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Individuals with a cervix

Aren’t they called women? — Laurence Fox 🇭🇰 (@LozzaFox) July 31, 2020

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The vultures are coming home to roost

Jack the Insider has a great rant today about some very silly people. Refusing to wear masks in public, provoking the police, buying crystals to ward off 5G radiation … Jack asks the question: The question that has been gnawing … Continue reading

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Cultural inappropriation

Must say, when I arrived here from Canada back in 1975 I was quite astonished then to find Coon Cheese on sale. A North American impossibility both then and now but an absolutely nothing-at-all here in Australia. It is just … Continue reading

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White Democrats aren’t ready to give up the plantation keys

Have you noticed how black people have largely gone home from many of these set-piece dumbo dramas? Shut up, pussy. What is all this ‘bro’ shit, anyway? You wanna be super-spade or something? These guys don’t wanna be your ‘bro’ … Continue reading

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Winners Are Grinners and ABC Losers Can Please Themselves

January: Teenagers in MAGA caps stare down native American protester during DC rally. A diocese in Kentucky is looking into videos that show young men, possibly from its all-male high school, mocking Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial after a … Continue reading

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They Like Big Bs and They Cannot Lie

Associated Press says it will capitalize Black but not white. NEW YORK (AP) — After changing its usage rules last month to capitalize the word “Black” when used in the context of race and culture, The Associated Press on Monday … Continue reading

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Ghislaine Maxwell is entitled to the presumption of innocence

THE Daily Mail-style entertainment event and the conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein are at least founded on demonstrable wrongdoing: he was convicted of offences involving an underage girl and – now that he’s dead – there is no need to … Continue reading

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Why do Victorians keep voting for Daniel Andrews?

 Science may finally have an answer                                                                                                   Cat mind-altering parasite widespread in Australia: study. A surprising new study suggests two-thirds of Australians have been exposed to a potentially mind-altering cat parasite. Toxoplasma gondii is famous for manipulating the brains of infected … Continue reading

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How affirmative action played out for Michelle Obama

h/t Herodotus on the open thread. A piece about the substandard work that Michelle Obama presented to get a higher degree at Princeton where she was clearly out of her depth. As she admitted “I sometimes feel like a visitor … Continue reading

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Escape From Flu Talk

Working on a screenplay where Scott Morrison’s private jet crashlands somewhere in Victoria and I am sent in to land a glider on the top of Federation Square and extract him by any means necessary. With the help of a … Continue reading

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