office, but the media and Washington establishment still don’t understand our nation’s 45th president. They continue to … Continue reading

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Kate Sills: The Promise of Smart Contracts

                     STAN Jerry, we’re not just going to give you seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. WADE What the heck were you thinkin’? Heck, if I’m only gettin’ bank interest, I’d look for complete security. Heck, FDIC. I don’t see nothin’ … Continue reading

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Ed West: How Capitalism Tamed Medieval Europe

In 1278, the King of England came up with a new plan to raise money and land, as leaders are fond of doing. Certain that historic privileges had been usurped by uppity subjects, King Edward sent royal officers around to … Continue reading

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Jim Powell: A Salute to Bettina Bien Greaves

Bettina Bien Greaves is an extraordinary, unsung resource for liberty. Now FEE’s Resident Scholar, a FEE Trustee, Freeman Contributing Editor, and two-time Guest Editor, she has done so many things for so many people for so long, it’s past time … Continue reading

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Terry Barnes: Simon Chapman defends disruptive new technology

In Wednesday’s Australian Financial Review, public health academic and media commentator Simon Chapman came out in strong support of a new, disruptive technology. Talking to AFR journalist Jill Margo, Chapman was eager to debunk theories about this technology and claims that it leads … Continue reading

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Allan Golombek: Technology’s Creative Destruction Is Pro-Worker

Fears of AI seem to be everywhere. One of its favorite hang-outs is, where several books — such as Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots  — predict the end of work. They follow a well-tread path. Twenty-two years ago, Jeremy Rifkin … Continue reading

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John Adams: Hanson and Bernardi face a looming Senate showdown

With speculation rampant that the Coalition will take Australians to an early federal election in September 2018 to avoid a spate of state election campaigns, political manoeuvrings have already begun in the race for New South Wales’ sixth senate spot … Continue reading

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