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Peter Campion guest post. A few plain words

The Editor  The Cairns Post  Sorry, but this “pandemic” has been complete, total and utter bullsugar. It’s been pushed by the same CCP-owned, UN-based, tax-exempt, global-socialist, totalitarian elite that push all the other useless, destructive, anti-family, anti-Western, anti-capitalist hoaxes and scams, which … Continue reading

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The red Coates is coming

What the hell? — Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) April 6, 2021 Let’s do a bit more psychology today: this from Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Captain America Comic Suggests Jordan Peterson Is Worse Than Hitler. A recent of issue of Captain … Continue reading

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Teena McQueen meets Jordan Peterson

The one spokesperson from the Libs who I find myself listening to most closely when I see her on the tele is the Liberal Party’s federal vice-president, Teena McQueen. Balanced and sensible and most impressively calm in what she says … Continue reading

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The only answer is to set up a chaperone service inside Parliament House

From Tasmanian Speaker says Liberal senator questioned Brittany Higgins’ drunkenness. Tasmanian MP Sue Hickey has told State Parliament that Liberal senator Eric Abetz said former federal staffer Brittany Higgins could have put national security at risk by getting “disgustingly drunk”…. … Continue reading

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Milo vs. The Pope

HE declares he has left the “homosexual lifestyle” and is now fighting the good fight to be a worthy Christian. That’s the background. The foreground is a firecracker of an interview with John-Henry Westen on Pope Francis and his governance … Continue reading

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Kenny on Pell and Porter

Chris Kenny in the Australian makes this point: This is even more chilling than the prosecution of Cardinal George Pell because, for all the obvious faults that were eventually exposed under appeal, his wrongful convictions required action by police, prosecutors … Continue reading

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Jim Allan doing some hoisting

Jim Allan has some thoughts on the Christian Porter situation over at The Spectator. Very similar to my own. Of course there is a different angle to this story, one related to this Coalition government more generally. Let me call … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh

ONE of the most successful and influential radio broadcasters of all time, Rush Limbaugh, has died, aged 70, after a fairly lengthy battle against lung cancer. Pre-internet, Australians only got soundbites of Limbaugh’s work in some tangential news or current … Continue reading

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Remember all research is good research

Yesterday ANU Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt told the AFR: The vice-chancellor of The Australian National University predicts a “five-year depression” in university research as the COVID-19 pandemic crushes income and pushes up costs. Professor Brian Schmidt told The Australian Financial Review … Continue reading

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Yankee go home

Walter Russell Mean has an excellent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning. [The Biden regime] is also discovering that U.S. allies are not quite as happy with Mr. Biden’s Feb. 4 announcement that “America is back” as many … Continue reading

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