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Gone With The Wind

“…sometimes it would carve me up inside.” The ABC finds a grown man who is having a hard time emotionally because his toddler girls prefer mummy. Needless to say, there is a feminist ‘expert’ on the payroll to help:                   Why … Continue reading

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The world of the future may already be here

As it always is. Although even I knew the song. From See Boston Dynamics robots show off seriously impressive dance moves.

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Roof On The Fiddler

THE ABC’s culture wars rolodex is jam-packed with anyone-but-Anglos but when it comes to race suicide, the national broadcaster has chosen as didactic exemplars a white violin teacher and the family whose expansion he joyously terminated. Lecturing men of colour … Continue reading

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They could lead to dancing

                    Why Gladys Berejiklian should cancel the fireworks – forever. There is no justification for having New Year’s Eve fireworks, none. Not this year, not any year.” – Jenna Price   Why are left-wing white women so angry and unhappy? Aussie … Continue reading

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Rita Rules

IF you missed it last week: Every minute of Rita Panahi’s chat with Dave Rubin is engaging and interesting. I especially liked Rubin’s analysis of occultist loon Tom Cruise. At no point did I think of clicking away.

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Read more Oakeshott

This morning I saw this post over at Econlog: Oakeshott is not very popular among libertarians, either. Libertarians may be wary of him for a few, understandable reasons: he was a British idealist (that smells of Hegel!), he was a … Continue reading

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Because Michelle Grattan cancelled at the last minute

I still think there’s some [sexist] hangovers that haven’t gone and the experience for women and men on TV is different, but it’s come a long way.” – Carrie Bickmore posed in bikinis and undies in News Corp’s Sunday liftouts … Continue reading

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John le Carré (1931-2020)

John le Carré was the greatest spy novelist of my generation and may have been the greatest ever. He passed away yesterday and here are three obits if you would like to catch up on the details: this from The … Continue reading

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Skye Knew

💻 NEWS: West Midlands PC Skye Morden is determined to blaze a trail for other transgender police officers.Skye knew that though she was assigned male at birth and had lived as a man for many years, she was, in fact, … Continue reading

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I guess “the psychosis of white supremacy” has its advantages

If known-in-Melbourne Heritier Lumumba reveres Africa, why didn’t he move there instead of Los Angeles?

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