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What they said: Cancel Culture

Op-eds that would have easily been published just two years ago would now get an editor or a writer in serious trouble, if not fired. If a piece is perceived as likely to inspire backlash internally or on social media, … Continue reading

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Jessica Whitaker

Don’t expect Four Corners to tell her story. For the left, this killing was – more or less – justifiable homicide: Young mother, 24, shot dead after saying “all lives matter” during argument with BLM supporters. Why saying “all lives … Continue reading

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Peter Baldwin on the menace of identity politics

For the benefit of people who don’t regularly see The Weekend Australian this a fine contribution that appeared last weekend. The good news is that it attracted almost 700 comments, overwhelmingly in support. Peter Baldwin Racing to tear down the … Continue reading

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Cancel Karl

On further reflection, there may be some upsides to this cancel culture business, specially within economics. How bout this fellow Karl Marx. There’s a dead white European male if ever there was one. Why isn’t he now being cancelled? How … Continue reading

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A rejoinder to Schumpeter

Liberty Quote – One of the most important features of the later stages of capitalist civilization is the vigorous expansion of the educational apparatus and particularly of the facilities for higher education — Joseph Schumpeter I was planning to post on that … Continue reading

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The faculty at Princeton University are getting restless

Interesting letter from Faculty to Administration with a list of demands to clean up the joint.  Be warned, the list of demands runs to nine pages. I like this one. 3. Acknowledge, credit, and incentivize anti-racist student activism. Such acknowledgment … Continue reading

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Paul Collits on the way we are losing the cultural and political wars

He has an impressive cv and his argument is summed up in this short tract. The_Australian_Rights_Big_Mistake (2) The main thing is to appreciate that culture is  upstream of politics and the mainstream of the political culture is no better on … Continue reading

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Support Facebook

Now I realise that many haters hate Facebook – Fascistbook one person called it when I was singing the praises of  their currency Libra – but right now they are making a spirited defence of free speech. Jim Steyer, the … Continue reading

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Risible ‘Racism’

Noose found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage was a door cord that had been there since October, FBI says. The FBI says no-one will be charged over the discovery of a noose in a garage used by black NASCAR … Continue reading

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Escalation begets escalation

In the open thread Ellie draws our attention to this magnificent piece by Helen Dale. Many people — and especially those who live in Bristol — have discovered Newton’s Third Law of Statues. Put crudely, it amounts to ‘you wreck … Continue reading

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