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Go woke and go broke

All the talk from the energy and finance reporters in The Australian sounds like PR for unreliable energy and woke investment decisions in the boardrooms of the nation. Not to mention the talk from industry bodies like the Business Council … Continue reading

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David Leyonhjelm. Whose ethics make it ethical?

When I began my business 30 years ago, very few investment funds were describing themselves as ethical investors. Some years later I joined an organisation of CEOs, business owners and senior executives that meets to share and discuss their challenges. … Continue reading

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Coal shares rise on the back of divestment

Jo Nova signals that coal shares are on the rise despite the efforts of greens to block investment in coal mines. Despite? More likely because of! Something to do with supply and demand I suppose. Ask the Professor. Meanwhile hundreds … Continue reading

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Divestment – poor investment advice

No single piece of financial advice is more widely accepted by academics and savvy investors than portfolio diversification to increase returns and manage risk. Divestment advocates typically assume that investors can exclude fossil-fuel stocks with little or no loss. One … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard to do

(HT: Mark Perry)

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The ANU divestment saga continues: Sandfire Resources NL sues

One of the companies that was recommended for divestment by the Centre for Australian Ethical Research – you know the one that shares premises with the Australia Institute – is now suing. Good on them, I say.  Among other things, … Continue reading

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Divestment campaign now wanting to restrict political speech

It seems the divestment campaign isn’t going well in the US: CLIMATE CHANGE is our era’s defining challenge, but most of America’s universities are planning to sit this one out. Though students and faculty members at more than 400 colleges … Continue reading

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The University of New South Wales on divestment

Yesterday UNSW Vice Chancellor Fred Hilmer sent staff this email: Dear colleagues At the University Council meeting on Monday 20 October we discussed our investment approach. The following statement summarises our position. “UNSW currently holds investments of about $50m in … Continue reading

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… the cold steel of rationality.

Gary Johns goes very hard in the Australian this morning. Many more must join the fight, the first task of which is to name the enemy within — the killer priest, the ANU vice-chancellor and trustees, and scores of green … Continue reading

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ANUgate update

The Australian has entered into the debate with a magnificent cartoon from Bill Leak and a longer piece by Paul Kelly. When Abbott issues a rallying cry it is unmistakable. And he ­issued such a cry this week. His ­aggressive … Continue reading

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