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“Monty makes a very intelligent point” — KilldozerSZN (@KilldozerSZN) August 4, 2020

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Should Aborigines be banned from writing violin concertos?

It’s no more ridiculous than a Federal government ban on non-Aborigines working in Aboriginal styles.

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Our Lady of The Flu

When Jesus came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him. A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus reached out his hand and touched the … Continue reading

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But enough about the dying elderly…

A professional Muslim MMA fighter quarantined in a Melbourne hotel says he was fed food that was not halal.

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Written before Joe Biden accepted the Democrat nomination

Notwithstanding that the Civil War is hard to top, there’s always room in a democracy for alternative views: One hundred years later to the day, any sober and dispassionate mind must conclude that giving ladies the right to vote was … Continue reading

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Fan told

This tweet is lovely in sentiment but would have been better if the word “lady” had been omitted. I am 50. I have been a journalist for 30 years. My talent or otherwise has nothing to do with my gender … Continue reading

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Dream Team opportunity lost

ONE of the big what-ifs of the current nominations cycle in US politics is how the Biden movement could have been made that much more stable and sane were J Mai on the ticket. Alas, J Mai only got to … Continue reading

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Nick Cave as one of the most important theologians of our time

“Political Correctness Has Grown To Become The Unhappiest Religion In The World”.   I use the word theologian advisedly. Cave’s description of the vengeful thuggery literally dominating the public square right now as “mercy’s antithesis” is brilliant – as are … Continue reading

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D’rat Fuckers

Kevin Rudd rages over controversial Kamala Harris cartoon. So how on earth does Murdoch editor Chris Dore justify publishing a racist and sexist cartoon about a US Senator who is likely to be the next Vice-President of the US? Murdoch … Continue reading

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Dieu merci: “Notre-Dame de Paris will be rebuilt identically”

Historian of the cathedral, Agnès Poirier, celebrates the triumph of a pure restorationist vision: After fifteen months of suspense during which designers from around the world have come up with the most audacious if not totally bizarre designs for Notre-Dame’s … Continue reading

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