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NSW Propaganda

Following the anti-lockdown protests today across Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney this photo is doing the rounds on social media. It doesn’t look good and, I admit, I got taken in by the propaganda. … and just like that any public … Continue reading

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No campaign to arm ourselves against the government?

The luvvies on Twitter are going wild because the government is unveiling a vaccination campaign that has a military officer in charge and not a traditional public servant. To be honest, the traditional public servants have stuffed things up enough … Continue reading

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Melbourne Cats – Tony Thomas book launch. Come out while you can, if you can

Our celebrated colleague Tony Thomas has struck another blow against the forces of darkness. No not Collingwood. FOOTSOLDIER IN THE CULTURE WAR   And don’t miss his latest blow in the war A Teacher’s Guide to Miseducating the Young. The … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on the lab-leak theory

This seems to have generated a lot of excitement. Remember – he is actually a comedian. (Allegedly anyway). From the Washington Post piece that CL linked to: But it’s not that. On the lab leak question, I’m agnostic. Might that … Continue reading

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Who exactly are the conspiracy theorists?

According to their ABC prime minister Scott Morrison is being influenced by the far right wing. One QAnon adherent has attracted attention because of his long friendship with the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison. The Prime Minister’s old friend … Continue reading

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Them yoofs are fickle

But the once-impregnable 2GB was shaken to its foundations last Tuesday with the release of the latest radio ratings, with the station dropping dramatically to an 11.7 per cent share of the radio audience – a narrow 0.9 clear of … Continue reading

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Their ABC paid $780K …

… to tell us Christian Porter is not a rapist. The ABC did not intend to suggest that Mr Porter had committed the criminal offences alleged. The ABC did not contend that the serious accusations could be substantiated to the … Continue reading

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Academic tin ear

Education Minister Alan Tudge gave a speech at the annual Universities Australia conference yesterday. Here is how the AFR education editor described what he said (emphasis added): Mr Tudge will instead push research commercialisation, student experience and freedom of speech, … Continue reading

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Motelier on how useless the Liberals are

Throughout all of this do you really think, a man unwilling to fight for [his] own honour will fight for yours. Liberty Quote

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Christian Porter’s career is over

Christian Porter has decided to discontinue his defamation action against the ABC and Louise Milligan. All parties have agreed to not pursue the matter any further. No damages will be paid. The ABC stands by the importance of the article, … Continue reading

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