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The man universally endorsed by Australian feminists

THERE’S a lot to see in Texas and many hands to shake at the Houston food bank whose staff are working to make the world a better place for the poor. But Joe Biden, presently visiting the Lone Star State, … Continue reading

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But we did invent hamburgers, pizza and doughnuts

Never in the field of human oppression have so few fed so much to so many: Critical race theory perfectly encapsulated in one image. A poisonous, intellectually vacuous doctrine & a racist grift. And, yet its influence is enormous & … Continue reading

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People have been dying for a long time for a lot of reasons

The page above is taken from The Perpetual Almanack of Folklore for February 17 which shows, if you can read the print: During the week which ended on this day in 1719, the following diseases and conditions proved fatal to the … Continue reading

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Arky: The twelve things that comprise the Shit Vortex

1. Education as indoctrination. A large chunk of the population, given an alternative would take their children out of a system where an indoctrination in Marxist ideology has replaced useful content. Unfortunately the state has an iron grip on education, … Continue reading

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R G Collingwood on the corruption of public opinion

An early warning in An Autobiography (1939). An extract from a recent commentary on Collingwood. He did not see democracy in the traditional way, as one form of government amongst others. As far as he was concerned, “the democratic system … Continue reading

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Inclusion of transgender athletes the elephant in the room during AFLW’s Pride Round. Concerning: This did the rounds yesterday but there is no news of police rescuing the toddler.

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Biden restores re-education

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden rescinded the Trump administration’s executive order prohibiting critical race theory (CRT) training for federal agencies and federal contractors. This is a sad reversal for Americans committed to colorblindness in public life. … Continue reading

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Cultural decline: Inaugural festivities then and now

A thrilling moment for somebody: Justin Timberlake to perform at Biden’s inauguration.   But there was a time when giants walked the earth and the King of Cool pretended to stagger along with them:

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Phil Spector 1939 – 2021

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation confirmed the death in a statement. The official cause of death hasn’t yet been determined. Since 2009, Mr. Spector had been serving a sentence of 19 years to life for the 2003 shooting … Continue reading

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About time

As Cassie revealed in the Open Thread: The maker of popular board game Scrabble is facing a human rights complaint … About bloody time. All those millions and millions of children forced to play Scrabble by their parents because it … Continue reading

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